Monday, December 28, 2015

Black Lives Matter is ISIS

I need to interrupt my series to address this subject. I will get back to Obama, the Middle East, and Israel in my next post.
While I am encouraged by a few messages I have seen on social media, most of the American public does not see what is happening to this country. Despite my repeated explanations, citizens are still taking things at face value. I hope to correct that now.
The latest incident occurred in Chicago. A "mentally ill" man threatened his family with an aluminum bat, and they called the police. Law enforcement came, ended up shooting the man, and in the process accidently killed the next door neighbor who was there ostensibly to let the police in when they arrived.
Let the riots commence.
The narrative has already begun at the time of this writing. "Why are the police shooting first?"
Let me back up. Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization backed by the new Black Panther Party and funded by George Soros. They are opportunistic. Unlike ISIS, they do not need to recruit suicidal maniacs. There are enough black criminals that it is only a matter of time before an incident occurs, and when it does this terrorist group pounces.
My first clue that something was really wrong was Ferguson. During the Michael Brown riots...err, protests, I began seeing "Free Palestine!" and "Jews! Christ Killers!" signs. What was worse were the ISIS flags, and that is when I knew. So, I dug into it, and here are the connections I found (just a handful of articles; readers can do their own searches for more information):
Sheriff Clarke himself has made the connection, though he is thinking the ties will occur at some future date when in reality they have been connected all along:
Does anyone remember what I wrote about the '60's riots? The subversive activities engineered by the DGI (Cuban intelligence) which actually began with the KGB? Does anyone remember that Chicago was (and is) a hotbed of KGB activity (see specifically Part 2 "Terrorism at Home")?
Just as in the Middle East, what we are seeing here in America is NOT what is actually happening. People are being manipulated, their emotions played, their natural inclinations toward anarchy encouraged, and the result is Ferguson, Baltimore, St. Louis, NYC, Mall of America, North Lake, Kentucky, Chicago, etc.
Speaking of which, do not take that mosque fire in Houston at face value, either. I will not be surprised to learn that someone affiliated with CAIR set it to foment more Moslem-victimization mentality.
Now, I cannot state with certainty exactly what is happening, although I have my suspicions. It is obvious that ISIS is involved, aided by Barry, his so-called Department of Justice, and our so-called Department of Homeland Security. That much is clear, at least to me. But I also know that at least one foreign intelligence agency (likely more than one) is fanning the flames.
Let me drive this point home. The FBI admits we have two dozen terrorist training camps in the United States, the largest one being just outside of Nashville. That is just what they ADMIT. I have a source in British intelligence who says that number is closer to a couple hundred. Regardless, what is being taught in these camps? Bomb-making skills? Or, that combined with subversive tactics a la the Weather Underground? And, who is doing the training?
When I know more, I will post it immediately.
Meanwhile, be on guard. 2016 is going to be a bumpy ride.
Wednesday, December 30th update on the Houston mosque fire:
Am I good, or what? 

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