Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Real Barack Obama Part Eight - "My good friend, 'Bibi'"

My readers are about to learn what sent me on my tirade, but before I get to John Kerry and Prime Minister Netanyahu I must first cover some other matters. 2012 saw other major headlines. Obviously, there was Obama's reelection. But, Mohammed Morsi's "democratic" election in Egypt created a situation that culminated in a military coup. Immediately after taking power, Morsi suspended Egypt's constitution and the Muslim Brotherhood began running amuck. The voters had been duped, and the election was almost certainly rigged. Nevertheless, Barack Obama could not contain his glee at this "democratic" process. He, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and others openly catered to the new dictator. The scene was appalling and inexplicable unless viewed through the lens of questioning Obama's loyalties.
2013 was a banner year for headlines. We saw the Boston Marathon Bombing, Mandela's death, the terrorist attack at Kenya's Westgate Mall, Edward Snowden (whom Vladimir Putin used to slap America in the face), and Putin's Op Ed piece to the New York Times (another slap). I will come back to some of these stories.
But first, I want to explain what caused me to declare war on the Obama administration. There were two (actually, three) other events that sent me on a tear. The first was the chemical attack in Syria, the response to which was an unparalleled debacle. I will not assign blame to either side for that attack as there is evidence this was a false flag. I will simply stick to the Obama administration's narrative that this was the Assad regime. We watched three weeks of saber-rattling, complete with John Kerry pounding podiums while red in the face, sounding oddly presidential, swearing retaliation for this violation of Obama's "red line". In stark contrast, Obama seemed rather subdued and would only say that he was considering his options. At first he denied having drawn a "red line", but when faced with that blasted technological marvel called "video tape" was forced to admit to it.
Finally, two things happened almost simultaneously. Obama gave a speech announcing his decision as to whether or not to attack Syria. This was after we had moved four ships into the Mediterranean, announcing their names, weaponry, range, battle plan, length of the first wave of assaults, how long we would pause to assess the damage, and what we would do to complete the mission. The information was dumbfounding. Obama released everything but the Social Security numbers of the members of the crew! Unprecedented! In the first thirty seconds of that speech, I was stunned to hear Obama say he had decided to attack. I thought for sure he was going to wiggle out of it somehow. As my jaw dropped to the floor, I realized I had reacted too soon because then he announced that he had decided to take it before Congress for their decision. Classic Obama.
Secondly, John Kerry was at an overseas question-and-answer press conference when a British reporter asked him if there was anything Assad could do to avoid America's seemingly imminent attack on Syria. Here he appeared to have a slip-of-the-tongue (I am not so sure). Kerry said that Assad could turn over all of his chemical weapons, and added that he had "one week".
Cue Vladimir Putin.
He charged in and saved the day. Wasn't that nice of him? Meanwhile, we cost Israel I-do-not-know-how-much money moving their Iron Dome battery around in preparation for the inevitable retaliatory strike on their country which would have resulted from our attack on Syria. And I did not even bother to find out how much money the Pentagon spent building up for an assault that I do not believe was ever going to occur. Yet another farce from the Obama administration.
The second event I took extremely personally. There were two things occurring simultaneously, so I will combine them into one. My regular readers know how much I love Prime Minister Netanyahu. I have called him my "unofficial mentor" many, many times, and newer readers can go back in my writings to see why. In September, amidst the ongoing Syria "crisis", the first P5+1 round was occurring regarding Iran's nuclear program. John Kerry visited Prime Minister Netanyahu, and they had a quaint little press conference in which Kerry called the Prime Minister his "good friend, 'Bibi'". It was all so very heart-warming.
Then Kerry sped off to visit Mahmoud Abbas, where he decried Israeli "settlements" as "illegitimate", threatened the Prime Minister with a "third intifada", jetted off to Geneva where he stabbed his "good friend, 'Bibi'" in the back so many times I lost count, and then took to every podium he could find and announced to the world that he was doing what was "in the best interests of Israel"! Slicha, Jack, but who elected you Prime Minister of Israel?! I was so angry I could not see straight. What continued to build my rage was Prime Minister Netanyahu's reaction. He was apoplectic. I had never, in thirty-five years, seen him like that, actually calling John Kerry out by name in multiple press conferences denouncing in no uncertain terms what was occurring in Geneva. I was beside myself.
And things got far worse in 2014.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Real Barack Obama Part Seven - Back to Benghazi

What I am about to say is going to be extremely controversial, but I have given it much thought and I must point this out. I realize most people have not studied subversion techniques, nor are they familiar with intelligence services other than what they have seen in movies. CIA holds training programs in which they use sleight-of-hand techniques, and it is not for the entertainment value. They do it to point out that what you think you see is not what you really see. I will confine this to Benghazi since that is the topic of this post, but the principle applies to everything that is going on in the Obama administration.
I have had extensive conversations with one person who was reportedly at Benghazi that fateful night. I say “reportedly” because I was not there. Now, realize that it is easy to get caught up in hero-worship. “Oh, he was there. What a hero!” John McCain has ridden that wave for fifty years. So, we do not question. Well, I am suspicious by nature, so I do question, and I do not like what I got from him. He seems to be disgruntled with how the investigation is going and would like to see the “truth” come out. When I asked him why he does not tell what he knows, his answer was “My credibility is shot right now”. I asked him what he thought needed to happen, and he said, “Someone needs to come forward”. Um, OK.
Well, I did some investigating, and there is a $250,000 price tag on violating a non-disclosure agreement. That is a huge incentive to remain silent. The problem is, he is not being silent. He is writing books, consulting on a movie, and holding rallies. So, why was he not at the so-called “Whistle-Blowers Hearing”?
Here is something else that disturbs me. He refuses to name John Brennan. He refuses to acknowledge him when I bring him up in conversation. He does, however, vilify Hillary Clinton even though until I told him he had no idea who issued the “stand-down” order, which is odd, because when I found out something very disturbing about the change in security at our Jerusalem embassy, he had no problem calling a “contact” at the State Department to verify the stories I was reading. He could not have called a “contact” to answer the question he has asked repeatedly on television and radio?
(FYI the disturbing information is that we have hired Hamas to "guard" Ambassador Shapiro:

So, I suppose we can all just sit back and wait for Benghazi the Sequel.)
Getting back to sleight-of-hand, let me cover the red herring of Hillary Clinton, and she is a red herring. Everyone loves to hate her, so she is a convenient target. I hate her myself, but some of the stories I have heard about her are positively laughable, and although I did my homework, as a United States Air Force veteran, I did not need to research whether or not she ever had the authority to give General Ham a direct order. She did not.
Here is the latest story that broke a couple of months ago, ultimately leading to Senator Menendez' current legal situation:

Let me be absolutely clear. I believe there was and is a war going on between the Pentagon, State, and the White House. I do not believe Obama abdicated his throne to Hillary. And I know the State Department is nowhere in AFRICOM's chain-of-command. General Ham answered to one man on the planet, and his name is Barack Obama. If Hillary had the brass to attempt to issue a direct order to that four-star general, I would love to have eavesdropped on that conversation! Ludicrous.
Also, there is nothing in “13 Hours” (other than some anecdotal stories) that differs one whit from what Fox News reported in November, 2012, two years before that book came out:

Here is my assessment:


Some, part, or all of it may be true. There is no way to know at this point. But that book raises more questions than answers.
One last point. General McInerney said “We knew about Benghazi two weeks in advance”. He did not say, “We knew it might happen”. He said, “We knew”. Which begs the question, why was Ambassador Stevens anywhere near Libya? Paperwork? Was the arms deal that important? Or was it the election coming up on the twelfth? Maybe he was there to smooth over ruffled feathers? (More on that in my next Benghazi installment.) In any event, that is a startling statement.
While I will do a brief recap of lesser events of 2012 in my next post, we are finally where I have been waiting to go. 2013 was the year Barack Obama let his mask slip, and the year I went on the war path. 2014 was the year he dropped it completely, revealing The Real Barack Obama.
Stay tuned.
NOTE: For the first three parts of my series on Benghazi, please see January postings.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Real Barack Obama Part Six - Through the Looking Glass

Ahhhh. The "Arab Spring". The world breathed a collective sigh of relief and patted itself on the back as the Arabs finally saw the light, democracy reigned supreme, and at long last all was right with the world.
The highlights were Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen, all of which have become models of civilization and Western philosophy in the past four years. Not. But, this wave of popular uprisings swept throughout the Middle East and Africa with the media and public soaking up every minute of this epiphany that was being played out before our very eyes. Having studied the Middle East for years, I was not impressed by what I was seeing. Rather, I scoffed and wondered what in the world caused the spectacle to occur seemingly spontaneously. Notice I said "seemingly". As I have gone through this series, a picture is emerging about the "Arab Spring" with the letters "K G B" spray-painted all over it in bright red. But, even at the time I knew something was wrong. The Arab world hates "The West". That is not to say there are not individuals who have embraced the idea of our culture. However, collectively the Arabs hate what they perceive to be the wrong we committed against them at the end of World War I. There was just no way in the world they had a sudden "awakening". Let us look briefly at the four key players:
Tunisia. As of this writing, Tunisia seems to be stable, although it is plagued by terrorists. Time will tell if it holds, but danger signs exist.
Libya: Hillary Clinton's crusade against Mohammar Qaddafi plunged this country into a terrorism abyss. Currently, the Islamic State has a strong foothold, with Christians being executed on video for the world to witness.
Yemen: In the midst of a revolution driven by Iran with a coalition led by Saudi Arabia attacking the Houthis in an attempt to restore order. Obama's "model of stability" does not exist.
Egypt: Obama's glee at Mohammed Morsi being "democratically elected" was repugnant. The election was clearly rigged, and the Muslim Brotherhood (a designated terrorist organization) took over the country until the people stood up and revolted. When General el-Sisi stepped in and restored order, Obama took his money and ran, the first blatantly overt indicator that Obama supports terrorism, not democracy.
One country not mentioned in the top four "Arab Spring" participants is Syria, which has become what I call a terrorist cluster-fuck. Oddly, John Kerry at one time thought Bashar al-Assad was a wonderful man. Suddenly, he became the devil incarnate and Obama demanded his ouster. The complicating factor was Russia's support of the dictator, so POTUS' dream had to be put on hold.
Lest my readers draw the wrong conclusion, I am not defending Qaddafi, Mubarak, and al-Assad. All were/are butchers. But, this orchestrated effort to remove leaders who were mostly contained in favor of what has become reckless abandon to terrorism has created a Middle East that is more volatile than I have seen in my lifetime, and let us never forget who ultimately pays the price for instability in that part of the world: Israel.
May 2, 2011
SEAL Team Six raided Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, killing the al-Qaeda leader. Rumors persist that in fact he was not killed, but I happened to be at the Veteran's Administration when the news broke, and there was a group of veterans encircling someone with a laptop. I wandered over to see what was going on, and they were looking at photographs of bin Laden's corpse. Someone took pictures. Apparently they were confiscated or destroyed, but they did exist at one time.
However, there are some strange occurrences surrounding that raid. Shortly thereafter, it was reported that Obama asked the team who was the man who actually shot bin Laden. The reported answer from the group was, "We all did, Sir". Yet, now there is a purported SEAL who is doing interviews describing himself as the trigger man (in direct violation of the SEAL code, by the way):
How are we to know who Robert O'Neill is and if he is telling the truth? I imagine it will be extremely difficult to determine since much of the team was wiped out on Extortion 17:
The families have raised some interesting questions about this incident:
While living members of Seal Team Six confirm O'Neill's presence in Abbottabad, they have branded him a liar regarding his claim of having been the shooter:
Now, if I were the suspicious type, I would say that with the rumors swirling around bin Laden's death and the downing of Extortion 17, the emergence of Robert O'Neill sounds like an orchestrated Black Op to put forth a CIA rendition of what happened on May 2, 2011. If I had reason to be suspicious of John Brennan.
Speaking of whom, I will revisit Benghazi in my next post.
Meanwhile, 2011 also saw "Occupy Wall Street", yet another attempt to erode our free enterprise system. To this point, 2011 was the clearest illustration of subversion at work.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Real Barack Obama Part Five - Betrayal

One other event occurred in 2009 which foreshadowed events to come: Obama's infamous "Apology Tour". Not only did he snub Israel by refusing their invitation to speak before the Knesset, not only did he horrify Americans by bowing to and kissing the ring of the Saudi Prince, but he went to Cairo and delivered a humiliating speech:
In this speech, he denounced American "exceptionalism", and decried American "colonialism" and "imperialism", which are code words in the Middle East. The Arabs have always resented the fall of the Ottoman Empire, and deeply resent being divided into states. So, those two words fed their rage and indignation. Obama's words in Egypt played right into anti-American, anti-Western sentiment. Not only that, but a few short years later Vladimir Putin would use those words to slap America in the face yet again. But, even in 2009 it was becoming clear that our President was less-than-proud of the country he claims to lead.
In my last post, I mentioned numerous terrorist attacks that occurred in Barack Obama's first year in office. The most heinous of those attacks, in my opinion, occurred on December 30, 2009. There was a rash of such attacks around Christmas time, but Camp Chapman is of note for several reasons. First, the primary victim of that bombing was Jennifer Matthews, a key member of CIA's Bin Laden Task Force. A summary of the event begins at 1:21:00:
As the video shows, a terrible security lapse occurred that claimed the lives of nine people, including Jen Matthews. Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi was a Jordanian doctor who maintained a blog in his spare time that advocated jihad. In January, Jordan detained al-Balawi for three days, at the end of which they believed they had convinced the doctor to work for them. He disappeared for three months, at the end of which he announced that he was "in", meaning he had gained access to Bin Laden's inner circle. Al-Balawi supposedly did so by going in to al-Qaeda Central, Waziristan, and gaining the trust of various members until he was finally able to have dinner with al-Zawahiri.
Already I had a problem with this story when I first heard it. Having spent a lifetime with a more-than-casual interest in espionage and terrorism, I know that the intelligence community says it takes a minimum of ten years to infiltrate one of these groups to the highest level. Ten years. The reason is they are clan-based. Everyone is someone's uncle, and naturally they check the background of those who express an interest in joining them. For al-Balawi to have convinced the number two in al-Qaeda that he was genuine in only three months seemed to me to be highly suspect.
Then, as the video points out, there is the question of how his name arrived on Barack Obama's desk. A blogger from Jordan? Really? After fifteen years, a previously unknown doctor pops up out of nowhere, and he is considered to be so high-value that POTUS is briefed? Who made that decision? It certainly was not Jennifer Matthews. It was someone much higher up, and I have every reason to believe it was the same person who was responsible for multiple security "lapses" during his tenure as Station Chief in Saudi Arabia, the person who presided over the Khubar Towers bombing, whose peers questioned his ability to do his job.
John Owen Brennan.
So, let me see if I have this straight. Pretend I work for CIA. A blogger is captured by Jordan, and there is a three-day interrogation of Humam al-Balawi. At the end of those three days, he is offered money and a plane ticket to go to Waziristan and infiltrate al-Qaeda. I actually believe someone has been turned in three days just because he took the money? He is now trustworthy? Al-Balawi spends three months in al-Qaeda Central, and when he comes back I take him at his word that he has not changed his mind? Are you serious? I would hope CIA has a better vetting process than that.
So, my prize asset is cleared to bypass not one, not two, but three checkpoints to get to his targets. Now, I have never served at an overseas post but my father was career Navy, spent a second career at Miramar Naval Air Station in security, and I am a veteran of the Air Force, so I have seen security procedures on stateside bases. No one blows by the guard post unless he is brass, and even then if the guard does not recognize the person he will be stopped, regardless of rank. Certainly a high-risk area like Afghanistan would have had incredibly tight security. Sergeant So-and-So could not have called the post and told them to let al-Balawi through. Someone extremely high up the food chain cleared that terrorist.
As Deputy National Security Advisor, John Brennan had Obama's ear, and if he said al-Balawi was solid POTUS would have gone along with it...the same way he went along with Benghazi, which was covered in a previous post. I hold him personally responsible for Jennifer Matthews' death, and given his Islamist agenda, I do not rule out a direct hand in it. Who knows what she may have learned in Khost? Did she run across information that would thwart future plans of his? I will cover Bin Laden in my next post, but for now let me just remind the reader that rumors abound about his death.
* * * * *
2010 was relatively quiet. There was the normal ruckus surrounding the mid-term elections, complete with obscenities being used to refer to the newly-formed Tea Party; Bradley Manning was arrested for divulging classified documents to WikiLeaks which purportedly showed wrongdoing on the part of our military in Iraq and Afghanistan; Iran was once again demonized for its nuclear program; and of course there were the usual terrorist attacks overseas. Obamacare was still a front-burner topic as the debate raged on as to whether or not it was Constitutional.
2011 was anything but quiet.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Real Barack Obama Part Four - The Enemy Within

Footnote to Yesterday's Post: It is obscene how America has been misled. Within two hours of the first plane hitting the North Tower of the World Trade Center, we had the names, pictures, and histories of nineteen hijackers, along with Osama bin Laden's name. I remember being astonished at how quickly our intelligence services were able to figure out what had happened. Later on, I found out about the Bin Laden Task Force and figured the information came from CIA. Well, I was partially correct. But, the truth is far more sinister. 9/11 was a KGB set-up. While we were talking about bombing Afghanistan, briefly Saudi Arabia, and Iraq (Donald Rumsfeld was pushing behind-the-scenes to bomb Iran), the real masterminds behind the worst terrorist attack in our history were getting away scot-free: the Russians. We should have been bombing the Kremlin. Instead, Vladimir Putin was probably throwing a lavish gala in honor of the occasion. Obscene.
I am growing weary of hearing about the evils of Iran, because it now appears Iran is yet another puppet in the KGB's arsenal. And, as much as I love Prime Minister Netanyahu, I am extremely disappointed that he has not revealed this information. Rationally, I am aware of the needs of the intelligence community to keep what it knows under wraps so that it can do its job, but emotionally I am furious that the real problem is not being addressed. We hear about Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, and we heard about Saddam Hussein, and Muhammar Qaddafi, and we still hear about Bashar al-Assad and Ayatollah Khamenei. That's great. But, you cannot destroy a rose bush by cutting off its branches. You must uproot it, and the root of the global terror networks we see today is the KGB.
We hear about Hamas, and Hezbollah, and al-Qaeda, and the Taliban, and the FSA, and Jahbat al-Nusra, and Al-Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula, and Ansar al-Sharia, and Boko Haram, and al-Shabaab, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Terrific. Do you know what those are? Categories for the Terrorist Edition of Jeopardy! They are bullshit.
What of the Kremlin? When will anyone address the root? I am so aggravated!
So, back to Barry. 2009 was an extremely eventful year. Shortly after the inaugural, Obama tried to put John O. Brennan in charge of CIA, but withdrew his name from consideration after a public backlash over Brennan's support of Bush's drone program (aptly nicknamed the "Whack-a-Mole" program by the Pentagon). For my readers who may not remember what I have said in the past about Brennan, here is a link to that page:
It did not take long for the rumors to begin. The Muslim Brotherhood inside of the Department of Homeland Security. Valerie Jarrett. Huma Abedin. Hillary Clinton's own connections to Iran/al-Qaeda affiliates. But, there was very little talk about Brennan, and when he was appointed Deputy National Security Advisor no one blinked an eye, despite the power of that position. There was a brief brouhaha over his refusal to swear his oath using a Bible, and the fact that he used a copy of the Constitution sans the Bill of Rights, but it quickly died away.
Meanwhile, Obamacare was in the headlines, and obscured other, very major stories (by design?). Afghanistan saw a wave of terrorism, Bowe Bergdahl deserted his platoon, and of course the Fort Hood "workplace violence" incident took place. Meanwhile, an obscure figure was released from Camp Bucca in December: Abu Daar, aka Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the future "Caliph Ibrahim".
Lest someone think I am partisan, we had other Gitmo releases that turned out to be just as deadly. Ahmed Abu Khattala was released in 2007, as was Seif Allah bin Qumu, both of whom were implicated in Benghazi, 2012. But, since I posted on John Brennan I have received new information which indicates he was a busy man even while he was temporarily retired from CIA. It appears Brennan actually converted to Islam while a student at AUC. If so, then the theory I began to propose a few months ago holds true.  He has a long list of terrorist activities for which to account, which is probably why people who get too close to exposing him have a strange way of turning up dead (just one example: Michael Hastings.) By the way, I have it on confirmed authority that Brennan is in fact Shiite, which completes the Iranian picture in the Obama administration, and explains our new-found support for Hezbollah as well as our love affair with the Ayatollah.
I will have more on Brennan as I continue through Obama's presidency, because contrary to popular opinion, Valerie Jarrett is not the puppet master in the White House. It is John Owen Brennan, and he is an extremely dangerous man. I cannot impress upon the reader enough how urgent it is that we get him behind bars (or worse) just as quickly as humanly possible, and purge this administration of its Iranian insurgents. They are but puppets of the KGB, and if Eugene McCarthy were still alive he would have a heart attack at the infiltration this country has seen over the past six-and-one-half years. What the USSR could not do overtly, it has succeeded in accomplishing by stealth by teaming up with Islam. Lenin would be proud.
I will begin to tie all of this together in my next installment covering 2010, the highlight of which will be the biggest outrage I attribute to our Director of Central Intelligence: Camp Chapman. Stay tuned.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Real Barack Obama Part Three - Russian Interlude

I promised to cover 2009 in this post, but something has come up that must be addressed first. I warn my readers this is explosive, and will not go down easily. I know I have been struggling for the past 48 hours myself, but I have not only studied the material I am about to post, but I have confirmed this information with an extremely reliable source. Later, I will need to take some time and figure out how POTUS figures into all of this; I know he does but I have been too dumbstruck to analyze it. We all know there is apparent friction between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama, which has been chalked up to intense dislike. Personally, I have always thought he was scared to death of the GRU man. With this latest twist, however, I will need to examine that relationship again and I will do so as soon as I am able.

Meanwhile, I am very angry. America has been betrayed in the worst possible way. I wish I knew where to turn my rage (other than the obvious target), but so far I find myself alternating between anger and tears. I imagine my readers will feel the same by the time they finish reading what I have to say.
Many of my followers are old enough to remember the fall of the Berlin Wall. If not, surely everyone has seen clips of Ronald Reagan's infamous, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" speech. I recall the celebrations as communism fell, and democracy reigned supreme. At least, that is what appeared to happen. In retrospect, it was much like the "Arab Spring", but I was too young to question what I was witnessing at the time.
My latest journey began with a question from someone on Twitter. I had posted a comment about believing I would find Russia somewhere in the mix by the time I finished sorting out what is going on with Iran. A “follower” wondered if there was any chance the former Soviet Union never really collapsed. That got me to thinking, so I did a search. What I pulled up was astonishing.

I first reviewed the following three articles:

Then, I clicked on the video link in the third article, and found Yuri Bezmenov. So then I went to YouTube, and began looking for more information. I found several interviews with people discussing the possibility that the Soviet Union never really collapsed. I was shocked. I had never heard this theory before. So, I went through every video I could find, but none affected me as much as the following:

Putting all of this data together brought me to a gut-wrenching conclusion. You see, I had forgotten something. Yasser Arafat attended KGB schools. So did Mahmoud Abbas. And, as I just discovered, so did the Ayatollah Khomeini, which sheds a whole new light on the Iranian Revolution of 1979, and the USSR's invasion of Afghanistan. I will need to explore these historical events later, because I need to get to the "good" part (please remember I put the word "good" into quotation marks).
As Christopher Story (aka Edward Harle) states in the interview linked above (and in other interviews I have watched), the Russians have long used terrorism to create destabilization around the globe, which is why I have always thought it was strange that they called the FBI about the Tsarnaev brothers. I still do not understand what would motivate them to do that, but I will table the question for now. What I do know is the Russians have been behind PLO activity, activity in Latin America, activity in Cuba, and I think it is safe to say they are behind the current situation in Mexico.
So, I have a question that I would like to address at this time. What role has Russia/the USSR/the KGB played in Iran? They trained the Ayatollah. Were they behind the overthrow of the Shah? I don't know, but a finger is now pointing squarely at the KGB and the Soviet Union (notice I did not say "Russia") for one, extremely significant date in American history. For, if we can trace its roots from Saudi Arabia to Iran, and all indications are that we can through currently classified documents, then can we not by extension blame the Russians for 9/11?
Who was better equipped to devise such a plan? Who was better equipped to provide intelligence on our airport security measures? Who was better equipped to provide funding? Who has been in the terrorism business for over a century?
Remember what Yuri Bezmenov said. The stages of subversion: Demoralization, destabilization, crisis, normalization. Without question America had gone through the first two stages by 2001. What was needed was a crisis. I would argue 9/11 was such a crisis, and what came of that crisis? The Patriot Act, and subsequent erosions of our rights which this country has complained about ever since.
Well done, Vladimir.

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Real Barack Obama Part Two - "Uncle Santa Claus"

     I remember crying the night Bill Clinton was elected in 1992. I just broke down and wept. I knew this country was in trouble. But nothing prepared me for the spectacle I witnessed in 2008. It was utter insanity. Barack Obama promised everyone everything, and all I could think was, “Where does he think he will get all of this money?” “Free” health care, “free” cell phones, “free” college funds; he promised one woman in a town hall meeting a new kitchen! He clucked his tongue at people's sad stories, promising “Change”. While I do not have a degree in economics from MIT like my unofficial mentor, the numbers just were not making sense to me. We were going to get rid of the deficit and the national debt, cut taxes, and have all of these “freebies”? I thought I would be sick. Worse, addle-brained voters lapped it up. Every last drop. And of course part of what drove Obama into the White House was the old refrain, “We shall overcome”. Who cares about qualifications, truthfulness of campaign promises, and the consequences to the United States when you can have the first black president?
     Wow, the KGB was smart! Yuri Bezmenov predicted Obama's ascention to the throne more than twenty years before it happened:
     While I was not wild about John McCain, I did like Sarah Palin a lot, and I would have voted for virtually anyone other than Barack Obama. The polls were neck-in-neck at the end of the summer and I was very nervous, but I thought the GOP would pull it out in the end.
     Then came the "crisis".
     Oh, Yuri, you were so right.
     I have never followed the market, although I held a little stock through my employer at one time, so I did not hear the rumblings on Wall Street until the news broke the week of September 8th. Everyone went into a panic. The media fanned the flames, the speeches were passionate, and by the time Congress took its first vote on Friday, September 12th, I was convinced they needed to pass a bailout bill. After all, if Wall Street collapses, the entire economy goes with it, and the terrorists win. Right?
     Congress declined to pass the bill that Friday, and the weekend gave me a chance to calm down and think. By Sunday, I realized I had been swept up in the drama and had not been thinking clearly. First, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were going to go bankrupt? How? I received part of my college tuition through Fannie Mae, so I knew they are federally insured. The Treasury would have to go broke, and all they would do is print more money. Now, I am not advocating such measures because they create a different set of problems, but I realized something was wrong with the narrative. In addition, I have been a lifelong Republican. Since when did I believe the government should bail out private businesses? If Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, et. al., made bad financial decisions (and boy, did they!), then let the chips fall where they may. So, by Monday I was ready to have Congress defeat the bill again, but this time they were the ones in a panic and they passed TARP. I discovered later what a fiasco that was; banks who took that money became beholden to the government until such time as the money was paid back with interest, as is the case any time an entity (or an individual) receives such funds.
    George Bush had fallen prey to a set-up. This false “crisis” drove him to do things that I do not believe he would have advocated under ordinary circumstances. But, he was looking at the upcoming general election and decided it would be suicide for the Republican Party if Wall Street were left to hang. The exact opposite was the case, and Barack Obama effectively stole his way into the White House.
     Believe it or not, the worst was yet to come. On January 20, 2009, Barack Hussein Obama used the occasion of his inaugural address to humiliate George W. Bush and America as a whole. It was the most appalling display I have seen in my life. The former president was sitting not ten feet away from the newly-appointed One, and had to sit there with dignity and class while sitting through a completely humorless and de classe roast. It was despicable, but it was only a foreshadow of things to come.
     Part Three will cover Obama's first year in office.

The Real Barack Obama Part One - Cultural Marxism and Islam

     Most people are unaware of the role Islam played in World War II. In fact, most people are unaware of the history of Islam, period, but I am limiting myself to the Holocaust for now. Without going into all of the history surrounding British control of what became the State of Israel, suffice to say the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem at the time was Hajj al-Husseini, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood, indeed, all of Islam, despises Jews (despite what they might say for political purposes), and the Grand Mufti was a great admirer of one Adolph Hitler. He pushed and shoved until he eventually gained a meeting with the Fuhrer, after which he became integral in formulating Eichmann's “Final Solution”. When the Holocaust is mentioned, almost everyone immediately thinks of the Nazis. Almost no one thinks of the underlying evil, which was Islam. These things are not taught in school; in fact, the last time I checked Edwin Black is still trying to get a display put into the Holocaust Museum depicting the role of the Muslim Brotherhood during the war, but so far he has had no success. Why not? The bane of modern society: political correctness.
     In Part Two, I will begin discussing Barack Obama's presidency from the beginning, but first I must lay the foundation by introducing a concept with which the reader may not be familiar: Cultural Marxism. I will then demonstrate how it has been used to bring us to our current state-of-affairs.
     So, why did we not hear about the role of Muslims in the Holocaust in school? Have any of my readers heard of the Farhud?
     No? Why not? The answer is simple: Subversion. Lately, I have heard the term “useful idiot” bandied about, and I do not recall hearing it until just a few years ago. So, imagine my surprise when I heard it on the following video from a 1984 interview with Yuri Bezmenov:
     I looked up the word to find out its origin and, surprise, it was invented by the KGB:
     I have asked myself repeatedly how it is our country has gotten to where it is today. To the casual observer, it seems to have happened almost overnight. But, it did not. If my readers paid attention to the interview, and did a little math, they realize this country has been at war since approximately 1964, which is about what I estimated before I had an actual time line. Reflecting on my own life I was able to see the progression:
     1950's:  Apple pie, Chevrolet; depicted in the future TV show “Happy Days”; racial tensions
     1960's: “I Love Lucy”, “Betwitched”, Vietnam, racial tensions, assassinations, sexual revolution, drugs, Madelyn Murray O'Hare
    1970's: "Brady Bunch", "Partridge Family", "Jackson 5", Disco, Watergate, Pledge of Allegiance removed from schools, Equal Rights Amendment proposed
     1980's:  Hip hop, “Thriller”, “Dirty Dancing”, Afghanistan, multiple terrorist attacks, fall of the Berlin Wall
     1990's: "Gangsta" rap, “Cheers”, multiple terrorist attacks
     2000's: “Reality” TV, 9/11, Patriot Act
     2010's: Bin Laden, Boston Bombing, ISIS, porous southern border, intense friction with Israel, multiple government scandals including overreach of intelligence agencies, resurgence in racial tensions, antagonism towards police
     There are also countless examples I could cite of the revisionist history we have been given: Mandela the terrorist is now the model for peace; Gandhi's desire for an Indian Kaliphate has been forgotten (except in India); the appalling portrayal of our Founders as genocidal maniacs; etc.
     The United States of America has been subverted by Cultural Marxism:
     So, what does this have to do with Islam? Everything:
     In 2005, Israel smuggled a document out of Jordan from the Muslim Brotherhood in which they stated their desire to form a partnership with Russia for the purpose of destroying “Zionists, and Zionist America”. From all appearances, that devil's pact was made. While the focus of this series is Obama's Middle Eastern foreign policy, it is certainly worth noting that Vladimir Putin has been running amock since 2009. More on his place on the world stage in future posts.
     In Part Two, I will get back to Barack Obama and begin dissecting his presidency.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Real Barack Obama - Introduction

     This will be the first in a series because there is much to cover. I was wrong. I have been operating under a false premise that has resulted in much confusion in my mind. However, a story circulated yesterday that made everything fall into place for me. In fact, two things occurred simultaneously. The first was the reemergence of a 1995 speech Obama gave at Cambridge University in which he read a portion of “Dreams of My Father”. I confessed a while back to a mistake I made when he first ran for office. I refused to read that book because it did not take me long to size up our future POTUS and realize he was bad news, so at the time I did not feel the need to invest in his writing.

     The second story that circulated was actually a rumor, but because of the timing it caused me to go back and check some information. The rumor was that Obama is Shiite Muslim. Realize that all of the finger-pointing at him has been directed toward the Muslim Brotherhood, a Sunni organization. Hence, my confusion in trying to determine Obama's agenda in the Middle East, which caused a lot of rationalizations on my part as I tried to understand his strategy.

     So, I went back to the beginning; Obama's tribe in Kenya. Lo and behold, while western Kenya has been influenced in recent years by the Muslim Brotherhood (accounting for some of the confusion), the Kikuyu are Shiite. CLICK. All of the dominoes fell to the ground right in front of me and suddenly everything made perfect sense.

     By the time I post this, Holocaust Remembrance Day will have passed. The Holocaust continued for as long as it did because of something psychologists call “cognitive dissonance”. America now claims it did not know of the Holocaust, or at least had no idea how bad it was. This is a lie. The rumors reached our shores shortly after we entered the War, but cognitive dissonance set in. “Someone is trying to exterminate people like they are termites? That is mad! No one could do that to another human being. Gas chambers? Ovens? No way!”

     Eleven million people died for one reason: Good people refused to believe that evil exists.

     I am seeing that same mentality now. The enemy cannot have infiltrated our country! They certainly cannot be in our government. Inside of Homeland Security? Madness! The Director of CIA? The President? Someone is watching too much television.

     It is time to wake up, America. That season of “24” is upon us. That novel by Vince Flynn is playing out right before our eyes. Our country is in the grips of the enemy, and unless we acknowledge the existence of evil, and commit ourselves to fighting it, we are going to lose. In the coming days, as quickly as I can outline the information in a logical, easy-to-understand format, I will explain the following statement:

     The United States is currently under the control of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


1995 Dreams of My Father:

Islam in Kenya: