Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Real Barack Obama Part Eight - "My good friend, 'Bibi'"

My readers are about to learn what sent me on my tirade, but before I get to John Kerry and Prime Minister Netanyahu I must first cover some other matters. 2012 saw other major headlines. Obviously, there was Obama's reelection. But, Mohammed Morsi's "democratic" election in Egypt created a situation that culminated in a military coup. Immediately after taking power, Morsi suspended Egypt's constitution and the Muslim Brotherhood began running amuck. The voters had been duped, and the election was almost certainly rigged. Nevertheless, Barack Obama could not contain his glee at this "democratic" process. He, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and others openly catered to the new dictator. The scene was appalling and inexplicable unless viewed through the lens of questioning Obama's loyalties.
2013 was a banner year for headlines. We saw the Boston Marathon Bombing, Mandela's death, the terrorist attack at Kenya's Westgate Mall, Edward Snowden (whom Vladimir Putin used to slap America in the face), and Putin's Op Ed piece to the New York Times (another slap). I will come back to some of these stories.
But first, I want to explain what caused me to declare war on the Obama administration. There were two (actually, three) other events that sent me on a tear. The first was the chemical attack in Syria, the response to which was an unparalleled debacle. I will not assign blame to either side for that attack as there is evidence this was a false flag. I will simply stick to the Obama administration's narrative that this was the Assad regime. We watched three weeks of saber-rattling, complete with John Kerry pounding podiums while red in the face, sounding oddly presidential, swearing retaliation for this violation of Obama's "red line". In stark contrast, Obama seemed rather subdued and would only say that he was considering his options. At first he denied having drawn a "red line", but when faced with that blasted technological marvel called "video tape" was forced to admit to it.
Finally, two things happened almost simultaneously. Obama gave a speech announcing his decision as to whether or not to attack Syria. This was after we had moved four ships into the Mediterranean, announcing their names, weaponry, range, battle plan, length of the first wave of assaults, how long we would pause to assess the damage, and what we would do to complete the mission. The information was dumbfounding. Obama released everything but the Social Security numbers of the members of the crew! Unprecedented! In the first thirty seconds of that speech, I was stunned to hear Obama say he had decided to attack. I thought for sure he was going to wiggle out of it somehow. As my jaw dropped to the floor, I realized I had reacted too soon because then he announced that he had decided to take it before Congress for their decision. Classic Obama.
Secondly, John Kerry was at an overseas question-and-answer press conference when a British reporter asked him if there was anything Assad could do to avoid America's seemingly imminent attack on Syria. Here he appeared to have a slip-of-the-tongue (I am not so sure). Kerry said that Assad could turn over all of his chemical weapons, and added that he had "one week".
Cue Vladimir Putin.
He charged in and saved the day. Wasn't that nice of him? Meanwhile, we cost Israel I-do-not-know-how-much money moving their Iron Dome battery around in preparation for the inevitable retaliatory strike on their country which would have resulted from our attack on Syria. And I did not even bother to find out how much money the Pentagon spent building up for an assault that I do not believe was ever going to occur. Yet another farce from the Obama administration.
The second event I took extremely personally. There were two things occurring simultaneously, so I will combine them into one. My regular readers know how much I love Prime Minister Netanyahu. I have called him my "unofficial mentor" many, many times, and newer readers can go back in my writings to see why. In September, amidst the ongoing Syria "crisis", the first P5+1 round was occurring regarding Iran's nuclear program. John Kerry visited Prime Minister Netanyahu, and they had a quaint little press conference in which Kerry called the Prime Minister his "good friend, 'Bibi'". It was all so very heart-warming.
Then Kerry sped off to visit Mahmoud Abbas, where he decried Israeli "settlements" as "illegitimate", threatened the Prime Minister with a "third intifada", jetted off to Geneva where he stabbed his "good friend, 'Bibi'" in the back so many times I lost count, and then took to every podium he could find and announced to the world that he was doing what was "in the best interests of Israel"! Slicha, Jack, but who elected you Prime Minister of Israel?! I was so angry I could not see straight. What continued to build my rage was Prime Minister Netanyahu's reaction. He was apoplectic. I had never, in thirty-five years, seen him like that, actually calling John Kerry out by name in multiple press conferences denouncing in no uncertain terms what was occurring in Geneva. I was beside myself.
And things got far worse in 2014.

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