Sunday, June 28, 2015

Gays Win "Marriage"; KGB Wins War

The subversion of our country is complete. With Friday's 5-4 ruling upholding gay “marriage” our destruction is virtually guaranteed. I was in New York City recently, and Times Square is riddled with openly-gay and transgender people. What was comedy in the 1980's in a movie called “Crocodile Dundee” is now a sick, twisted reality, only it is not necessary to grab anyone by the crotch to find out if the person is a biological male or female. The grotesque distortions of God's design are on display for the world to see. Those who still believe that this is about one person's right to “love” another should spend some time sitting on the corner of 42nd and 8th. Utter perversion. The SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) mentioned “dignity” in its ruling. There is no dignity on 42nd street, and I am certain neither in Haight-Ashbury (San Francisco), the French Quarter (New Orleans), nor any other area of the country where men have been transformed into a demented version of women, and women attempt to imitate men only to become an angry-looking reject of everything that is considered to be feminine. Men and women both wear their pants down around their knees, inviting what until now were considered to be sick sexual acts. Who in their right mind would want to visit the new Sodom and Gomorrah? Justice Kennedy got one thing right: Marriage is a “keystone of our social order”. That order is now gone.
In Subversion: America on the Brink, I said the United States no longer exists:
Friday's “landmark ruling” proved me right.
It gets worse from there. After the shooting in Charleston, calls came for the removal (censorship) of the Confederate flag. At first, I really did not see the harm. Personally, I have always found it to be distasteful. I would not want to see Swastikas flying over a courthouse. But, on the heels of that demand came calls to remove statues and other historic symbols. Subversion strikes again. It is as though the Useful Idiots are sharks who smell blood, a lot of blood, to the point that they are throwing caution to the wind and pouncing on every opportunity to eradicate any semblance of what this once-great-nation used to represent.
And then there is today. As I write this, New York City is having a gay pride parade, as is San Francisco. On a Sunday. As a Jew, I know the Sabbath is on Saturday, but America goes by the Christian/Roman calendar which claims the first day of the week as the Sabbath. It is no coincidence Sunday was chosen for this salute to abomination, and I can foresee where we will go from here. As soon as the parties subside, the gay community will begin putting this Supreme Court ruling to good use. Expect homosexuals to begin demanding Christian churches hold gay weddings. While that will not be a problem for Presbyterians (who have advocated for gay marriage and have already been performing them), other churches will be faced with lawsuits should they not comply with these demands. Christian schools that receive federal funds will be forced to recognize “mommy and mommy” and “daddy and daddy” parents, under threat of lawsuits as well as the withdrawal of federal funds. And so on.
Justice Roberts appeared to regain his sanity with his dissent to Obergefell et. al. v. Hodges after his nonsensical affirmation of Obamacare earlier in the week, telling the prevailing party to:
“Celebrate the achievement of a desired goal. Celebrate the opportunity for a new expression of commitment to a partner. Celebrate the availability of new benefits. But do not celebrate the Constitution. It had nothing to do with it.”
Then Justice Alito hit the proverbial nail right on the head:
“The implications of this analogy (referring to the use of civil rights struggles of the past) will be exploited by those who are determined to stamp out every vestige of dissent.”
In other words, the final stage of subversion. The New York Times published a chart in its Saturday edition (June 27, 2015) showing how the gay lobby had laid the “groundwork” for Friday's decision over the course of the past 23 years (1992 – present), oddly coinciding with the time frame mentioned by Yuri Bezmenov. Remember?
Nikita Khrushchev was right. Russia has conquered America without firing a single shot.



Friday, June 19, 2015

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Part Five - Mystery Solved!

EUREKA! The "noise" has lessened considerably. "The unions hate TAA." "The unions want TAA." "No, they do not." "Yes, they do." What in the world? The Democrats hate a bill that protects workers? Republicans want a bill that trade unions support? Boy, was I confused!
Thank goodness for Politico Magazine.
When we hear the term "trade unions" we think of one large umbrella under which all workers fall. That was my fallacy. In fact, like all special interests, different unions have different objectives, and that was the error in my thinking that was causing such confusion. For the sake of discussion I will divide "trade unions" into two categories, working class and big business, even though many of those that fall under "big business" are in fact manufacturing jobs and thus also considered to be "working class". Further, let us assign the "working class" to the AFL-CIO, and "big business" to George Soros. We will now see things much more clearly.
What happened last Friday in Congress was not a clash of Republicans vs. Democrats. It appeared to be, but something else was going on behind the scenes. Democrats were being pressured by both the AFL-CIO unions and the Soros unions, both of which contribute heavily to the Democratic Party. George Soros, and thus his unions, want the TPP desperately, as does Barack Obama. On the other hand, as I stated in the Introduction the unions represented by the AFL-CIO are concerned about the loss of lower-skilled manufacturing jobs that will thin the ranks of their unions and thus cost them money. So, as some Democrats came out in favor of the TPA the AFL-CIO became angry and resorted to some dirty politics:
This angered Democrats in Congress, and they retaliated by saying "no" to the TAA they had lobbied for in the first place. Politics. So, things are not as insane as they have appeared to be. It is business-as-usual in Washington, watching the purse strings and trying to placate those that help keep our representatives in power. In fact, Democrats do want the TAA, and the TPA, and the TPP. It is the segment of those who represent the working class trade unions that is causing the disruption (which, in my opinion, is a good thing). So, in actuality there has been no break between the President and his base. The break is between the Democrats and a portion of their base.
The Republicans are also watching their purse strings. The other day, I read that George Soros contributed a half-million dollars to the House Majority Committee. Who is the majority in both houses of Congress? The Republicans. So, like Russia, George Soros is playing both sides. He has invested heavily and is about to reap the rewards of those investments. He has Republicans concerned about big business, and he has Democrats concerned about trade unions. Both sides are now in agreement with Soros' plan, but for different ideological reasons. And of course, the bottom line is the Almighty Dollar.
What are these competing interests? The AFL-CIO represents a wide variety of unions:
We have everything from teachers, to postal workers, to pilots, to football players, to machinists, to engineers, to masons and mine workers. Obviously, not all of these industries will be affected adversely by the TPP, but it is easy to see which laborers will be in danger once international competition is opened further. The Longshoremen's Union is extremely powerful, as is the IAMAW (International Administration of Machinists and Aeronautical Workers), the Teacher's Union, and others.
Conversely, here is just one of the unions sponsored by George Soros, the SEIU (Service Employees International Union):
Health care, public services, and property services, representing workers in both the United States and Canada. These are also very powerful lobbies, with implications that are more far-reaching, as we will see in my next post regarding the TPP and pharmaceuticals. George Soros has his ducks all lined up.
While we still need to find a way out of this mess, at least it is reassuring to know that everything is the way it has always been in Washington.
CORRECTION: The House Majority Fund is a Democratic PAC. Thank you to the reader who brought that to my attention. This information does not change my overall assessment, however. The Republicans rely upon contributions from many of the same businesses in which George Soros invests. For example, Ted Cruz is from Texas. Soros is an investor in Halliburton (and I am certain many other oil companies; I will check on that and follow-up at a later date). So, the original assessment stands. Congress is looking at next year's election, and they need money in order to win their respective races. As a result, ethics and principles have gone out the proverbial window.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Part Four - Intellectual Property

Before I get into today's TPP topic, I need to address the anticipated vote on TAA/TPA. I have so many questions. As recently as Monday, the New York Times was reporting the same partisan voting lines on the Trade Adjustment Assistance legislation as I described in the Introduction:
What happened last Friday?! Democrats insisted the TAA be attached to the TPA (Trade Promotion Authority, AKA "Fast Track") bill, then they broke ranks with Obama and rejected it. Why? It is almost as if they set up the Republicans, but to what end? And why are Republicans overwhelmingly supporting legislation they would ordinarily reject?
Has something gone wrong with the original plan? Has Obama been set up? Is the reason WikiLieaks has been releasing this information because Russia is trying to stop the TPP? In that case, Putin is protecting China, but what of George Soros? Has Russia turned on its own?
For those who are reading my blog for the first time, I encourage you to read the first three parts of this series. I am not arguing in favor of the TAA, nor the TPA. Both are bad for America, and the TPA is flat-out unconstitutional. I am simply trying to understand this completely dysfunctional government. It is not making any sense to me. Reports are that Obama has never lobbied for anything as hard in his presidency as he has for the TPP, yet he does not have his own party lined up. Even Nancy Pelosi has turned on him. What is the story?
Yesterday, I mentioned intellectual property rights, and coincidentally something happened on Twitter that raised more questions. I believe everyone can agree that we are entitled to have our work protected by law. If I invent or create something, I am entitled to the fruits of my labor. But, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement appears to carry things a little too far. One major problem is the fact that individuals are elevated to nation status, which means if a country infringes on my copyright I can sue that government, and the lawsuit will not go to the World Court but rather to a tribunal. I seem to recall a ballyhoo over tribunals when it came to the War on Terror, but no one is screaming about this.
For legal purposes, a corporation is considered as an individual. So, if for example a company George Soros has based in Singapore decides America has infringed on a patent, he can sue America. That lawsuit will be tried in a tribunal made up of the twelve nations of the TPP:
Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore, United States, Australia, Peru, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, and Japan
In other words, a kangaroo court. Does anyone have chills going up and down his or her spine yet? Talk about being set up.
Last night, someone sent me a video on Twitter from "across the pond" for amusement. Instead of playing, I got a message saying it was blocked "for copyright protection". What if that video had been produced by Soros in a TPP-member nation and inadvertently the video had played? Instant lawsuit, only he would not sue me. He would sue the American government as well as the originating country for failing to protect his copyright, and since he has holdings around the world he pretty much owns that kangaroo court.
The length of time being proposed for the protection of property rights is also bothersome: Seventy years post-mortem. So, Alex can carry on his father's legacy until his own death and pass it along to his children for a total of seven decades after George passes on. That is quite a dynasty. And wait until you see just how far the Soros tentacles reach.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Part Three - Currency Manipulation

Before I begin, please allow me to apologize. I warned readers in the introduction that this series would raise more questions than answers. No one is more frustrated than myself, but I continue to hope that as I lay this out things will fall into place. However, right now I am completely perplexed as to why Republicans have become Democrats, and Democrats, Republicans.
But, I also said I smell George Soros, and I do. Subversion. This is why the entire situation is backwards. It is by design, to confuse. Let us try and shed light upon it.
Let me say one other thing. As I try desperately to sort through the insanity I realize some in Congress are being blackmailed. I know the Obama administration has something on John Boehner. That is the only explanation for his behavior. My question is: Where are his balls? I saw a movie when I was a child. It was a true story about Audie Murphy called "To Hell and Back", where he portrayed himself as an Army soldier during World War II. There was a point in the film where someone commented that he was "dangerous" because he "had nothing to lose". See, that is where I am. I have skeletons; we all do. The difference is, some of us do not care. We do not care. We make the decision that some things are more important than ourselves, and that is where I am. I only wish Congress would reach the same place.
The topic du jour is currency manipulation, because of the following article that posted yesterday:
The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement does not address currency manipulation? That alone is enough for me to say "no", without even addressing pharmaceuticals and how intellectual property rights will cause the cost of drugs to skyrocket around the world, killing God-only-knows how many people. George Soros specializes in currency manipulation. Just ask Great Britain:
Soros has destroyed four countries with this very technique:
Do my readers remember what he said about his plans to devalue the American dollar? He said he wanted "controlled devaluation". I posted the link in my last blog discussing him:
Before anyone says, "George Soros is going to die soon; aren't you being paranoid?", let me introduce everyone to his son, Alex:
Why is the son of an avowed Jew-hater pandering to the leftist Jewish community? Because they are the Useful Idiots. These are the people who hate Zionism (i.e. Israel), and embrace the Hamas terrorist organization as being "freedom fighters". More subversion. Do people think Soros' legacy will die with him? Not a chance.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement will affect two-thirds of the world's economy:
We are in very dangerous territory. More in my next post.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Part Two - The TPA

There is much contradictory information circulating about the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill, otherwise known as "Fast Track". One thing I just read was that TPA will permit Obama to negotiate the TPP in secret. In theory, just the reverse is true. Right now, the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement is being negotiated behind closed doors, with only corporations being given "inside" information. Congress is allowed to look at key provisions of it behind closed doors, but the public is in the dark. TPA would allow the negotiations to be opened and citizens would then be able to find out exactly what is happening. In that regard, "Fast Track" is a good idea. In theory.
But only in that regard. The argument in favor of TPA is basically, "We've been doing it for forty years", which we have off-and-on, but just because we have done something for forty years does not make it right and certainly does not mean it is Constitutional. Additionally, "Fast Track" has not always been supported by Republicans, which is yet another juxtaposition surrounding the TPP. In the 1990's, it was allowed to lapse because of GOP opposition, yet suddenly it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Note that Bill Clinton was president in the '90's; is Barack Obama somehow more trustworthy than he was?
One of the many questions I have about TPA is, if the TPP has been negotiated all of this time without "Fast Track" legislation in place, why is it now imperative that such a bill be passed before Obama finishes his quest for this deal? The answer according to experts is that TPP will not pass without TPA, although technically it can. The problem for proponents of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is that without "Fast Track" a greater sales job will be necessary in order to secure the required votes for passage, which should raise some eyebrows. If it cannot pass on its merits, why should it be entertained at all? Why the attempt to subvert the Constitution in order to push this bill through?
I have read many criticisms of those who oppose TPA legislation on the grounds that we are being alarmist. Please note the following sentence from the link I have provided below:
"...the 1974 trade promotion authority had the effect of delegating power to the executive, minimizing consideration of the public interest, and limiting the legislature's influence over the bill to an up or down vote."
So, is it alarmist for not wanting authority transferred from the legislative to the executive branch of the government, or are we simply trying to preserve the Constitution with its checks and balances? Here is another one:
"It established a committee system, comprised of 700 industry representatives appointed by the president, to serve as advisors to the negotiations. Throughout trade talks, these individuals had access to confidential negotiating documents. Most members of Congress and the public had no such access,..."
That is already happening with TPP, so what good does the TPA do? By all appearances, the only difference with the implementation of a trade promotion authority will be to give Barack Obama more power, something he should not be allowed to have and with which he has proven he cannot be trusted.
"Fast track 'has effectively bridged the division of power between the two branches.'"
Are you kidding me? Is that what we want? I thought the Founders wanted something called "separation of powers", not a bridge. I fail to understand how anyone in Congress can call himself a "conservative" and be in favor of legislation that clearly changes the Constitution's intended balance of government.
Thankfully, the second vote on TAA/TPP has been temporarily postponed. Hopefully, this will give congressmen time to realize what they are doing. Alarmingly, it turns out the vote last Friday was done without members of Congress understanding that the Trade Assistance Adjustment bill would be paid for via a tax, with congressmen voting for it in violation of their pledge not to do so:
Such carelessness is unforgiveable. We trust our congressmen to take their jobs seriously and to protect our interests, not to cater to special interests and certainly not to placate the President. Maybe this will serve as a warning for the next round.
In Part Three I will begin delving into the TPP itself.

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement - Introduction (The TAA)

I smell a rat. His name is George Soros, which is why I am stepping outside of my usual genre and into economics. By no stretch of the imagination do I claim to understand all of the intricacies of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), but what I have learned so far is so alarming I must relay it to my readers. I invite corrections and/or elaboration from anyone qualified to do so.
In the military, it is called "noise", and that is what I am getting regarding TPP. I am afraid this series will contain more questions than answers, but perhaps by the end some answers will be forthcoming. Right now, it seems everyone has chosen the wrong side in this debate. Republicans are making what are traditionally Democratic arguments in favor, saying the TPP will create jobs and benefit the working class. That is a half-truth. Different sectors of the economy are affected differently, and historically trade agreements hit the manufacturing sector hard. Lower tariffs and the subsequent increase in imports create competition that this sector cannot match, and jobs are lost.
Enter the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program. Democrats are opposed to the TAA, a program they have supported overwhelmingly in the past. In theory, it is designed to compensate displaced workers and retrain them to reenter the job market, albeit at a lower wage. The concept is a solid one; when a federal program costs a taxpayer money unfairly, the government has historically compensated that citizen (e.g. Eminent Domain). In practice, however, TAA does not work. Most laborers do not take advantage of the retraining program, choosing instead to enjoy the cash benefits until they run out, at which point they remain untrained and unemployed.
So, the question is why Republicans would support such a socialized program (a failure, like socialism itself) while Democrats oppose it? From the liberal perspective, theoretically TAA is ideal, keeping people on the government payroll. But, wait a minute. Manufacturing jobs are largely unionized. What do the trade unions think about TAA? They overwhelmingly hate it. Why, when unions are "for the worker"? Because if workers are displaced, they are no longer in unions and therefore are not paying union dues. Money. It is all about the Almighty Dollar. No wonder the Democrats oppose the TAA. Trade unions donate a sizable chunk of change to the Democratic Party.
See the "noise"? Which brings me to the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement itself. So many things disturb me about it, not the least of which is the fact that corporations are participating in the process while everyone else is being kept in the dark, ostensibly the very people this agreement will "benefit". Then, there are the individual provisions within it, which are numerous and affect one another in ways the ordinary person would never imagine. It will take me several postings to sort it all out, and at the end we may still be confused, but I will do my best beginning with my next post.
Interviews and articles will be posted as I go through the TPP point-by-point.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Postscript to Subversion: America on the Brink

What is all of the hysteria over the National Security Administration? What has that agency done with all of its computer files? Has there been one allegation they have misused that data in any way? All we are doing is crippling our intelligence community's ability to protect us.
You see, after white is pitted against black, young against old, businesses against workers, citizens against police, police against mayors, and everyone against the government, society collapses. Once that happens, the country is ripe for takeover.
And Russia wins.

Subversion: America on the Brink

When I see the Stars and Stripes each day, I must fight the urge to cry. Not because of nostalgia, but because of the intense pain in which I find myself. "The Republic for which it stands" is no more. "One nation, under God," is gone. The "indivisible" is now divided. "Liberty and justice for all" are but dim memories.
Subverted, by an enemy we thought we had defeated.
The Russians.
How did we get here?
When I began this mission in August of 2013, for reasons I described in this post,:
I never imagined where it would lead. I used to laugh at my father, who gave me the benefit of some of his survival training because he was convinced the Russkies would come after us someday. I thought he was mad, but he was not. He just had no concept of how they would do it.
While everyone is focused on the NSA, and the EPA, and the TSA, and Iran, and TPP, and Benghazi, and ISIS, "Pootie Poot" is moving in for the kill.
How did we get here?
While distrust of whites is being rekindled in blacks, and police are being labeled as rogue racists, and citizens are being told their government cannot be trusted, and criminals are being hailed as heroes, and Christians are being demonized, and morality is ridiculed, and people who know there is a God are labeled as fools, "Pootie Poot" is moving in for the kill.
How did we get here?
George Soros says subversion is "fun". I am not having fun. I am in agony.
I see it everywhere now, even in places I would have thought would be immune, even in my own mind. We have all fallen prey to it in one way or another. Subversion is insidious, which is why it is so effective.
For example, the National Security Administration. They are spying on us and need to be stopped, right? They are invading our privacy and need to be stopped, right? They are abusing their power and need to be stopped, right?
Now let us examine this. "They are spying on us." Metadata is "spying"? Computers recording telephone numbers is "spying"? I had no idea AT&T was spying on us! Verizon? My God! The network is endless! We need to stop all of these people! How dare they!
Do you mean to tell me that the NSA knows how many times I called Pizza Hut last year? Outrageous! How dare they! Wait. I just realized something. Who else knows how many times I called Pizza Hut last year? Pizza Hut! And, my phone company, and my credit card company, and any nosy neighbors I might have...the spy network is endless! How do we stop this?!
Everyone is invading everyone's privacy! Maybe we need to get rid of everyone! Let us have more government regulation over Pizza Hut, my phone company, my credit card companies, and my neighbors! My Constitutional rights must be protected!
And, talk about "abusing their power"! The employees at Pizza Hut have no right to know whether or not I ordered pizza, how many times a month I eat pizza, what toppings I like, what crust I prefer, the sides I whom are they giving my private information?! I AM CALLING RAND PAUL!!!
Maybe we are being played. Maybe we are being trained to fear our government. Maybe we are being...
That is just one example, Dear Readers. Only one. If we stop to examine everything that is bombarding us, and I mean everything, slow down and think, we will see the manipulation. We will see the danger, and if we see the danger, we can avoid the danger. Not only that, but we can warn others of the danger.
But that is not happening. Too many of us are too far gone. As Yuri Bezmenov taught us, at this point in subversion we can be shown definitive proof that black is black, and white is white, and we still will not believe it.
We are too far gone.
I am destined to watch my country die.

Monday, June 8, 2015

George Soros, KGB (?)

I never thought I would be writing about George Soros. Until now, I was really not impressed with anything I heard about him. I knew Glenn Beck did not like him, but I felt overwhelmed by all of the Soros-bashing. I knew he was Jewish, and rich, and on the wrong side politically. Someone tried to talk to me about Soros a few months ago, saying I should be outraged by his attitude toward what he did during the Holocaust, but I always cringe initially when a Jew is criticized, and he was a teenager at the time. Plus, if we want to condemn those who sent Jews to their deaths, then we must play George Soros' own game and blame the United States (among many other countries); many of our entrepreneurs funded the Third Reich, and our government sent away boatloads of Jewish refugees. So, I dismissed the finger-pointing.
Until now.
The information I now have about George Soros is appalling. His stance concerning Israel is bad enough. But, a story just circulated confirming the rumors about his having financed the Ferguson riots, and that sent up a red flag because I know that all of the race-baiting and divisiveness that have been occurring over the past year are KGB tactics:
So, I began researching Soros, and the first article I pulled up sent up more red flags:
The writer makes some very good points about George Soros' early years, raising questions about how someone with no money and no papers was able to travel through countries controlled by the Red Army with impunity, and wind up attending an expensive-if-not-nefarious school, as well as expressing well-founded suspicions about Soros' later business dealings.
Then, I found another one:
Here, Accuracy in Media explains the connections between George Soros' organizations and RT, the Russian propaganda channel.
Of course, I also saw articles claiming he is CIA, and I saw that Vladimir Putin put out a warrant for his arrest a couple of years ago, but those articles also sent up red flags. Then I remembered Glenn Beck and went to YouTube:
Much of what he said in this video confirmed my initial suspicions about Soros, and a couple of times my mouth flew open. I urge my readers to watch every second of this presentation, but I will review the high points here. Naturally, Soros' network is unreal, but that is not the half of it. When he made the statement that military options should not be used but rather political and police actions I immediately flashed on Sun Tzu and Yuri Bezmenov. Subversion. Right on the heels of that comment, Beck played a clip of George Soros bragging about how “fun” subversion is. I have mentioned subversion many times in this blog; the concept originated with the Chinese but was perfected by the KGB. George Soros is a Marxist.
Just look at the destruction he has caused worldwide. Four countries. (Pay very close attention to the example given of Czechoslovakia as to what Soros is doing.) And, what did he say? “The main obstacle to a stable and just world is the United States”? Where have we heard that philosophy before? “In periods of regime change, the normal rules do not apply”? America is undergoing a “regime change”?!
But, the billionaire is more than “just” a Marxist. While the first link I posted gives what the writer calls “circumstantial evidence”, Glenn Beck provides proof. First, Zack Exley, who trained members of The Ruckus Society of Seattle riots' fame (social unrest fomented by KGB activity), is the former Organizing Director of, a branch of George Soros' massive empire. Then, the head of the charitable wing of Soros' Open Society Institute (through 2012), Aryeh Neier, founded the Students for a Democratic Society, and went on to participate in the “Days of Rage” and the Weather Underground, both of which were fueled by the DGI, in conjunction with the KGB as I just explained in a recent post:
Question: Why would a Marxist, who supposedly thinks Russia is a “threat”,
employ people affiliated with the KGB...unless he is KGB? Now, what I have written would not get George Soros convicted in a court-of-law, but where there is this much smoke, it is time to yell “fire”.

No one will be mocking Glenn Beck anytime soon: Ferguson, Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore, St. Louis, Los Angeles, New Jersey,....

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cuba, Terrorism, and JFK (More KGB Disinformation - Part Two

My apologies for not getting Part Two written earlier; I have been ill.. At any rate, this is probably the best article I have read concerning JFK's assassination:
It was called “Operation Dragon”:
Unbelievable. With such definitive information out on the subject, why are there still CIA conspiracy theories out there? The “military industrial complex”, Ollie Stone? Really? (BTW, rumor has it Stone is making a movie about Ukraine. That should be entertaining.)
And, once again, a defector told us what really happened:
So, what the hell? How is this propaganda still circulating? Are people that stupid? Are the KGB that good? And, why on God's green Earth has Barack Hussein Obama “normalized” relations with Cuba? BTW, do my readers remember “normalization”? It is the final stage of subversion. So, what are he and Castro up to? One thing is for certain; I do not want these DGI bastards in my country:
Some people think I am insane for ranting incessantly about the KGB. While I was ill, I ran across another excellent article on the subject:
The KGB are not here? Sure they are, and they are running amuck. They are off-the-radar because people foolishly believe the lie that the Soviet Union crumbled. No, it did not, but I imagine Vladimir Putin is having nightly parties celebrating our stupidity.
For those who will scoff that such a conspiracy could have been pulled off, let me remind readers that the KGB are the same people who have most of the Middle East believing “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is a true account of a meeting of Zionists. The KGB are the same people who have most of the world believing in the fiction called “Palestine”. They are very good.
How long will it take for people to wake up to the danger we are in? Opening relations with Cuba is only going to hurt the people Barry claims he wants to help,...and endanger our lives.
Hussein is pandering to the very people responsible for Jack Kennedy's death. If that is not treason, I do not know what is.

Footnote on Oswald: The consensus is that he was a screw-up. That is likely true. Intelligence agencies love to recruit screw-ups because when the person gets caught, he can be labeled a lone nut and no one suspects the agency. As for his inability to shoot, I doubt that. I am a former marksmanship instructor and am certified expert by the Air Force. It takes about five minutes to learn how to shoot. The rest is practice. The articles I posted above give very detailed information about his time in the Soviet Union, and it certainly points to his having been an agent. Regardless, whether Oswald was officially doing the bidding of the KGB, or he had gone rogue, the fact remains the Soviet Union was working through the DGI and Kennedy was a dead man, whether Oswald fired the fatal bullet or not.