Thursday, June 11, 2015

Subversion: America on the Brink

When I see the Stars and Stripes each day, I must fight the urge to cry. Not because of nostalgia, but because of the intense pain in which I find myself. "The Republic for which it stands" is no more. "One nation, under God," is gone. The "indivisible" is now divided. "Liberty and justice for all" are but dim memories.
Subverted, by an enemy we thought we had defeated.
The Russians.
How did we get here?
When I began this mission in August of 2013, for reasons I described in this post,:
I never imagined where it would lead. I used to laugh at my father, who gave me the benefit of some of his survival training because he was convinced the Russkies would come after us someday. I thought he was mad, but he was not. He just had no concept of how they would do it.
While everyone is focused on the NSA, and the EPA, and the TSA, and Iran, and TPP, and Benghazi, and ISIS, "Pootie Poot" is moving in for the kill.
How did we get here?
While distrust of whites is being rekindled in blacks, and police are being labeled as rogue racists, and citizens are being told their government cannot be trusted, and criminals are being hailed as heroes, and Christians are being demonized, and morality is ridiculed, and people who know there is a God are labeled as fools, "Pootie Poot" is moving in for the kill.
How did we get here?
George Soros says subversion is "fun". I am not having fun. I am in agony.
I see it everywhere now, even in places I would have thought would be immune, even in my own mind. We have all fallen prey to it in one way or another. Subversion is insidious, which is why it is so effective.
For example, the National Security Administration. They are spying on us and need to be stopped, right? They are invading our privacy and need to be stopped, right? They are abusing their power and need to be stopped, right?
Now let us examine this. "They are spying on us." Metadata is "spying"? Computers recording telephone numbers is "spying"? I had no idea AT&T was spying on us! Verizon? My God! The network is endless! We need to stop all of these people! How dare they!
Do you mean to tell me that the NSA knows how many times I called Pizza Hut last year? Outrageous! How dare they! Wait. I just realized something. Who else knows how many times I called Pizza Hut last year? Pizza Hut! And, my phone company, and my credit card company, and any nosy neighbors I might have...the spy network is endless! How do we stop this?!
Everyone is invading everyone's privacy! Maybe we need to get rid of everyone! Let us have more government regulation over Pizza Hut, my phone company, my credit card companies, and my neighbors! My Constitutional rights must be protected!
And, talk about "abusing their power"! The employees at Pizza Hut have no right to know whether or not I ordered pizza, how many times a month I eat pizza, what toppings I like, what crust I prefer, the sides I whom are they giving my private information?! I AM CALLING RAND PAUL!!!
Maybe we are being played. Maybe we are being trained to fear our government. Maybe we are being...
That is just one example, Dear Readers. Only one. If we stop to examine everything that is bombarding us, and I mean everything, slow down and think, we will see the manipulation. We will see the danger, and if we see the danger, we can avoid the danger. Not only that, but we can warn others of the danger.
But that is not happening. Too many of us are too far gone. As Yuri Bezmenov taught us, at this point in subversion we can be shown definitive proof that black is black, and white is white, and we still will not believe it.
We are too far gone.
I am destined to watch my country die.

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