Monday, June 8, 2015

George Soros, KGB (?)

I never thought I would be writing about George Soros. Until now, I was really not impressed with anything I heard about him. I knew Glenn Beck did not like him, but I felt overwhelmed by all of the Soros-bashing. I knew he was Jewish, and rich, and on the wrong side politically. Someone tried to talk to me about Soros a few months ago, saying I should be outraged by his attitude toward what he did during the Holocaust, but I always cringe initially when a Jew is criticized, and he was a teenager at the time. Plus, if we want to condemn those who sent Jews to their deaths, then we must play George Soros' own game and blame the United States (among many other countries); many of our entrepreneurs funded the Third Reich, and our government sent away boatloads of Jewish refugees. So, I dismissed the finger-pointing.
Until now.
The information I now have about George Soros is appalling. His stance concerning Israel is bad enough. But, a story just circulated confirming the rumors about his having financed the Ferguson riots, and that sent up a red flag because I know that all of the race-baiting and divisiveness that have been occurring over the past year are KGB tactics:
So, I began researching Soros, and the first article I pulled up sent up more red flags:
The writer makes some very good points about George Soros' early years, raising questions about how someone with no money and no papers was able to travel through countries controlled by the Red Army with impunity, and wind up attending an expensive-if-not-nefarious school, as well as expressing well-founded suspicions about Soros' later business dealings.
Then, I found another one:
Here, Accuracy in Media explains the connections between George Soros' organizations and RT, the Russian propaganda channel.
Of course, I also saw articles claiming he is CIA, and I saw that Vladimir Putin put out a warrant for his arrest a couple of years ago, but those articles also sent up red flags. Then I remembered Glenn Beck and went to YouTube:
Much of what he said in this video confirmed my initial suspicions about Soros, and a couple of times my mouth flew open. I urge my readers to watch every second of this presentation, but I will review the high points here. Naturally, Soros' network is unreal, but that is not the half of it. When he made the statement that military options should not be used but rather political and police actions I immediately flashed on Sun Tzu and Yuri Bezmenov. Subversion. Right on the heels of that comment, Beck played a clip of George Soros bragging about how “fun” subversion is. I have mentioned subversion many times in this blog; the concept originated with the Chinese but was perfected by the KGB. George Soros is a Marxist.
Just look at the destruction he has caused worldwide. Four countries. (Pay very close attention to the example given of Czechoslovakia as to what Soros is doing.) And, what did he say? “The main obstacle to a stable and just world is the United States”? Where have we heard that philosophy before? “In periods of regime change, the normal rules do not apply”? America is undergoing a “regime change”?!
But, the billionaire is more than “just” a Marxist. While the first link I posted gives what the writer calls “circumstantial evidence”, Glenn Beck provides proof. First, Zack Exley, who trained members of The Ruckus Society of Seattle riots' fame (social unrest fomented by KGB activity), is the former Organizing Director of, a branch of George Soros' massive empire. Then, the head of the charitable wing of Soros' Open Society Institute (through 2012), Aryeh Neier, founded the Students for a Democratic Society, and went on to participate in the “Days of Rage” and the Weather Underground, both of which were fueled by the DGI, in conjunction with the KGB as I just explained in a recent post:
Question: Why would a Marxist, who supposedly thinks Russia is a “threat”,
employ people affiliated with the KGB...unless he is KGB? Now, what I have written would not get George Soros convicted in a court-of-law, but where there is this much smoke, it is time to yell “fire”.

No one will be mocking Glenn Beck anytime soon: Ferguson, Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore, St. Louis, Los Angeles, New Jersey,....

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