Sunday, December 18, 2016

#Benghazi = #PizzaGate

I am now on new social forums, so let me start by telling people what I do. I am an intelligence analyst whose normal specialty is terrorism. When the Podesta Emails first came out and #PizzaGate was born, I did not believe a word of it. I shut down anyone who tried to tell me about it. Classic cognitive dissonance combined with a splash of ignorance about the underworld.

But as more and more information came to light it became undeniable that something was very wrong. So I dove into PizzaGate and, as I described in my last post, have been made physically ill by what I have learned.

It is that foundation that led me to what I am going to lay out in the rest of this article. Recently I was reminded of a link that had slipped through the cracks of the avalanche of evidence I have been reviewing, and I am grateful to whomever re-posted it.

A man known as "FBIAnon" began posting to 4Chan, claiming to be an FBI agent who was fed up with this administration and the inability to get action on the information the FBI has obtained. So he wanted to give the public clues as to what is going on and how to bring the truth to light. I am glad I did not get to it in the beginning because it was my immersion in PizzaGate and SpiritCooking that caused something he said to hit me like a ton of bricks:

"The real point of interest is the Clinton Foundation, not the email server. We received the server from Benghazi, then from the server we found data on the Clinton Foundation. Then we realized the situation is much worse than previously thought."

So, Benghazi led the FBI to the server which led to the Clinton Foundation, and what they found was worse than they thought. Something clicked for me, and I went to my search engine (not Google), typed in three words, hit "enter", and got an eyeful.

The three words were "Benghazi human trafficking".

I had no idea Libya was a hub of human trafficking (the main hub being Benghazi), but then again I doubt anyone who does not focus on this subject would have guessed. But the problem was so bad that former Prime Minister Berlusconi joined forces with Muammar Gaddafi to end the problem, which they did successfully. Then Hillary Clinton got a wild hair (or so it appeared) and decided to get rid of Gaddafi, a move we know from Senator Menendez was fought tooth-and-nail by both Congress and the Pentagon, going so far as to use back channels in an effort to prevent her from toppling the Gaddafi regime. They were unsuccessful and, after his ouster, human trafficking resumed at breakneck speed, reaching a new height in May of 2012. The same month Chris Stevens became Ambassador to Libya.

Rumors have swirled for four years that Ambassador Stevens was CIA. Of course, I do not have access to classified information so I cannot confirm whether or not he was, but with the countless sources where I have seen that claim I would tend to believe it is true. Regardless, it is clear he stumbled upon information that did not set well with someone. Whether that information was the Stingers falling into the hands of ISIS, human trafficking being run out of Benghazi, or something else we do not know. Regardless, we all know what happened on September 11, 2012.

A note about Ambassador Stevens: I still have not determined what was intended. Maybe Barry really is that inept and thought the attack would be over before we could respond. Maybe Barry was scared to death it would bring to light all of Hillary's activities and decided it was better to leave it be. Maybe Stevens was going to be kidnapped; maybe the terrorists thought he would be safe in the safe room. Who knows? I am not prepared to make the assertion that he was intentionally assassinated. I do not have the evidence to make such a claim.

I also have information about sarin gas being delivered to Syria via Amman, Jordan, and the false flags of 2013. But those are not the subject of this article.

I will leave everyone with this for now (to be continued, obviously). After the shock of the Benghazi attack, after Susan Rice made a fool of herself going on five Sunday shows talking about a video, after the public realized they were being duped and demanded answers, while the Obama administration was backpedaling furiously and everyone wanted Hillary Clinton's head on a platter, there was a very interesting visitor at the White House on September 26th and 27th:


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