Sunday, February 26, 2017

George Webb

I have made many comments on social media of late that need to be clarified. I am devoting this article to that purpose; my next one will likely be regarding a possible new Benghazi/human trafficking lead, but I need to do some research before I write it.

First, let me apologize to George Webb if I have caused him any pain, and it appears that I have. Those people who "know" me realize that I am constantly asking questions. I rarely sleep because when I try my mind shoots off some place and I have to get up to pursue the line of inquiry. That is just how I am. What rarely occurs to me is that people have feelings. 

Over the course of the past several months I have had various questions about things Mr. Webb has said, and the other day I began corresponding with someone who added fuel to some of those questions. What began as a rather humorous search (several of us were online discussing whether or not he might be Mossad) turned into my running across documents that appeared to refute claims Mr. Webb has made, seemingly in passing. A huge conversation erupted, and here we are. Let me now lay something to rest.

This all began because of the decidedly anti-CIA bent I perceived on his channel, both from some of the things he has said and, more importantly, the comments section of his videos where conspiracy theorists converge on a regular basis to trash the Agency. So I found myself questioning Mr. Webb's motives (not necessarily nefarious motives, but perhaps he was playing a mind game for some sort of social experiment; I had no idea what the deal was). When I ran into something online that appeared to cast doubt on whether or not Mr. Webb is Jewish I "went off". My regular readers know my intense love for Israel and her people, and know how protective I am of same. So I began digging feverishly to find evidence that supported his claims of being Jewish and of being Israeli. I found none, and that just fanned the flames. 

I posted several questions and challenges to Mr. Webb's videos in hopes he would respond to my concerns, whether in anger or otherwise - a common interrogation technique. He remained silent, and that just fanned the flames even further. This went on until today when someone managed to ask him a couple of questions on Facebook and one of his answers clarified part of my problem.

He stated that his parents were Unitarian Jews, a sect of Judaism with which I was not familiar. So I looked it up and in seconds all of the drama evaporated regarding that issue. (For those who are interested, somehow Jews and Catholics have figured out some way to share a common doctrine SMFH.) So, that clears up the mystery as to whether or not George Webb is Jewish; he is. (Side note: The question would never have been an issue had the inconsistencies not immerged; I never cared one way or the other until he said something about being Jewish.) Still remaining is how he can be Israeli because I have still not found any evidence that he and/or his parents ever lived in Israel, never mind becoming citizens. One of Mr. Webb's subscribers tells me he plans to clear up the issue sometime today; I look forward to hearing what he has to say.

So I am at peace with at least one of the two claims, and can now concentrate my energy on the confirmation bias that continues to occur on his channel. Stay tuned.

And once again, I apologize for hurting someone I love in commonality.

My next article should be out in the next couple of days.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

#PizzaGate: Back to #Benghazi

First a dose of reality so we can continue on with our goal(s). When the Podesta Emails started to fall into place and pedophilia began to emerge, the rage was swift and completely understandable. But even at that early stage signs were evident that emotion was ruling the investigation. Not only was any person not jumping on the PizzaGate bandwagon labeled a pedophile, but Internet lynch mobs had ropes-in-hand ready to execute judgment on any and all offenders.

Before anyone really had a chance to put emotions in check a larger, even more horrifying picture emerged. A picture with no real center, no one place where a finger could aim at the focal point from which such evil emanated. This evil goes back and forth, up and down, inside and outside; there seems to be no place left untouched by the scourge of human trafficking.

So now the lynch mobs want all of the human traffickers dead-and-buried. In our imaginations this can be done in one fell swoop. CIA? Gone. ISIS? Gone;. Sudan? Gone. Mexico? (Shhh. We cannot discuss Mexico.) Of course! Gone! Haiti? Whoa, wait a second. There are innocent women and children there. We cannot just get rid of Haiti (nor can we "just get rid of" any of those I listed, nor the dozens I did not list). Something called "reason" needs to be injected into this discussion, and no one is going to like it much.

People have been sold into slavery since the Book of Genesis. For well-intentioned people to want to eradicate such abuse is commendable, even honorable. It is just not realistic. Americans are experiencing an awakening as to the realities of this world, but those realities are only new to us. What we must do now is what we can in our small corner of the world and consider ourselves lucky if we save a handful of these victims because, without our Special Forces going into Iraq/Syria and rescuing the thousands of Yazidi who were kidnapped off of Sinjar Mountain, a handful is really the most realistic goal we can set for ourselves.

In fact, how many people were thinking about the Yazidi right before they saw the word in the last sentence? What about the Kurds? What do readers think happened to the wives and children of all of the men the Islamic State has beheaded? I could go on, but I will spare the reader.

PizzaGate is not all doom-and-gloom. We just have to settle for far less than the Moon. Say, a pizza joint owner and people with intimate knowledge of the activities that occurred in a  compound located in Benghazi, Libya. For new readers who think I just changed the subject, I did not:

For all of the money and temporary fame Kris Paranto has received, we really never learned anything from him. As I pointed out in 2013, nothing he wrote in "13 Hours" was different from the original report on Fox News, 2012:

So what is he hiding under the guise of a confidentiality agreement? Paranto will not even name the company for whom he contracted (and presumably still does). Why not? I am sure the money from his new literary career is more than enough to cover a lawsuit...assuming the company involved has the time and money to file in court once its misdeeds are exposed. Another possibility is that someone threatened his family. But, over what? Keeping a secret that was not a secret (gun-running)? We all knew aobut it at the time so there is certainly no need for his employer to become melodramatic.

What exactly was happening in that "CIA annex"? Is "CIA" being used as a synonym for "DynCorp"? Is that why we know absolutely nothing about what was happening there, long after so-called "black sites" had been outlawed? At the time I thought maybe we were holding prisoners there for interrogation or awaiting transport, but Paranto remained mum on this issue. Every time I asked him the purpose of the annex, his answer was always the same, "Someone's gonna have to come forward". When I tried to press the issue, he either mentioned the confidentiality agreement or simply clammed up. Clearly he is hiding something big.

One thing is certain: Our government did not pay close to three dozen people to occupy an empty building while playing with reptiles and video games, and playing "Soul Train" in front of security cameras in their spare time.  Furthermore, I can only think of one possibility so heinous that I would gladly pay that $250,000 breach of confidentiality fine, and which is also so heinous that anyone remotely involved would rather die than divulge it to the world.

I wonder if that is the reason Dylan Davies was forced underground. I wonder if that is the reason Lee Stranahan dropped Benghazi altogether. I wonder if that is why Iran sponsored the attack of September 11, 2012. I wonder if that is why it took three weeks to scrub the scene before the FBI was allowed into the compound.

After all, $32 billion per year is a lot of money.

Human Trafficking.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

#PizzaGate = #Iran

As a starting point, please watch the following video. It is short, and maybe you will catch what I did:

Let me explain my thought process, because amazingly this did not occur to me until now. My regular readers know my specialty is terrorism; I veered off into PizzaGate which led me to human trafficking, so it took me a while to make this particular connection. "The Outer Dark" once again mentions Anthony Weiner and his former wife, Huma Abedin, and for the first time I went a step further. Weiner leads to Abedin, who is Muslim Sisterhood, and is from Iran. I stopped the video and typed "Iran human trafficking" into my search engine. Once again (as was the case with Benghazi), I got an eyeful:

Is everyone getting the picture? I distinctly remember having the time-of-my-life in 2015 when Hassan Rouhani gave his speech to the United Nations General Assembly. it was hilarious to me, and I tweeted just about every minute during that speech making jokes. For those who missed it, or who do not recall, here it is:

I am not exaggerating. I thought he should have been a stand-up comedian! Iran, the last bastion of freedom and democracy. What a hoot! And that was when all I knew was about their oppression of women and their execution of gays! Now we can add human and sex trafficking to the mix, and the President of Iran definitely missed his calling! As a matter of fact, so did the United Nations. Iran on the Human Rights Council? Slapstick was never this stupid.

Let me paint the picture more clearly for those who do not keep up with politics. On Hillary Clinton's relationship with Iran:

On Iran and Benghazi:

For those who have been complaining about the FBI not moving fast enough, for those who have been complaining about our government not caring about PizzaGate, for those who have chosen to demonize CIA: NOW DO YOU SEE???

How do we handle this? We cannot arrest the Clintons for reasons I have outlined many times. We cannot bomb the Clinton Foundation. We cannot arrest the Ayatollah and/or Hassan Rouhani (yes, we have an International Criminal Court; shall I burst into laughter again?). And, let us not forget who Iran's BFF happens to be:


Good old Russia. We are right back where we have been too many times before (see my archives). But we also cannot bomb Moscow, because of a little thing known as MAD. So, what option is left? Well, Ambassador John Bolton said it in 2015 and I did not quite understand his vehemence until today. After all, he knew far before I did what Iran has been and is doing. For those who are clamoring for justice on behalf of children and all human/sex trafficking victims, the answer is this: 

"...bomb Iran."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I should have worded my comment about Huma Abedin differently, but mistakes happen. No, she is not Iranian by birth; she is American. However, her ties to Saudi Arabia lead directly to Iran. Many people are under the impression that Saudi Arabia and Iran are enemies, and that is true...but this is the Middle East and duplicity reigns supreme. I am no Vince Flynn; he explained it best both in person and in his marvelous books (I really miss him). Anyway, the House of Saud is only interested in one thing: keeping its throne. The Saudis will do anything and go to bed with anyone to suit their interests as is evidenced by their support of the Islamic State while complaining bitterly about its existence. (I have stated in earlier articles that, in order to study the Middle East, one must first remove one's brain, and this is a great example of the reason. Middle East "logic" makes no sense.) 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

#PizzaGate vs. #FakeNews

I love it when someone enters my life who makes me think. Last night, I met Evan. We talked about many things, but one of the first topics of conversation was PizzaGate

For those who do not know, I have been locked in a fierce battle with fellow investigators for several days over the new "revelations" from "FBIAnon" that arrests are imminent of at least seventy well-known, highly-placed officials including Chuck Schumer, Tim Kaine, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and, of course, John Podesta. I said from the beginning that the new "FBIAnon" is a fraud, and Evan seems to agree.

You see, he is a law student. When I told him the latest rumor he began laughing and agreed that no FBI investigator would have released such impending arrests (as I have stated countless times, the whole "Shhh! We are going to bust your asses! Just please do not destroy evidence, kill witnesses, or flee the country, OK?!" thing. Preposterous.

He also nodded his head vigorously when I mentioned diplomatic immunity (see my previous article on that topic). Now, all of us realize what a passionate subject PizzaGate is, but investigators need to be level-headed. This is not going to happen the way we wish.

I will not state it as well as Evan did, but I have said many times that we must not be distraked by fake news because it discredits the entire investigation. Be on guard for charlatans; they are legion. George Soros, the Clinton Foundation, et. a., want to sideline us. We must not allow them to succeed. View everything and everyone with skepticism (anyone can pretend to be "FBIAnon", who in fact is purported to be several different people, not just one). 

Please remember we are not "just" discussing pedophilia. PizzaGate is about human trafficking and organ harvesting, topics he and I also covered. These rings are international and there are legal issues surrounding any such prosecutions.

Meanwhile I am still in D.C., working as I am able in between dealing with my own life and weeding through all of the "protesters" (and their mindless sheep) trying to get to the places I need to be. Please do not lose heart when the big bust does not occur. A case of this magnitude takes a very, very long time and often is never resolved to anyone's satisfaction. Jimmy Savile is a perfect example of a situation where reportedly thousands of victims went unheard until after his death. Allow me to reiterate my full confidence that James Alefantis will land in prison; he is far too cocky and not nearly as slick as a John Podesta (not to mention Alefantis has absolutely no claim to diplomatic immunity, no matter how many times he visited the White House). Please go back and read my other articles under the PizzaGate hashtag to see what it is we can do. I am not saying nothing is ever, ever going to happen. I am saying we are not going to get the "shock and awe" type of resolution we all have in our fantasies.

Who knows? Maybe something will happen and I will get that one "in" with someone. After all, that is why I returned to D.C. (it certainly was not so I could freeze to death). 

And, I hope I get to talk to Evan again sometime.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

#PizzaGate: Appearances

I have gotten so much blow-back from social media it has compelled me to write the following. When I was attending Dodsen Jr. High School in San Pedro, California (the only time I spent more than six months at one school) I met a girl whom I thought hated me. She was so standoffish. I had no idea why she hated me; she did not even know me.

Well, in ninth grade (Jr. High goes to ninth grade there) I ran into her on the first day of school. I was trying to outpace her on the way to class, but she pulled up alongside me and said "hi". I was stunned. Being the straight-forward person I am I said, "I thought you did not like me?" She looked at me and said, "I thought you did not like me!" You see, Connie Whiteside stood six feet tall, which was a little out-of-place for a female in junior high school, and she endured heartless teasing/harassment. We ended up walking to class together and became good friends.

I have one other story. Wendy. While my father was still stationed in Huntington Beach (San Pedro housing), I was walking home from school one day when a girl I had never seen before blocked my path on the sidewalk and began that shoving shit people do when they want to fight. I tried to walk around her, and she blocked me again. I tried the other side with the same results. She just kept shoving me. Now, as a kid I never understood fighting (I have since grown up). I saw absolutely no reason for this confrontation. (Did I mention she was/is black?) She kept pushing, I kept trying to walk around her, and eventually in her frustration she said, "Hit me! Hit me! Why don't you hit me!" to which I replied, "I do not even know you! Why do I want to hit you?" She stood there in complete shock for several seconds before she finally said, "Well, do you want to walk home with me?" LMAO! And we did, and we became good friends until her family was transferred.

My point is this: We all have baggage. People take one statement or action made by a complete stranger and draw all kinds of inferences without having the facts. I have learned in my many years of life that most of the time these inferences turn out to be incorrect. Not always, but a good portion of the time. People judge me because I am hard-nosed, so obviously I am a hateful, despicable, piece-of-shit. OR, maybe I am coming from a background where I cut through the crap more quickly than most and people cannot handle it. I can count the number of close friends I have had on one hand. I am not in a popularity contest. In fact, I was never an activist until a few years ago when the utter nonsense I was seeing drove me to it. 

People wonder why I got involved in PizzaGate. In large part it is because I know what it is like to tell the truth and have everyone go out of their way to discredit you, to the point of challenging your mental health. I have been there. I know the sick feeling you get when you realize no one is listening and in fact have launched an all-out assault on your character. It does not feel good. 

So, what does this have to do with PizzaGate? Everything. The character assassination is in full swing. If investigators do not have spines made of steel they will fall apart. We ALL have baggage. We ALL have skeletons (some more sick than others). We need to be prepared. For those who are sick, I have no sympathy. For those who are human I want to say this: Be ready for everything you have ever said or done in your life to be plastered all over the New York Times. IT. IS. OK. So what? Your detractors will love it; those who love you will defend you. SO. WHAT? We are all human. We have all said and/or done things that are embarrassing. It will pass. Do not allow this campaign to deter you from pursuing justice. Let it fly. Go right ahead. People who pursue truth will understand. Those who do not pursue truth are not worth our energy.

Fight on.