Wednesday, February 8, 2017

#PizzaGate vs. #FakeNews

I love it when someone enters my life who makes me think. Last night, I met Evan. We talked about many things, but one of the first topics of conversation was PizzaGate

For those who do not know, I have been locked in a fierce battle with fellow investigators for several days over the new "revelations" from "FBIAnon" that arrests are imminent of at least seventy well-known, highly-placed officials including Chuck Schumer, Tim Kaine, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and, of course, John Podesta. I said from the beginning that the new "FBIAnon" is a fraud, and Evan seems to agree.

You see, he is a law student. When I told him the latest rumor he began laughing and agreed that no FBI investigator would have released such impending arrests (as I have stated countless times, the whole "Shhh! We are going to bust your asses! Just please do not destroy evidence, kill witnesses, or flee the country, OK?!" thing. Preposterous.

He also nodded his head vigorously when I mentioned diplomatic immunity (see my previous article on that topic). Now, all of us realize what a passionate subject PizzaGate is, but investigators need to be level-headed. This is not going to happen the way we wish.

I will not state it as well as Evan did, but I have said many times that we must not be distraked by fake news because it discredits the entire investigation. Be on guard for charlatans; they are legion. George Soros, the Clinton Foundation, et. a., want to sideline us. We must not allow them to succeed. View everything and everyone with skepticism (anyone can pretend to be "FBIAnon", who in fact is purported to be several different people, not just one). 

Please remember we are not "just" discussing pedophilia. PizzaGate is about human trafficking and organ harvesting, topics he and I also covered. These rings are international and there are legal issues surrounding any such prosecutions.

Meanwhile I am still in D.C., working as I am able in between dealing with my own life and weeding through all of the "protesters" (and their mindless sheep) trying to get to the places I need to be. Please do not lose heart when the big bust does not occur. A case of this magnitude takes a very, very long time and often is never resolved to anyone's satisfaction. Jimmy Savile is a perfect example of a situation where reportedly thousands of victims went unheard until after his death. Allow me to reiterate my full confidence that James Alefantis will land in prison; he is far too cocky and not nearly as slick as a John Podesta (not to mention Alefantis has absolutely no claim to diplomatic immunity, no matter how many times he visited the White House). Please go back and read my other articles under the PizzaGate hashtag to see what it is we can do. I am not saying nothing is ever, ever going to happen. I am saying we are not going to get the "shock and awe" type of resolution we all have in our fantasies.

Who knows? Maybe something will happen and I will get that one "in" with someone. After all, that is why I returned to D.C. (it certainly was not so I could freeze to death). 

And, I hope I get to talk to Evan again sometime.

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