Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Islamic State in America

     The Muslim  Brotherhood has always known how to use propaganda to inflame the masses. One need look no further than Nazi Germany to see that. Nevertheless, I am confronted daily on Twitter with people who wish to bombard me with the latest theory as to who is responsible for the latest anarchy in this country, despite the fact that I have posted the information repeatedly. In the interest of being able to free myself from the distractions so that I can focus on Benghazi, I am posting this blog to describe once-and-for-all what is happening.
     Theories abound. The Council on Foreign Relations. The Trilateral Commission. The GOP. The New World Order. The police. The Mayor. The media. And of course, the tried-and-true "Whitey is keeping the black man down." Congratulations to the Islamic State. Your strategy is working beautifully. Get everyone pointing fingers in every conceivable direction other than where they SHOULD be pointing: the Islamic State.
     Has anyone asked why pro-"Palestine" flags were flying at Ferguson protests? Is it coincidence that Ismaaiyl Brinsley was a member of Black Power, which is an Islamic prison gang? Is it coincidence that he attended a mosque tied to 9/11 and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing? Ties of other "protesters" to the same mosque as the Tzarnaev brothers of the Boston Bombing? What about the posting of the Shahada on Brinsley's Facebook page? How about Sheikh Monis, the Australian terrorist? What about La Raza, the gang whose mass grave was just uncovered in Mexico? Is it coincidence that this just turned up right after Obama's amnesty order was struck down in court? How about Bill Ayers? Al Sharpton? The invoking of Malcolm X at these "die-ins"? All coincidence?
     While I am encouraged by the growing number of "followers" on Twitter who readily admit Obama is an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood, I am still challenged incessantly about what is responsible for the current unrest. Include the recent Sony hack, and the conversation grows even more insane. Add to that the various theories about Benghazi, and intelligent discourse is impossible.
     Let me try to give a brief overview of what is really happening. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is highly intelligent and not to be taken lightly. He does not have bin Laden's egotistical need to put out saber-rattling videos. He is vey patient, and that makes him extremely dangerous. He knows the history of Islam as well as (if not better than) any Imam. The "Caliph" hired an American media expert to head his propaganda campaign, and it is working well. We are at each other's throats. White against black. "Citizen" versus the police. The  police versus the Mayor. Democrat against Republican. Liberal against conservative. Everyone against the government, but for a zillion different reasons. Goebbels, take a bow.
     We need to focus. Our number one enemy at present is the Islamic State, but it is too large for ordinary citizens to overcome. What we need is for our government to help us fight, but we cannot have that with an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood sitting in the Oval Office. Our first step is to end Obama's reign. Only then can we hope to pull together as a nation to defeat our enemy. With all of my concerns and commentaries about Israel and the dangers she is facing, has anyone asked why I have honed in on Benghazi? Besides the obvious horror of what occurred that night, and the unforgivable betrayal of our men, it is because Benghazi has the proof necessary to bring this administration down. There is more than enough public evidence to get our "president" indicted and convicted, and that is precisely what must be done just as soon as it is humanly possible. I am not putting in 18-hour days for the fun of it. I would prefer to get rid of the chronic headaches and nausea I live with because of this mission. But, it must be done.
     My apologies to those with whom I have been short on occasion. Knowledge is a curse, and it breeds impatience. I grow frustrated with those who do not see what is plain to me. I am compelled to do everything I can conceive of to end this madness before it destroys what was once a great nation. Please help me by not falling prey to propaganda. Be aware of the enemy's tools, and do not be fooled by them.
     Time and space do not permit me to outline everything I know. The JI attacks in China. The Malaysian Airlines flight that "disappeared" with two Iranian "defectors" travelling on stolen passports from Indonesia. Putin's deal with the Muslim Brotherhood, outlined in a 2005 document smuggled out of Jordan by Israel. Iran's role in the creation of the Islamic State. The false flag in Syria in August, 2013. The orchestration of the so-called "Arab Spring". How there are no "sides" in the Middle East other than Arabs hating "the West". All of the various terrorist organizations world-wide and how they all originate with the Muslim Brotherhood. The Shia versus Sunni farce. The shell game that has otherwise intelligent people believing there are such things as "good" terrorists and "bad" terrorists. There is just not enough time.
     We are at the most pivotal point in our nation's history. Let us solve the problem rather than being part of it. Let us focus on the terrorist in the White House.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Open Letter to World Leaders

In re: Any and All Matters Concerning the Establishment of a "State of Palestine":

Barack Hussein Obama is not working as the President of the United States of America. He does not represent me. He does not represent my countrymen. He does not represent my country.

Barack Hussein Obama is an Imposter.
My father served his career in the United States Navy. I am an honorably-discharged veteran of the United States Air Force. We both swore to protect and defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Barack Hussein Obama is an enemy.
The man posing as the leader of the Free World is currently under indictment by the country of Egypt for suspicion of aiding terrorism. Further, evidence indicates that he, along with former President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt, engaged in terrorist activities which ultimately led to the deaths of United States Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone S. Woods, and Glen Doherty on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya.

Barack Hussein Obama is a suspected terrorist.
This man has a well-established connection to President Erdogan of Turkey, as well as to former President Morsi, both of whom actively support the Muslim Brotherhood, a recognized terrorist organization. There are also indications that he is actively engaged with Muslim Brotherhood organizations within America and has aided and abetted same in the infiltration of my government.

Barack Hussein Obama is a suspected agent of the Muslim Brotherhood.
As such, Barack Hussein Obama should not be given recognition as having the authority to represent these United States in any matters regarding the establishment of a Palestinian State, nor in any other legal capacity.
Instead, the international community should immediately commence legal proceedings to have Barack Hussein Obama extradited to the country of Egypt for trial under their laws, after which the International Criminal Court should commence its own proceedings for whatever crimes it deems fit.
Barack Hussein Obama should be arrested immediately.
Documentation Upon Request.

LaDonna Mosier
Post Office Box 58097
Washington, D.C. 20037

Friday, December 12, 2014

Taking Things Out of Context

     There has been a lot of that going on lately, some malicious, some careless, and some completely unintentional.
     Prime Minister Netanyahu has repeatedly been taken out of context - at best. Recently, he has not only been taken out of context but blatantly libeled. Case in point: the "Jewish State Bill". Some swear this bill makes Israel for "Jews alone", an egregious lie I caught a reporter tweeting over the Internet as an "exact quote" from the Prime Minister during a recent speech at the Knesset. I knew better when I first read the tweet, although it took some time for the transcript to come out. Meanwhile, that "news" spread like wildfire (with even President Rivlin joining in!), until now the State of Israel will be undergoing ill-timed and unnecessary elections.
     I feel Prime Minister Netanyahu's pain.
     Recently, people have been jumping into the middle of my Twitter threads, picking out some part in the middle, taking the context completely away from the conversation, and announcing to the world that I "believe" thus-and-so. But, the most insanity erupted yesterday over my last blog post on Israel dated November 28, 2014.
     When someone writes an essay, there is a beginning, a middle, and an end. Those parts exist for a reason. Take one or two of those three ingredients away and the entire message is lost. That is what happened Thursday. I do not know how many times in my life I have started to read something, prepared to blast the author to pieces, only to find as I read that the article did not go in the direction I thought it was going.
     It pays to read a piece in its entirety.
     For the record, not once, even for an instant, in my wildest dreams, my drunkest moment, my highest fever-induced delirium, have I EVER blamed Jews for the Holocaust!
     My last post outlined a progression of thought (beginning in childhood!) throughout my life, beginning with my inability to understand the Holocaust. Understand. Not blame. What a scurrilous accusation, and I resent it.
     I would, however, like to thank the person who sent me multiple direct messages explaining both the reaction yesterday and some of what was behind my bewilderment about the Holocaust itself. That is called dialogue, and it gave me food for thought. Todah Rabah.
     Dear readers, please: Next time, READ.
     Shabbat Shalom.