Thursday, December 18, 2014

Open Letter to World Leaders

In re: Any and All Matters Concerning the Establishment of a "State of Palestine":

Barack Hussein Obama is not working as the President of the United States of America. He does not represent me. He does not represent my countrymen. He does not represent my country.

Barack Hussein Obama is an Imposter.
My father served his career in the United States Navy. I am an honorably-discharged veteran of the United States Air Force. We both swore to protect and defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Barack Hussein Obama is an enemy.
The man posing as the leader of the Free World is currently under indictment by the country of Egypt for suspicion of aiding terrorism. Further, evidence indicates that he, along with former President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt, engaged in terrorist activities which ultimately led to the deaths of United States Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone S. Woods, and Glen Doherty on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya.

Barack Hussein Obama is a suspected terrorist.
This man has a well-established connection to President Erdogan of Turkey, as well as to former President Morsi, both of whom actively support the Muslim Brotherhood, a recognized terrorist organization. There are also indications that he is actively engaged with Muslim Brotherhood organizations within America and has aided and abetted same in the infiltration of my government.

Barack Hussein Obama is a suspected agent of the Muslim Brotherhood.
As such, Barack Hussein Obama should not be given recognition as having the authority to represent these United States in any matters regarding the establishment of a Palestinian State, nor in any other legal capacity.
Instead, the international community should immediately commence legal proceedings to have Barack Hussein Obama extradited to the country of Egypt for trial under their laws, after which the International Criminal Court should commence its own proceedings for whatever crimes it deems fit.
Barack Hussein Obama should be arrested immediately.
Documentation Upon Request.

LaDonna Mosier
Post Office Box 58097
Washington, D.C. 20037

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