Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Chess a la Putin

"A bashful man cannot learn."
In my last post I asked the question, "SINCE WHEN does Russia support the Republican Party?"
Answer: When it suits their purposes.
In chess it is very easy to develop tunnel vision, and it is also possible to try and think too far ahead. I am guilty of both.
Stepping back, here is the board as it stands currently. Hillary is damaged goods. Trump is connecting with Americans, raising our legitimate concerns and offering solutions to those concerns. Bernie (somewhat ironically) has tapped into the younger generation with the tried-and-true mantra of Barack Obama: "Free stuff! Come and get your FREE STUFF!" In other words, socialism.
I have been driving myself crazy trying to figure out Putin's end game when I should be looking at the next few possible moves and working them through to their logical conclusion.
1) Hillary Clinton. Should Putin stick with his old pal? Let us pretend she wins in November. Anything she does will be tainted, and that would have occurred regardless of Wikileaks. She has had too many scandals (never mind Bill), and if the Republicans retain one or both houses of Congress she will by stymied at every turn. Not a good move.
2) Bernie Sanders. As of Tuesday night he is out, but he could choose to run as an independent. Could he win? No. Far more likely is another Ross Perot scenario, whereby he splits the Democratic vote, guaranteeing Trump the win. Not a good move.
3) Donald Trump. Should Putin put his eggs into this basket? Can he be controlled by the Kremlin? Trump supporters will scream in unison, "Hell, no! No one controls The Donald!" At least, that is what we have been led to believe.
I do not believe the Trump-is-in-Russia's-Pocket crowd. At least not with Trump as the villainous demagogue relentlessly conspiring to topple America narrative. However. He is a businessman, and no one succeeds in business without making deals. There is the real possibility that Trump has been drinking the same Russia-to-the-Rescue Koolaid many in the rest of the world have been drinking. Yes, this is the right move for Putin, and we are ripe for it.
Roy Masters has been the guest host on Jerry Doyle's KDWN radio show this week, and Mr. Masters is phenomenal. Without ever mentioning the word he has been discussing the process of subversion and outlining America's current state-of-affairs, which is dire. He has described the process of demoralization (reference Yuri Bezmenov), rightly attributing much of it to our "education" system, and has laid out the case for Americans being ready for a savior (my word).
Enter Trump. Remember that at this point in subversion the old KGB tactics are no longer necessary. No KGB/FSB/GRU sleeper needs to rise from the ashes. No blackmail is required. As Mr. Masters points out, at this stage all of us have been infected through the past two to three years of indoctrination. None of us is completely immune, although some are aware enough to fight the more militant Marxist agendas.
But we are extremely vulnerable, and Trump is feeding a need that patriotic America is feeling. I continue to warn my readers that no one suddenly "sees the light" at age seventy. Look at Trump's life history. Read what he has written. Listen to what he has said BEFORE 2015. Hopefully those who read my last post reviewed the link to my previous article on Trump. Even in 2015 he switched his position on the so-called "Syrian refugees" in just THREE WEEKS.
Let us not be deceived. Let us use great discernment in the next three months. Let us pray for the Lord's great Wisdom. The future of our country depends on it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Russia Strikes Again?

Let us start with what we know. Subversion thrives on confusion. We know that the DNC is now in chaos, much the same way the RNC was last week. First we had the Cruz/Trump Show; now we have the Sanders/Clinton Show. But it gets worse. Trump is once again center-stage, this time as being "in Putin's pocket". Of lesser veracity are Hillary and nameless, faceless "national security experts" who are pointing their fingers at the Russians. That being said, to use journalistic jargon the Kremlin Theory "has legs".
Articles are being published listing Trump's financial dealings with Russia. Yet Hillary made a well-documented sale of uranium to Russia. Bernie Sanders is now an aggrieved victim for whom Trump is expressing pity. On the other side, everyone from Vladimir Putin to Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump have all ganged up on poor Hillary.
To what end?
We know the  third stage of subversion is to create a crisis, one which forces the people to look for someone to lead them out, something many suspect just happened in Turkey.  Create distrust, call everything into question, and the stage is set for a savior--which is precisely what Putin did in Syria.
I have said repeatedly that I do not like the Trump/Putin love fest we have witnessed during this campaign. But, let us not forget that Hillary has done Russia's bidding from the start. (Remember her membership in the American Communist Party?) So, what is happening? Has Hillary fallen out of favor? And, SINCE WHEN does Russia support the Republican Party?
Not so fast. What is up with the Soviet flag being displayed by Sanders' supporters at the Democratic Convention?

As of this writing there are no clear-cut answers to these questions. However, I have written in the past about the Wikileaks/JulianAssange/EdwardSnowden/Russia connection, although the motives in the past have been far more obvious. This time we really have to peel back the layers.
So let us try to put some of this in perspective. Sean Hannity correctly calls the DNC Convention the "Chaos-Confusion Convention", but we need to try and make sense of what is happening and what the results may be.
Hillary Clinton supporters are digging in their heels, falling back on the "vast, right-wing conspiracy" argument. They will not be swayed. They are firmly entrenched. But, Bernie supporters are taking to the streets in a "National March for Bernie" campaign, calling for Hillary to go to jail and vowing to vote for Trump should Sanders fail to gain the nomination. (Of note is the fact that Senator Sanders currently enjoys 45% of the delegate count.)
Wasn't there talk in the media of a brokered convention? Maybe the pundits got the RNC confused with the DNC.
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is out, which is no big loss to anyone.
Some in the media are opining that Sanders might prevail at the Convention, becoming the Democratic nominee against all odds. Such a scenario is highly unlikely, especially with his call to unite behind Hillary. Nevertheless, there is no question that this turn of events has major implications for the upcoming election.
Who is coming out on top?
Donald Trump.
But wait a minute. If Wikileaks is a Kremlin tool, then Russia must have a stake in Trump, and it must go much deeper than any business dealings of his, past or present. Remember what I said about Trump months ago:
I still find it impossible to believe that a seventy-year-old man can suddenly do a 180 and go against everything he has believed in until the past year or so.
Do I have any idea what Putin's game plan is? Besides whatever will keep him on his pedestal, I have no idea. Yet.
I do know this. In his role on "The Hunt for Red October" the late, great Senator Fred Dalton Thompson (R-Tenn.) said "...The Russians don't take a dump without a plan...." Yes, that was a movie based upon the Tom Clancy novel of the same name, but the statement is correct. "Pootie-Poot" is up to something. I am certain of it. But, what?! Chaos for the sake of chaos? No way.  I asked the question when I wrote about the alleged coup attempt in Turkey, and I will ask it again now:
What is Putin's end game?
Let us keep our eyes and ears open as events continue to unfold.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Turkey, Gulen, Putin, and Obama

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave..." and tangled it is.  Allow me to back up for just a moment before I get into the "coup attempt". Shortly after Barry took office a book was written detailing his close relationship with Tayyip Erdogan, documenting that Barry logged more calls to Turkey than to any other world leader with the possible exception of Great Britain's Prime Minister.  Rumors swirled about Obama's possible links to the Muslim Brotherhood, rumors that persist to this day.
Meanwhile, a man unknown to most Americans has been living quietly in Pennsylvania, Fethullah Gulen, whose Gulen Movement has sparked controversy in Turkey and among terrorism experts.  The following video gives the background:
Certainly Gulen is no saint, but no evidence has been presented yet that he had anything to do with this.
Enter Russia.  Americans will recall various body language experts opining about Obama's relationship with Putin, saying they clearly did not like each other and that Barry appeared to be fearful of the former KGB man. On the other side of "the pond", however, Turkey has systematically reached out to the Kremlin in recent years, especially after Putin invaded Crimea and threatened all oil pipelines from Russia to Europe. Despite friction over the downing of a Russian jet and spats over the Islamic State, Turkey and Russia have forged an alliance over, you guessed it, oil:
Also of note is the tension between the two, with Russia continuing to prop up Bashar al-Assad while Erdogan has made no secret of his desire to see Syria's leader toppled, a desire shared by Barry until recently.
Confused yet? You are not alone, but hang on for the ride because suddenly the United States wants to join forces with Russia in its "fight" against the Islamic State (dropping its call for Assad to go) while Erdogan wants Obama's head for allegedly being behind the "coup attempt":
It is little wonder the experts are confused. This game of chess would befuddle Garry Kasparov.
So, what is happening? Was this actually an attempted coup? Time will tell, but there is an immediate casualty: NATO. The Alliance suffered a blow last year when France teamed up with Russia after the Paris attacks, but this may well be crippling. And let us not forget that America has nuclear missiles in Turkey. Does anyone remember why the Russians parked ICBMs in Cuba (the Cuban Missile Crisis)? Because Khrushchev did not like the fact that we had nukes right across the sea from the Soviet Union. What if Erdogan's apparent new-found feud with Barry plays out? Will he expel us from Turkey and, if so, what happens to the nukes?
While Americans are watching the entertainment in Cleveland, a very real crisis is unfolding with nary a glance from anyone other than national security experts and politicians. Scuttlebutt has it the "coup attempt" was a false flag by Erdogan. If so, to what end? He is currently singing Putin's praises, which raises the question of just what role the Kremlin played in this possible false flag. If it was engineered by Moscow, what is Putin's end game?
I am going to throw some things out here and see if anything sticks. What if Putin and Erdogan have made a devil's pact? What if Assad has outlived his usefulness to the Kremlin? Is it mere coincidence that John Kerry just went to Moscow? Does Erdogan have the 2018 centennial in his sights? And how does Iran fit into all of this?
We need to find out. Rapidly.
P.S. Somewhere in this mix is Israel. The Ottoman Empire is not the only thing of significance from World War I. Does anyone remember the Bolshevik Revolution, the subsequent pogroms Churchill tried to stop (contrary to the BBC's "documentary" which asserted that he was a warmonger who went into Russia because he was bored), and the deplorable "Protocols of the Elders of Zion"? And, what of the Turkey/Hamas connection? Is Leviathan in someone's crosshairs?
So many question. So little time.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Cop Killings

It is, indeed, open season on cops. I was away from the news most of the day Sunday, only to learn of three more dead police officers, this time in Baton Rouge. Obama droned on in a sound byte about how inflammatory language needs to be calmed down and how we all need to work together in order to find a solution. s would b
Is he kidding? This from the guy who hosted the terrorist organization Black Lives Matter and that rabble-rouser DeRay at the White House? Seriously? Not only that, but he took the occasion of the Dallas memorial service to decry police brutality and made the ridiculous claim that it was easier for a teenager to get a Glock than a book. Our Race-Baiter-in-Chief has jumped on white/black incidents without knowing the facts, lambasted the police at every opportunity, and has never let a little thing like an investigation to get in the way of his narrative.
Eerily Montell Jackson, one of the slain officers, had posted to Facebook early Sunday morning lamenting how difficult it was to be a police officer...and black. Little did he know.
The shooter was Gavin Long, a man who chose his 29th birthday to use police officers for target practice. According to reports, he was on social media posting hateful anti-police rhetoric and may have stalked the police prior to his bloody rampage. However, I notice the glaring headline in the mainstream media is that he was a Marine. While he may have worn a Marine uniform, I contend he was no Marine. No Marine would be so easily turned against his fellow countrymen. No Marine would engage in anarchy. No Marine would kill the people who uphold the same Constitution he swore to defend.
But, God forbid the media dig for all of the facts regarding these shootings. The Dallas shooter was described as an "veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan". No mention that he never saw combat, no mention that he went to a military-style survivalist camp two years ago to learn the "military-like moves" observed by eyewitnesses. No, the media would rather take the opportunity to further the "insane veteran" mantra.
Meanwhile, I fear for the convention this week. While I am not happy with Trump on the ballot, I can just see some aggrieved anarchist taking this opportunity to make history. But, I also have deeper fears. For close to two years rumors have swirled that Barry is just itching to send in federal troops, and an incident at one of the conventions would be a perfect catalyst.
What will it take to stop this madness? I wrote about this after Dallas. There is nothing we can do about people with the propensity to commit murder in the name of "social justice". But the rest of us can certainly educate ourselves as to what is really happening here and do whatever we can in our little corner of the country to put a stop to it.
Just this morning I had a conversation with a black lady who was upset about Baton Rouge (and Dallas), but who cited some "study" that claims racism is genetic and who gave a hundred excuses for the upsurge in violence over the past several years. This same woman extolled the praises of the man she fondly calls "Barack", talking about everything he has done for this country. When I pointed out that we have never been more divided racially, she began listing the litany of excuses: poor blacks, hopelessness, nowhere to turn, systemic racism, etc. So long as people believe this crap we will never get anywhere.
When will we return to the sanity of personal responsibility? When did we turn into a society of finger-pointers? It's the cops' fault. It's society's fault. It's our parents' fault. It's the "system". It is everyone and everything but the person we see in the mirror every day. We must resist this narrative. We must stop blaming everyone else for our own choices. Only then will America have a chance to survive.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bastille Day Massacre

Once again France is attacked. The method is reminiscent of the "Palestinian" car intifada in Israel last year. A terrorist drives into a Bastille Day crowd and kills eighty-four people.
These attacks will only grow more frequent in the next couple of years. Key anniversaries are coming up on the Islamic calendar: the Balfour Declaration and the fall of the Ottoman Empire. France, Great Britain, America, and Israel need to brace themselves.
In his book "A Durable Peace", Prime Minister Netanyahu states that "The Arabs do not hate the West because of Israel. They hate Israel because of the West." That statement requires some thought because we have always heard the opposite. "Stop supporting Israel, and the terrorists will no longer hate us." Nothing could be further from the truth.
The majority of people are woefully ignorant of history; yet, in order to understand our enemy the historical context is imperative.  To this day, many Americans believe 9/11 was a play on our emergency telephone system. It was not. It was Bin Laden's signal that the Caliphate was about to return. He was referring to September 11, 1683:
This is one of my shortest posts, because at this time I am only writing to say:
Especially as November 11, 2018 approaches:

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Dallas Massacre

Appalling. Horrifying. And to think words I have said and written in the past have become prophetic.   When I stated that 2016 was going to be a very bad year, I had no idea how events this year would tie together all of the research I have done to date.
At this moment, I am petrified for this country. I remember just the other day I was thinking to myself how odd it was that the seemingly imminent race war had died out. No Fergusons; no cold-blooded murder of police officers at gas stations. All was quiet. I should have known it was the calm before the storm.
Both Louisiana and Minnesota had officer-involved shootings of black males, and Black Lives Matter pounced. A "peaceful protest" in Dallas Thursday night turned into carnage as an admirer of a heretofore-unheard-of Black Power group fired on police officers, killing five, injuring seven others, as well as two civilians. But the truly frightening information came to light Friday. Even as Micah Johnson's aliases were being revealed (one of which sounded oddly Islamic), and a picture of him wearing "Palestinian"-like garb emerged, Sean Hannity interviewed a terrorism expert on his KDWN 720 AM radio show (Las Vegas) who announced that Black Lives Matter had been traced to CAIR, Cuba, and Hamas.
But it was the connection he did not mention that caused me to begin shaking. The Cuban DGI (Cuba's version of our CIA) has been the puppet of the KGB (FSB, GRU; whatever they are calling themselves today) since the early 1960's. My regular readers will remember my past posts discussing this connection and their involvement with the Weather Underground, the "Days of Rage", etc.

The Kremlin is still at it, and thanks to the Useful Idiot in the Oval Office the Russians are systematically destroying our country.
The problem is, most of America is blissfully ignorant.
Intelligence is a very lonely business. We see things others do not, and trying to explain to the average citizen what is really happening is an exercise in futility. But, the fact is we are under attack, and not just by people who want to blow us and themselves up, or people who want to "fry ['pigs'] like bacon", or the occasional crazy person with a gun. As Yuri Bezmenov tried to warn us so many years ago, what we are now seeing is the culmination of subversive efforts put into motion decades ago. Decades of anti-American, Marxist "education", fueled by useful idiots in prominent positions within the government, media, and "entertainment" industry have taken their toll in ways that must have Vladimir Putin in a chronic state of orgasm.
So, what do we do? How do we stop the momentum, never mind reverse the damage?
God only knows.
The first step is educating the public, which I have already mentioned will be a daunting task. I urge people to go back to my 2015 posts and read everything I have written about Russia, the Cubans, the 1960's, and other related subjects.  Review the supporting articles and videos. Then go over my posts on Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. I can already hear people asking why Hamas would be interested in Black Lives Matter and/or Marxism. I covered the connection in my posts on Obama's history. To review,  in 2005 Israel smuggled a document out of Jordan in which the Muslim Brotherhood expressed an interest in joining forces with the Russians in order to defeat the "Zionists and Zionist America". All indications are that this union has taken place; in fact, the Brotherhood played right into the Kremlin's hand because the Russians have been cultivating that relationship for a century. (Again, review my previous posts on the Russians and the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas, Ayatollah Khomeini, Ayman al-Zawahiri, et. al. For even more in-depth analysis read the numerous articles written by Ion Pacepa, as well as his books.)
And,, let us not forget that Hezbollah (Iran) regularly supplies Hamas with the rocketry and weapons they use to terrorize Israel. And who supplies Iran?
America is in real danger, the likes of which we have never seen in our nation's history. Now is the time to arm ourselves with knowledge so that collectively we can work to correct our current course. There is not much time, and no one knows what thee next six months will hold. The only thing I know for sure is, it will not be good.