Monday, July 18, 2016

Cop Killings

It is, indeed, open season on cops. I was away from the news most of the day Sunday, only to learn of three more dead police officers, this time in Baton Rouge. Obama droned on in a sound byte about how inflammatory language needs to be calmed down and how we all need to work together in order to find a solution. s would b
Is he kidding? This from the guy who hosted the terrorist organization Black Lives Matter and that rabble-rouser DeRay at the White House? Seriously? Not only that, but he took the occasion of the Dallas memorial service to decry police brutality and made the ridiculous claim that it was easier for a teenager to get a Glock than a book. Our Race-Baiter-in-Chief has jumped on white/black incidents without knowing the facts, lambasted the police at every opportunity, and has never let a little thing like an investigation to get in the way of his narrative.
Eerily Montell Jackson, one of the slain officers, had posted to Facebook early Sunday morning lamenting how difficult it was to be a police officer...and black. Little did he know.
The shooter was Gavin Long, a man who chose his 29th birthday to use police officers for target practice. According to reports, he was on social media posting hateful anti-police rhetoric and may have stalked the police prior to his bloody rampage. However, I notice the glaring headline in the mainstream media is that he was a Marine. While he may have worn a Marine uniform, I contend he was no Marine. No Marine would be so easily turned against his fellow countrymen. No Marine would engage in anarchy. No Marine would kill the people who uphold the same Constitution he swore to defend.
But, God forbid the media dig for all of the facts regarding these shootings. The Dallas shooter was described as an "veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan". No mention that he never saw combat, no mention that he went to a military-style survivalist camp two years ago to learn the "military-like moves" observed by eyewitnesses. No, the media would rather take the opportunity to further the "insane veteran" mantra.
Meanwhile, I fear for the convention this week. While I am not happy with Trump on the ballot, I can just see some aggrieved anarchist taking this opportunity to make history. But, I also have deeper fears. For close to two years rumors have swirled that Barry is just itching to send in federal troops, and an incident at one of the conventions would be a perfect catalyst.
What will it take to stop this madness? I wrote about this after Dallas. There is nothing we can do about people with the propensity to commit murder in the name of "social justice". But the rest of us can certainly educate ourselves as to what is really happening here and do whatever we can in our little corner of the country to put a stop to it.
Just this morning I had a conversation with a black lady who was upset about Baton Rouge (and Dallas), but who cited some "study" that claims racism is genetic and who gave a hundred excuses for the upsurge in violence over the past several years. This same woman extolled the praises of the man she fondly calls "Barack", talking about everything he has done for this country. When I pointed out that we have never been more divided racially, she began listing the litany of excuses: poor blacks, hopelessness, nowhere to turn, systemic racism, etc. So long as people believe this crap we will never get anywhere.
When will we return to the sanity of personal responsibility? When did we turn into a society of finger-pointers? It's the cops' fault. It's society's fault. It's our parents' fault. It's the "system". It is everyone and everything but the person we see in the mirror every day. We must resist this narrative. We must stop blaming everyone else for our own choices. Only then will America have a chance to survive.

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