Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bastille Day Massacre

Once again France is attacked. The method is reminiscent of the "Palestinian" car intifada in Israel last year. A terrorist drives into a Bastille Day crowd and kills eighty-four people.
These attacks will only grow more frequent in the next couple of years. Key anniversaries are coming up on the Islamic calendar: the Balfour Declaration and the fall of the Ottoman Empire. France, Great Britain, America, and Israel need to brace themselves.
In his book "A Durable Peace", Prime Minister Netanyahu states that "The Arabs do not hate the West because of Israel. They hate Israel because of the West." That statement requires some thought because we have always heard the opposite. "Stop supporting Israel, and the terrorists will no longer hate us." Nothing could be further from the truth.
The majority of people are woefully ignorant of history; yet, in order to understand our enemy the historical context is imperative.  To this day, many Americans believe 9/11 was a play on our emergency telephone system. It was not. It was Bin Laden's signal that the Caliphate was about to return. He was referring to September 11, 1683:
This is one of my shortest posts, because at this time I am only writing to say:
Especially as November 11, 2018 approaches:

Thanksgiving: A Lesson in Gratitude

I found myself becoming irritated yesterday as I watched people I know on social media talking about the various plans they had for today. ...