Thursday, December 29, 2016

#Benghazi = #PizzaGate: Links

Since people are asking me for information I do not have time to write about, I am listing the following links for everyone to peruse. I will discuss these links and their significance when I am able to do so:

And, of course, the links I already have posted to the other three articles on PizzaGate.

I may regret doing this, because I suspect I am going to get even MORE questions, but I really have no time to sit and write a dissertation right now. 

Happy reading, everyone.

Monday, December 26, 2016

#Benghazi = #PizzaGate: #Syria

The plot thickens. Just before James Alefantis visited the White House the Clinton Global Initiative held a three-day Annual Meeting at which Barack Obama spoke, talking about his administration's efforts to eradicate human trafficking:

Certainly this is not enough to get a conviction in a court-of-law, but the timing is very suspicious. First the attack in Benghazi. Then a speech about human trafficking. Then Alefantis gets the irresistible urge to visit Michelle Lee at the White House...two days in a row. (I believe this is Michelle J. Lee, the press assistant. There is also a Michelle K. Lee, but she is Undersecretary of Commerce.) The person who posted the above link is wrong about one thing: Alefantis did not stay for over twenty-four hours. The log is clear that he came back on the 27th and signed in again. (FYI: It appears the computer automatically logs people out at 12:59:59 every night, so we do not know exactly what time he left the night of the 26th.)

There is much more, and this is where I become extremely angry because I defended General David Petraeus when he had his Paula Broadwell scandal. In fact, when the news broke I said, "I wonder how long someone has had that photo in his back pocket just waiting for the right time?" Unfortunately, it appears our "war hero" with the unblemished reputation up until that incident is not so unblemished after all. People kept showing me photographs of Petraeus in Doha, Qatar, but I thought, "CIA. Covert ops. Maybe he is spying on them." Optimism in this business is not warranted.

It seems Petraeus was arranging for the transport of sarin gas (obtained from Gaddafi's stash) from Qatar to Amman, Jordan (via C-130's), from where it was trucked into Syria. In other words, he committed a war crime that resulted in the deaths of 1,500 Syrians:

So what was the purpose of creating these false flag attacks in Syria? The same as the goal in Libya; to destabilize the country. Although the plan failed, the results have been a Clinton Foundation dream. There are currently over thirty-five terrorist organizations in Syria, fighting each other, switching allegiances every five minutes, and the result? Refugees. And refugees provide the people necessary for human trafficking. According to German police, there are currently 9,000 children missing from the "refugees", and they fear the children have fallen prey to--you guessed it--trafficking gangs. And this figure is only from Germany! Europol puts the figure at over 10,000 missing in Europe, which many say is a "conservative figure":

Did Ambassador Stevens stumble upon this plan? We may never know, but it is interesting that the last person with whom he met before the terrorist attack (Ali Sait Akin) is not only well-known as an arms trafficker but is rumored to be involved in human trafficking as well. And Stevens' death is not the only one I question. On May 30, 2013, Steven Sotloff tweeted that sarin gas was falling into the hands of Jabhat al-Nusra (which if everyone recalls, swore allegiance to ISIS). For some reason, my screen capture button is not working, but his Twitter account is still available for everyone to see for themselves. 

The Clinton Foundation seems to have its hand in just about every dirty deed on the planet from which money can be made. Oil, weapons, people; they all appear to be the same to the Hillary Clinton crowd. And let me just add one more note here, as I realize there are still many skeptics out there and this may be my last article before I leave for Washington. George Webb has done incredible work on Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation, and is currently doing a series on Eric Braverman in which he is going back over information that has been accumulated over past years. Even he has reached the point where he can no longer ignore PizzaGate, and he was an even bigger skeptic than I was (see my original post on the subject "Insanity"):

All of this begs the question: Why did Barry back down from his "red line"? If readers recall that fiasco, it left everyone shaking their heads at the time. First, Ghouta. Then John Kerry pounds podiums red-faced swearing justice will be done. Barry is oddly silent. Meanwhile, four ships move into the Mediterranean and pundits take to cable news announcing their payloads, probable targets, the length of the first wave, when we would pause for an assessment, what we would do during a second wave...they released everything but the social security numbers of the crews! I was astonished. Israel responded by moving their Iron Dome battery for the inevitable retaliatory strike after we hit Syria, and then John Kerry had his "slip-of-the-tongue" and allowed Vladimir Putin to ride to the rescue. Why? The Iran Deal. Barry was not about to jeopardize it, not even for Hillary Clinton. Nevertheless, the results were the same. A humanitarian crisis that has not only unleashed terrorists on Europe (and here in the U.S.; make no mistake, it is coming) but has provided human traffickers with plenty of victims.

This must be stopped. No wonder FBIAnon says the IC is fed up. Let us hope I am able to fulfill my agenda when I reach Washington.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

#Benghazi = #PizzaGate

I am now on new social forums, so let me start by telling people what I do. I am an intelligence analyst whose normal specialty is terrorism. When the Podesta Emails first came out and #PizzaGate was born, I did not believe a word of it. I shut down anyone who tried to tell me about it. Classic cognitive dissonance combined with a splash of ignorance about the underworld.

But as more and more information came to light it became undeniable that something was very wrong. So I dove into PizzaGate and, as I described in my last post, have been made physically ill by what I have learned.

It is that foundation that led me to what I am going to lay out in the rest of this article. Recently I was reminded of a link that had slipped through the cracks of the avalanche of evidence I have been reviewing, and I am grateful to whomever re-posted it.

A man known as "FBIAnon" began posting to 4Chan, claiming to be an FBI agent who was fed up with this administration and the inability to get action on the information the FBI has obtained. So he wanted to give the public clues as to what is going on and how to bring the truth to light. I am glad I did not get to it in the beginning because it was my immersion in PizzaGate and SpiritCooking that caused something he said to hit me like a ton of bricks:

"The real point of interest is the Clinton Foundation, not the email server. We received the server from Benghazi, then from the server we found data on the Clinton Foundation. Then we realized the situation is much worse than previously thought."

So, Benghazi led the FBI to the server which led to the Clinton Foundation, and what they found was worse than they thought. Something clicked for me, and I went to my search engine (not Google), typed in three words, hit "enter", and got an eyeful.

The three words were "Benghazi human trafficking".

I had no idea Libya was a hub of human trafficking (the main hub being Benghazi), but then again I doubt anyone who does not focus on this subject would have guessed. But the problem was so bad that former Prime Minister Berlusconi joined forces with Muammar Gaddafi to end the problem, which they did successfully. Then Hillary Clinton got a wild hair (or so it appeared) and decided to get rid of Gaddafi, a move we know from Senator Menendez was fought tooth-and-nail by both Congress and the Pentagon, going so far as to use back channels in an effort to prevent her from toppling the Gaddafi regime. They were unsuccessful and, after his ouster, human trafficking resumed at breakneck speed, reaching a new height in May of 2012. The same month Chris Stevens became Ambassador to Libya.

Rumors have swirled for four years that Ambassador Stevens was CIA. Of course, I do not have access to classified information so I cannot confirm whether or not he was, but with the countless sources where I have seen that claim I would tend to believe it is true. Regardless, it is clear he stumbled upon information that did not set well with someone. Whether that information was the Stingers falling into the hands of ISIS, human trafficking being run out of Benghazi, or something else we do not know. Regardless, we all know what happened on September 11, 2012.

A note about Ambassador Stevens: I still have not determined what was intended. Maybe Barry really is that inept and thought the attack would be over before we could respond. Maybe Barry was scared to death it would bring to light all of Hillary's activities and decided it was better to leave it be. Maybe Stevens was going to be kidnapped; maybe the terrorists thought he would be safe in the safe room. Who knows? I am not prepared to make the assertion that he was intentionally assassinated. I do not have the evidence to make such a claim.

I also have information about sarin gas being delivered to Syria via Amman, Jordan, and the false flags of 2013. But those are not the subject of this article.

I will leave everyone with this for now (to be continued, obviously). After the shock of the Benghazi attack, after Susan Rice made a fool of herself going on five Sunday shows talking about a video, after the public realized they were being duped and demanded answers, while the Obama administration was backpedaling furiously and everyone wanted Hillary Clinton's head on a platter, there was a very interesting visitor at the White House on September 26th and 27th:


Links (Please copy/paste to your browser as I am having issues with Internet Explorer this morning):



Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Insanity (#PizzaGate, #PedoFiles, #SpiritCooking)

I apologize to my readers for interrupting my series, but I got sucked into PizzaGate and the more I have learned the less I have been able to focus on what I was saying. I will continue the series at some point, because it is important for everyone to understand what has been happening. Yes, I know this is all tied together with George Soros, but I have just been overwhelmed by the barbarous depravity.

Who does these things? [CAUTION: GRAPHIC CONTENT.] Who brags about putting a penis inside of a baby's mouth ("Heavy Breathing", Comet Ping Pong) and says laughingly "We all have our preferences..." [diabolical laugh]? Who makes videos showing S & M and calls it "art"? Who makes jokes about little children being "entertainment" (and we are not talking about those children saying silly things)? Who makes "music videos" showing men exchanging spit for sexual pleasure...and takes their "music" to a "family pizza parlor" for "all ages" to view?


No, we are not talking about an African tribe somewhere in the wilderness. We are talking about people who have been in leadership roles in America. People with "educations". People with "intellect". People who were born and raised in a civilized society.

People who think allowing a baby to mistake a man's penis for his mother's breast is a "preference".

I was able to compartmentalize this evil when I associated it with Islam. Muslims spend an average of twelve hours a day in madrassas learning this sick shit. But this is not Islam. This is one of our former presidents, his wife, his chief-of-staff, and their entourage.

How in God's name is this happening in America?

Please excuse me while I throw up.