Thursday, January 26, 2017

#PizzaGate: #Homelessness

I am dedicating this post to George Webb, whose series has me thinking constantly in ways I never did before now. I will start by discussing homelessness and then tie it in with PizzaGate and what I am doing in Washington D.C. later in this article. 

Mr. Webb has mentioned homelessness very briefly when discussing what he believes are CIA-sponsored destruction techniques. While I have not signed on to the "CIA is the Root of all Evil" philosophy, something is definitely happening. My regular readers will recall that I am homeless and that I became homeless over two-and-a-half years ago after I came to D.C. the first time for the Benghazi hearings and my motel room was wiped clean while I was at the corner store. I just thought "tough luck" and bumbled along as best I could trying to figure out how to survive. The first few days were rather bumpy, but I managed to stumble my way to a place called "Miriam's Kitchen", a place that feeds the homeless during the week and where, as it turns out, Barack and Michelle Obama staged a photo op one Thanksgiving (or was it Christmas? Whatever.). I was assigned a case manager and after she interviewed me I was assured that, between the Veteran's Administration and the D.C. "Rapid Rehousing" programs, I should be off the streets within a month (not to mention Barry swore he would have all veterans off the streets by 2015).

Well, I waited. And I waited. And I WAITED. Nothing ever happened. Every time I checked in, they were "working on it" or waiting to hear back from someone. After a few months, I learned that Miriam's Kitchen takes in over three million dollars a year. Where does this money go? Much of the food is donated, the clothing they give out is donated, the food is served by volunteers, the "case managers" are interns from local colleges, doctors/nurses donate their time, legal aid is provided by, well, Legal Aid, which is free...there are not even five people who actually get paid at Miriam's Kitchen! 

Then there is the hospital that Mayor Bowser was going to convert to apartments for the homeless, a project for which she allocated $5 billion (in addition to other homeless programs). The hospital has been sitting there for years, and as of this writing it remains boarded-up and unusable. Where did THAT money go?  And of course, before I returned to D.C. for PizzaGate I wrote about The Shade Tree in Las Vegas, which is an actual shelter but whose money appears to go into the same black hole as does Miriam's Kitchen's.

Speaking of Las Vegas, I had a chance to become familiar with Catholic Charities. While they are signing up "Syrian Refugees" apartments, clothing vouchers, food stamps, and $10,000 start-up money BY THE BUSLOAD, the homeless must pay $4 per meal if they wish to eat at the Catholic Charities facility. When was the last time anyone heard of a charity charging someone for food? $4. Now, that is fine if you have food stamps (they take the Nevada SNAP Card), but in Nevada you only get food stamps for three months. After that, homeless or not, it still costs $4 per meal if you want Catholic Charities to feed you. Would someone care to find out just how much money Catholic Charities takes in every year, and find out how much of that money is spent here at home vs. how much money they are spending on "refugees"?

So, in addition to child pornography, snuff films, human trafficking, organ harvesting, and the like, homelessness is a huge business as well, and I am certain the same thing applies in other countries. Someone's pockets are being lined; it might be nice to find out whose, and why. And the reason I am bringing homelessness into the PizzaGate discussion is because it ties in to something I said a few weeks ago. While Comet Ping Pong is the most visible hub of which investigators are aware, from all appearances the real hub is Dupont Circle. I will be spending quality time down there in just a few days so I will have some real intelligence for everyone when I am finished, but I can tell you from my experience here two years ago Dupont Circle is a homeless-hub. Groups set up tables down there to feed them, the homeless go there to drink their beers, smoke their K-2, or engage in whatever their favorite vice happens to be, and they sleep there. The thing about Dupont Circle is, if you air-brush the homeless out of the picture, it looks like Manhattan! Upscale EVERYTHING surrounds that little park, including several Alefantis and Podesta properties. Hotels, restaurants, you name it. Extremely expensive. Which makes it an extremely odd neighborhood for the nearby residents to allow the homeless to run amuck, yet they do. 

Why have they not cleaned up this neighborhood? PizzaGate investigators have a very strong suspicion as to the answer to that question. I will find out; when I was here before I did not hang out down there. I prefer to stay to myself and not be around the crowds of mentally-ill, drugged-out, and/or felons. However, I knew some people who frequented Dupont Circle and I am certain I will run into at least a couple of them. This time, we will actually have something to discuss.

More next time.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

#PizzaGate: #DynCorp

In a previous article I stated, "Optimism is not helpful in this business". I should have listened to myself. Up until now, I have defended DynCorp as an organization. I told people they could not blame an entire organization for the actions of a few. Yes, I saw the DynCorp jet Jeffrey Epstein used, but there was no reason to believe the company knew what he was doing on that island, right? Yes, I knew about the previous sex scandal (and countless people kept sending me the "Cynthia McKinney grills Donald Rumsfeld" video from YouTube), but that did not mean the organization itself sanctioned that behavior. After all, the military has had its share of scandals; do we call everyone in uniform a rapist? Of course not. I was trying very hard to be objective. Unfortunately, the evidence has led me to the stunning conclusion that DynCorp is corrupt to its very core. 

"PizzaGate = Benghazi" (posted last month) outlined how Hillary Clinton destabilized both Libya and Syria, and how human trafficking was the natural, extremely lucrative, result. But her tenure as Secretary of State was not her first rodeo. While Bill Clinton was smiling his way through his eight years as president, horrific things were occurring in Bosnia. I refer not to the war itself, but to its aftermath. The United Nations sent "relief workers" to the war-torn country. Women who had been widowed, children who had been orphaned, and even old men whose lives had been shattered thought the cavalry had arrived. Little did they know their hell had just begun.

When people think of the financial benefits of war, they think of military contracts. Depending upon the location of the war, oil is a major factor. But how many people know that human trafficking is a $32 billion per year industry? War survivors are big business, and it seems the United Nations learned that lesson a long time ago. Under the guise of "aid" companies like DynCorp make a fortune taking bribes from human traffickers (slave-traders, pimps, whore-house madams; whatever) and the traffickers in turn make a fortune from the fees they charge their clients. (Needless to say, some of these money-hungry predators no doubt join in on the "fun" as well. It also makes you wonder what the real purpose is when "diplomats", "politicians", and "military leaders" visit these areas.) And all of this under the umbrella of diplomatic immunity. You read that right. They cannot be prosecuted.

What kind of sub-human does these things? If readers want a taste - a small taste - of how this works, I encourage them to watch "The Whistleblower" if they have not yet seen it. Just save the popcorn. You will not be able to eat it. 

And who knew that the State Department is a money-making machine? Most people think the Secretary of State flies around the world trying to make peace with everyone. Just look at the "Israeli-Palestinian conflict". John Kerry is just a peacemaker, right? Isn't that what Hillary Clinton was doing as she dined at virtually every head-of-state's mansion around the globe? Remember when everyone was asking what she accomplished as SecState and no one could come up with an answer? Well, now we know (thank you to George Webb). Seventeen contracts with Lockheed Martin. War is big business.

So, how did I get here? Via Haiti. I had a long conversation on Gab yesterday with someone who sent me some information and I went from there. Monica Petersen worked for Claude D'Estree, who has a very interesting resume:

Let us take a look at the Yosef Korbel School of International Studies:

Who knew Josef Korbel was the father of Madeleine Albright? It is such a small world. And just look at the list of  alumni. George Casey. Paula Broadwell (my, my, my). Mohammed Zarif. Ain't this cozy? Mr. D'Estree is equally intriguing; I especially like the job he had from 1999-2002: the U. S. Attorney's Office - DYNCORP. And I would be remiss not to point out the human trafficking clinic gig. That seems to be a recurrent theme in PizzaGate (Andrew Kline, Arun Rao). Just as any "good" pedophile gets a job working with children, human traffickers find jobs working with human traffickers! Cool, huh?

If readers are detecting a note of sarcasm, it is because I am absolutely livid. I believe I have ranted enough for now, so I will leave readers with some more links below. My next article will be an update on what I learn on the ground this week.


Friday, January 13, 2017

#PizzaGate, Diplomatic Immunity, and What to Do Now

Please let me preface by explaining something I see people missing all over social media. Well-meaning people are running down all of the wrong leads. We will never get rid of pedophiles. It is just not going to happen, so let us be realistic. The FBI investigation is not focused on ridding the world of pedophiles, nor is it focused on Comet Ping Pong/James Alefantis. The focus is the Clinton Foundation, and investigators keep losing sight of that. We have bigger issues than the psycho at 5037 Connecticut Avenue (who, from all indications, is going to implode all by himself). New readers, please go back and read this series on PizzaGate from the start so that you will understand how I got to this particular article.

Two days ago someone posted a message on Gab saying it was a relief that Hillary Clinton did not win the election since she was planning to appoint John Podesta as her Secretary of State (giving the pedophile diplomatic immunity under which to continue his sick activities). For some reason, diplomatic immunity had never occurred to me, so I did some research. What follows are the results of that search and my conclusions based on same.

I need to establish one thing at the outset. John Podesta still has his diplomatic passport, so he already has diplomatic immunity. Those of you who follow me on social media will recall I was concerned about the risk some are suggesting he and his brother took in Portugal by abducting Madeleine McCann (still unproven). I now have my answer. If they did take her, John Podesta participated under the blanket of protection afforded by diplomatic immunity. (I have not investigated the implications of Tony being involved; I will leave that for a future time.)

As to Hillary Clinton: She already had diplomatic immunity because she was the First Lady of the United States (BTW, all links are posted at the bottom of this article for reference). So the fact that she became Secretary of State had no bearing on her status in that regard. (Astute readers, especially those who served under Bill Clinton, are wondering about Bosnia/Kosovo. That discussion will be at another time.)

Yes, diplomatic immunity can be waived, and if anyone would be willing to do so it is probably Donald Trump. However, that does not even begin to solve the problems with PizzaGate, because while certain countries would love to nail these people, other countries like their human trafficking the way it is and would fight tooth-and-nail against anything that remotely implicated their illicit operations (and which might bring them before the International Criminal Court). Are readers beginning to see the problem here? This is not about what the FBI knows, because I guarantee the FBI knows everything that I do and much more that I do not and to which I do not have access. The problem is prosecuting the case. If we take the Clinton Foundation to trial on human trafficking charges, every country involved will have to be listed as part of the ring. Some of those countries will deny having any knowledge of such operations, and will vehemently deny they are occurring. (Gotta love politics). 

Yes, I am being extremely pessimistic here, but I have not given up just yet. Sometime next week I am going to pop in to the U.S. Attorney's office and ask someone more knowledgeable than myself if there is some angle I have not considered. Barring an epiphany, we may be stuck in an Elliott Ness/Al Capone situation where the best we can do is go after the Clinton Foundation for abuse of its 501(c)3 status. I will let readers know as soon as I learn anything in this regard. Meanwhile, I am still working; the weather has not cooperated much but as of Monday it looks like clear-sailing to get some serious legwork done. I will post what I get as soon as I am able to do so. 

FYI: I am going to take a "personal day" Friday. I cannot resist the opportunity to play with the snowflakes on Inauguration Day. For those who do not know, they plan to meet at the corner of 14th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue at 7:00 a.m. No word as to what they plan after that, but I imagine a slow march to the west side of the Capitol, where they will get as close as they can and throw temper tantrums in hopes of changing the election. As an olive branch, I will be bringing a supply of safety pins. (I am so bad. LMAO!)


For John Podesta's passport status, refer to his North Korea visit under "Recent Years":

Commentary on Cabinet diplomatic immunity, see Jim Gordon's post:

Search results for diplomatic immunity afforded First-and-former-First Ladies:

General discussion of diplomatic immunity:

Sunday, January 8, 2017

#PizzaGate Rumors

First, for those people who do not follow me on various social outlets, I am now in D.C. after a hellacious trip out here. No need to go into all of the details; suffice it to say what was supposed to be a two-and-a-half day trip turned into four days and every conceivable detour possible. To make matters worse, I had an upper respiratory infection for which I was being treated before I left, and the meandering trip turned it into full-blown bronchitis. So, when I arrived, I pretty much crashed-and-burned for a few days. I am now ready to get to work...but the weather intervened. D.C. is currently under a hypothermia alert until after sunup on Tuesday, and walking the streets for any length of time is not only going to delay my recovery but is just not safe.

That being said, Monday (today) I will be making a trip to one of Alefantis' properties near the area I am located so at least I can get that much done before I begin the arduous process of mapping out the tunnel system. I will also have to make some detours from Connecticut Avenue; Georgetown, McLean, Falls Church, and Pegasus, to be precise, and when I get to Dupont Circle there are several properties in that area that need to be checked so please be patient. There has been enough "ah HAH!" crap being posted on the Internet because someone found a photograph and thought it meant something. It is time for someone to actually take a look. 

On the "ah HAH!" front: Internet sleuths would do well to study the architecture in our nation's capitol. Too many people are coming up with "watch towers" and "suspicious" garage doors, when in reality both are quite prevalent here. The most recent YouTube video about Pegasus is a case-in-point. The narrator goes on at length about how odd he thinks it is to have a garage door right next to an actual entrance. He should take a trip to Foggy Bottom. The garage door may well lead to an underground parking area, which are legion in this area as land is quite scarce. I do not know for certain; I have not yet been to Pegasus. But I know the "watch tower" can be found all over Washington. Anywhere we have air conditioning/heating units on the roof you will find railings, not to mention some buildings just have a rooftop where people go to smoke, eat, enjoy the sun (when it is not freezing outside), etc. We cannot have people assigning suspicion to everything they see simply because it does not exist in their area. It only discredits the investigation and makes PizzaGate a laughingstock, which is precisely what the pedophiles want.

Again, this will take several days. While I am not going all the way to Camp David (LOL), Connecticut Avenue is long and I do not want to miss any entrances. And of course the Virginia properties may take more than one trip. I will post updates as I am able, but my main focus right now is to document everything in person. Only then will I be ready to start pounding on doors in D.C.