Sunday, January 15, 2017

#PizzaGate: #DynCorp

In a previous article I stated, "Optimism is not helpful in this business". I should have listened to myself. Up until now, I have defended DynCorp as an organization. I told people they could not blame an entire organization for the actions of a few. Yes, I saw the DynCorp jet Jeffrey Epstein used, but there was no reason to believe the company knew what he was doing on that island, right? Yes, I knew about the previous sex scandal (and countless people kept sending me the "Cynthia McKinney grills Donald Rumsfeld" video from YouTube), but that did not mean the organization itself sanctioned that behavior. After all, the military has had its share of scandals; do we call everyone in uniform a rapist? Of course not. I was trying very hard to be objective. Unfortunately, the evidence has led me to the stunning conclusion that DynCorp is corrupt to its very core. 

"PizzaGate = Benghazi" (posted last month) outlined how Hillary Clinton destabilized both Libya and Syria, and how human trafficking was the natural, extremely lucrative, result. But her tenure as Secretary of State was not her first rodeo. While Bill Clinton was smiling his way through his eight years as president, horrific things were occurring in Bosnia. I refer not to the war itself, but to its aftermath. The United Nations sent "relief workers" to the war-torn country. Women who had been widowed, children who had been orphaned, and even old men whose lives had been shattered thought the cavalry had arrived. Little did they know their hell had just begun.

When people think of the financial benefits of war, they think of military contracts. Depending upon the location of the war, oil is a major factor. But how many people know that human trafficking is a $32 billion per year industry? War survivors are big business, and it seems the United Nations learned that lesson a long time ago. Under the guise of "aid" companies like DynCorp make a fortune taking bribes from human traffickers (slave-traders, pimps, whore-house madams; whatever) and the traffickers in turn make a fortune from the fees they charge their clients. (Needless to say, some of these money-hungry predators no doubt join in on the "fun" as well. It also makes you wonder what the real purpose is when "diplomats", "politicians", and "military leaders" visit these areas.) And all of this under the umbrella of diplomatic immunity. You read that right. They cannot be prosecuted.

What kind of sub-human does these things? If readers want a taste - a small taste - of how this works, I encourage them to watch "The Whistleblower" if they have not yet seen it. Just save the popcorn. You will not be able to eat it. 

And who knew that the State Department is a money-making machine? Most people think the Secretary of State flies around the world trying to make peace with everyone. Just look at the "Israeli-Palestinian conflict". John Kerry is just a peacemaker, right? Isn't that what Hillary Clinton was doing as she dined at virtually every head-of-state's mansion around the globe? Remember when everyone was asking what she accomplished as SecState and no one could come up with an answer? Well, now we know (thank you to George Webb). Seventeen contracts with Lockheed Martin. War is big business.

So, how did I get here? Via Haiti. I had a long conversation on Gab yesterday with someone who sent me some information and I went from there. Monica Petersen worked for Claude D'Estree, who has a very interesting resume:

Let us take a look at the Yosef Korbel School of International Studies:

Who knew Josef Korbel was the father of Madeleine Albright? It is such a small world. And just look at the list of  alumni. George Casey. Paula Broadwell (my, my, my). Mohammed Zarif. Ain't this cozy? Mr. D'Estree is equally intriguing; I especially like the job he had from 1999-2002: the U. S. Attorney's Office - DYNCORP. And I would be remiss not to point out the human trafficking clinic gig. That seems to be a recurrent theme in PizzaGate (Andrew Kline, Arun Rao). Just as any "good" pedophile gets a job working with children, human traffickers find jobs working with human traffickers! Cool, huh?

If readers are detecting a note of sarcasm, it is because I am absolutely livid. I believe I have ranted enough for now, so I will leave readers with some more links below. My next article will be an update on what I learn on the ground this week.


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