Sunday, January 8, 2017

#PizzaGate Rumors

First, for those people who do not follow me on various social outlets, I am now in D.C. after a hellacious trip out here. No need to go into all of the details; suffice it to say what was supposed to be a two-and-a-half day trip turned into four days and every conceivable detour possible. To make matters worse, I had an upper respiratory infection for which I was being treated before I left, and the meandering trip turned it into full-blown bronchitis. So, when I arrived, I pretty much crashed-and-burned for a few days. I am now ready to get to work...but the weather intervened. D.C. is currently under a hypothermia alert until after sunup on Tuesday, and walking the streets for any length of time is not only going to delay my recovery but is just not safe.

That being said, Monday (today) I will be making a trip to one of Alefantis' properties near the area I am located so at least I can get that much done before I begin the arduous process of mapping out the tunnel system. I will also have to make some detours from Connecticut Avenue; Georgetown, McLean, Falls Church, and Pegasus, to be precise, and when I get to Dupont Circle there are several properties in that area that need to be checked so please be patient. There has been enough "ah HAH!" crap being posted on the Internet because someone found a photograph and thought it meant something. It is time for someone to actually take a look. 

On the "ah HAH!" front: Internet sleuths would do well to study the architecture in our nation's capitol. Too many people are coming up with "watch towers" and "suspicious" garage doors, when in reality both are quite prevalent here. The most recent YouTube video about Pegasus is a case-in-point. The narrator goes on at length about how odd he thinks it is to have a garage door right next to an actual entrance. He should take a trip to Foggy Bottom. The garage door may well lead to an underground parking area, which are legion in this area as land is quite scarce. I do not know for certain; I have not yet been to Pegasus. But I know the "watch tower" can be found all over Washington. Anywhere we have air conditioning/heating units on the roof you will find railings, not to mention some buildings just have a rooftop where people go to smoke, eat, enjoy the sun (when it is not freezing outside), etc. We cannot have people assigning suspicion to everything they see simply because it does not exist in their area. It only discredits the investigation and makes PizzaGate a laughingstock, which is precisely what the pedophiles want.

Again, this will take several days. While I am not going all the way to Camp David (LOL), Connecticut Avenue is long and I do not want to miss any entrances. And of course the Virginia properties may take more than one trip. I will post updates as I am able, but my main focus right now is to document everything in person. Only then will I be ready to start pounding on doors in D.C.

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