Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Turkey, Gulen, Putin, and Obama

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave..." and tangled it is.  Allow me to back up for just a moment before I get into the "coup attempt". Shortly after Barry took office a book was written detailing his close relationship with Tayyip Erdogan, documenting that Barry logged more calls to Turkey than to any other world leader with the possible exception of Great Britain's Prime Minister.  Rumors swirled about Obama's possible links to the Muslim Brotherhood, rumors that persist to this day.
Meanwhile, a man unknown to most Americans has been living quietly in Pennsylvania, Fethullah Gulen, whose Gulen Movement has sparked controversy in Turkey and among terrorism experts.  The following video gives the background:
Certainly Gulen is no saint, but no evidence has been presented yet that he had anything to do with this.
Enter Russia.  Americans will recall various body language experts opining about Obama's relationship with Putin, saying they clearly did not like each other and that Barry appeared to be fearful of the former KGB man. On the other side of "the pond", however, Turkey has systematically reached out to the Kremlin in recent years, especially after Putin invaded Crimea and threatened all oil pipelines from Russia to Europe. Despite friction over the downing of a Russian jet and spats over the Islamic State, Turkey and Russia have forged an alliance over, you guessed it, oil:
Also of note is the tension between the two, with Russia continuing to prop up Bashar al-Assad while Erdogan has made no secret of his desire to see Syria's leader toppled, a desire shared by Barry until recently.
Confused yet? You are not alone, but hang on for the ride because suddenly the United States wants to join forces with Russia in its "fight" against the Islamic State (dropping its call for Assad to go) while Erdogan wants Obama's head for allegedly being behind the "coup attempt":
It is little wonder the experts are confused. This game of chess would befuddle Garry Kasparov.
So, what is happening? Was this actually an attempted coup? Time will tell, but there is an immediate casualty: NATO. The Alliance suffered a blow last year when France teamed up with Russia after the Paris attacks, but this may well be crippling. And let us not forget that America has nuclear missiles in Turkey. Does anyone remember why the Russians parked ICBMs in Cuba (the Cuban Missile Crisis)? Because Khrushchev did not like the fact that we had nukes right across the sea from the Soviet Union. What if Erdogan's apparent new-found feud with Barry plays out? Will he expel us from Turkey and, if so, what happens to the nukes?
While Americans are watching the entertainment in Cleveland, a very real crisis is unfolding with nary a glance from anyone other than national security experts and politicians. Scuttlebutt has it the "coup attempt" was a false flag by Erdogan. If so, to what end? He is currently singing Putin's praises, which raises the question of just what role the Kremlin played in this possible false flag. If it was engineered by Moscow, what is Putin's end game?
I am going to throw some things out here and see if anything sticks. What if Putin and Erdogan have made a devil's pact? What if Assad has outlived his usefulness to the Kremlin? Is it mere coincidence that John Kerry just went to Moscow? Does Erdogan have the 2018 centennial in his sights? And how does Iran fit into all of this?
We need to find out. Rapidly.
P.S. Somewhere in this mix is Israel. The Ottoman Empire is not the only thing of significance from World War I. Does anyone remember the Bolshevik Revolution, the subsequent pogroms Churchill tried to stop (contrary to the BBC's "documentary" which asserted that he was a warmonger who went into Russia because he was bored), and the deplorable "Protocols of the Elders of Zion"? And, what of the Turkey/Hamas connection? Is Leviathan in someone's crosshairs?
So many question. So little time.

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