Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Chess a la Putin

"A bashful man cannot learn."
In my last post I asked the question, "SINCE WHEN does Russia support the Republican Party?"
Answer: When it suits their purposes.
In chess it is very easy to develop tunnel vision, and it is also possible to try and think too far ahead. I am guilty of both.
Stepping back, here is the board as it stands currently. Hillary is damaged goods. Trump is connecting with Americans, raising our legitimate concerns and offering solutions to those concerns. Bernie (somewhat ironically) has tapped into the younger generation with the tried-and-true mantra of Barack Obama: "Free stuff! Come and get your FREE STUFF!" In other words, socialism.
I have been driving myself crazy trying to figure out Putin's end game when I should be looking at the next few possible moves and working them through to their logical conclusion.
1) Hillary Clinton. Should Putin stick with his old pal? Let us pretend she wins in November. Anything she does will be tainted, and that would have occurred regardless of Wikileaks. She has had too many scandals (never mind Bill), and if the Republicans retain one or both houses of Congress she will by stymied at every turn. Not a good move.
2) Bernie Sanders. As of Tuesday night he is out, but he could choose to run as an independent. Could he win? No. Far more likely is another Ross Perot scenario, whereby he splits the Democratic vote, guaranteeing Trump the win. Not a good move.
3) Donald Trump. Should Putin put his eggs into this basket? Can he be controlled by the Kremlin? Trump supporters will scream in unison, "Hell, no! No one controls The Donald!" At least, that is what we have been led to believe.
I do not believe the Trump-is-in-Russia's-Pocket crowd. At least not with Trump as the villainous demagogue relentlessly conspiring to topple America narrative. However. He is a businessman, and no one succeeds in business without making deals. There is the real possibility that Trump has been drinking the same Russia-to-the-Rescue Koolaid many in the rest of the world have been drinking. Yes, this is the right move for Putin, and we are ripe for it.
Roy Masters has been the guest host on Jerry Doyle's KDWN radio show this week, and Mr. Masters is phenomenal. Without ever mentioning the word he has been discussing the process of subversion and outlining America's current state-of-affairs, which is dire. He has described the process of demoralization (reference Yuri Bezmenov), rightly attributing much of it to our "education" system, and has laid out the case for Americans being ready for a savior (my word).
Enter Trump. Remember that at this point in subversion the old KGB tactics are no longer necessary. No KGB/FSB/GRU sleeper needs to rise from the ashes. No blackmail is required. As Mr. Masters points out, at this stage all of us have been infected through the past two to three years of indoctrination. None of us is completely immune, although some are aware enough to fight the more militant Marxist agendas.
But we are extremely vulnerable, and Trump is feeding a need that patriotic America is feeling. I continue to warn my readers that no one suddenly "sees the light" at age seventy. Look at Trump's life history. Read what he has written. Listen to what he has said BEFORE 2015. Hopefully those who read my last post reviewed the link to my previous article on Trump. Even in 2015 he switched his position on the so-called "Syrian refugees" in just THREE WEEKS.
Let us not be deceived. Let us use great discernment in the next three months. Let us pray for the Lord's great Wisdom. The future of our country depends on it.

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  1. Great post. DISCERNMENT is the correct word, but most have not been given that GIFT. Stay safe. G-D Bless America.🇺🇸


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