Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Russia Strikes Again?

Let us start with what we know. Subversion thrives on confusion. We know that the DNC is now in chaos, much the same way the RNC was last week. First we had the Cruz/Trump Show; now we have the Sanders/Clinton Show. But it gets worse. Trump is once again center-stage, this time as being "in Putin's pocket". Of lesser veracity are Hillary and nameless, faceless "national security experts" who are pointing their fingers at the Russians. That being said, to use journalistic jargon the Kremlin Theory "has legs".
Articles are being published listing Trump's financial dealings with Russia. Yet Hillary made a well-documented sale of uranium to Russia. Bernie Sanders is now an aggrieved victim for whom Trump is expressing pity. On the other side, everyone from Vladimir Putin to Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump have all ganged up on poor Hillary.
To what end?
We know the  third stage of subversion is to create a crisis, one which forces the people to look for someone to lead them out, something many suspect just happened in Turkey.  Create distrust, call everything into question, and the stage is set for a savior--which is precisely what Putin did in Syria.
I have said repeatedly that I do not like the Trump/Putin love fest we have witnessed during this campaign. But, let us not forget that Hillary has done Russia's bidding from the start. (Remember her membership in the American Communist Party?) So, what is happening? Has Hillary fallen out of favor? And, SINCE WHEN does Russia support the Republican Party?
Not so fast. What is up with the Soviet flag being displayed by Sanders' supporters at the Democratic Convention?

As of this writing there are no clear-cut answers to these questions. However, I have written in the past about the Wikileaks/JulianAssange/EdwardSnowden/Russia connection, although the motives in the past have been far more obvious. This time we really have to peel back the layers.
So let us try to put some of this in perspective. Sean Hannity correctly calls the DNC Convention the "Chaos-Confusion Convention", but we need to try and make sense of what is happening and what the results may be.
Hillary Clinton supporters are digging in their heels, falling back on the "vast, right-wing conspiracy" argument. They will not be swayed. They are firmly entrenched. But, Bernie supporters are taking to the streets in a "National March for Bernie" campaign, calling for Hillary to go to jail and vowing to vote for Trump should Sanders fail to gain the nomination. (Of note is the fact that Senator Sanders currently enjoys 45% of the delegate count.)
Wasn't there talk in the media of a brokered convention? Maybe the pundits got the RNC confused with the DNC.
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is out, which is no big loss to anyone.
Some in the media are opining that Sanders might prevail at the Convention, becoming the Democratic nominee against all odds. Such a scenario is highly unlikely, especially with his call to unite behind Hillary. Nevertheless, there is no question that this turn of events has major implications for the upcoming election.
Who is coming out on top?
Donald Trump.
But wait a minute. If Wikileaks is a Kremlin tool, then Russia must have a stake in Trump, and it must go much deeper than any business dealings of his, past or present. Remember what I said about Trump months ago:
I still find it impossible to believe that a seventy-year-old man can suddenly do a 180 and go against everything he has believed in until the past year or so.
Do I have any idea what Putin's game plan is? Besides whatever will keep him on his pedestal, I have no idea. Yet.
I do know this. In his role on "The Hunt for Red October" the late, great Senator Fred Dalton Thompson (R-Tenn.) said "...The Russians don't take a dump without a plan...." Yes, that was a movie based upon the Tom Clancy novel of the same name, but the statement is correct. "Pootie-Poot" is up to something. I am certain of it. But, what?! Chaos for the sake of chaos? No way.  I asked the question when I wrote about the alleged coup attempt in Turkey, and I will ask it again now:
What is Putin's end game?
Let us keep our eyes and ears open as events continue to unfold.

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