Thursday, February 9, 2017

#PizzaGate = #Iran

As a starting point, please watch the following video. It is short, and maybe you will catch what I did:

Let me explain my thought process, because amazingly this did not occur to me until now. My regular readers know my specialty is terrorism; I veered off into PizzaGate which led me to human trafficking, so it took me a while to make this particular connection. "The Outer Dark" once again mentions Anthony Weiner and his former wife, Huma Abedin, and for the first time I went a step further. Weiner leads to Abedin, who is Muslim Sisterhood, and is from Iran. I stopped the video and typed "Iran human trafficking" into my search engine. Once again (as was the case with Benghazi), I got an eyeful:

Is everyone getting the picture? I distinctly remember having the time-of-my-life in 2015 when Hassan Rouhani gave his speech to the United Nations General Assembly. it was hilarious to me, and I tweeted just about every minute during that speech making jokes. For those who missed it, or who do not recall, here it is:

I am not exaggerating. I thought he should have been a stand-up comedian! Iran, the last bastion of freedom and democracy. What a hoot! And that was when all I knew was about their oppression of women and their execution of gays! Now we can add human and sex trafficking to the mix, and the President of Iran definitely missed his calling! As a matter of fact, so did the United Nations. Iran on the Human Rights Council? Slapstick was never this stupid.

Let me paint the picture more clearly for those who do not keep up with politics. On Hillary Clinton's relationship with Iran:

On Iran and Benghazi:

For those who have been complaining about the FBI not moving fast enough, for those who have been complaining about our government not caring about PizzaGate, for those who have chosen to demonize CIA: NOW DO YOU SEE???

How do we handle this? We cannot arrest the Clintons for reasons I have outlined many times. We cannot bomb the Clinton Foundation. We cannot arrest the Ayatollah and/or Hassan Rouhani (yes, we have an International Criminal Court; shall I burst into laughter again?). And, let us not forget who Iran's BFF happens to be:


Good old Russia. We are right back where we have been too many times before (see my archives). But we also cannot bomb Moscow, because of a little thing known as MAD. So, what option is left? Well, Ambassador John Bolton said it in 2015 and I did not quite understand his vehemence until today. After all, he knew far before I did what Iran has been and is doing. For those who are clamoring for justice on behalf of children and all human/sex trafficking victims, the answer is this: 

"...bomb Iran."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I should have worded my comment about Huma Abedin differently, but mistakes happen. No, she is not Iranian by birth; she is American. However, her ties to Saudi Arabia lead directly to Iran. Many people are under the impression that Saudi Arabia and Iran are enemies, and that is true...but this is the Middle East and duplicity reigns supreme. I am no Vince Flynn; he explained it best both in person and in his marvelous books (I really miss him). Anyway, the House of Saud is only interested in one thing: keeping its throne. The Saudis will do anything and go to bed with anyone to suit their interests as is evidenced by their support of the Islamic State while complaining bitterly about its existence. (I have stated in earlier articles that, in order to study the Middle East, one must first remove one's brain, and this is a great example of the reason. Middle East "logic" makes no sense.) 

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