Sunday, February 26, 2017

George Webb

I have made many comments on social media of late that need to be clarified. I am devoting this article to that purpose; my next one will likely be regarding a possible new Benghazi/human trafficking lead, but I need to do some research before I write it.

First, let me apologize to George Webb if I have caused him any pain, and it appears that I have. Those people who "know" me realize that I am constantly asking questions. I rarely sleep because when I try my mind shoots off some place and I have to get up to pursue the line of inquiry. That is just how I am. What rarely occurs to me is that people have feelings. 

Over the course of the past several months I have had various questions about things Mr. Webb has said, and the other day I began corresponding with someone who added fuel to some of those questions. What began as a rather humorous search (several of us were online discussing whether or not he might be Mossad) turned into my running across documents that appeared to refute claims Mr. Webb has made, seemingly in passing. A huge conversation erupted, and here we are. Let me now lay something to rest.

This all began because of the decidedly anti-CIA bent I perceived on his channel, both from some of the things he has said and, more importantly, the comments section of his videos where conspiracy theorists converge on a regular basis to trash the Agency. So I found myself questioning Mr. Webb's motives (not necessarily nefarious motives, but perhaps he was playing a mind game for some sort of social experiment; I had no idea what the deal was). When I ran into something online that appeared to cast doubt on whether or not Mr. Webb is Jewish I "went off". My regular readers know my intense love for Israel and her people, and know how protective I am of same. So I began digging feverishly to find evidence that supported his claims of being Jewish and of being Israeli. I found none, and that just fanned the flames. 

I posted several questions and challenges to Mr. Webb's videos in hopes he would respond to my concerns, whether in anger or otherwise - a common interrogation technique. He remained silent, and that just fanned the flames even further. This went on until today when someone managed to ask him a couple of questions on Facebook and one of his answers clarified part of my problem.

He stated that his parents were Unitarian Jews, a sect of Judaism with which I was not familiar. So I looked it up and in seconds all of the drama evaporated regarding that issue. (For those who are interested, somehow Jews and Catholics have figured out some way to share a common doctrine SMFH.) So, that clears up the mystery as to whether or not George Webb is Jewish; he is. (Side note: The question would never have been an issue had the inconsistencies not immerged; I never cared one way or the other until he said something about being Jewish.) Still remaining is how he can be Israeli because I have still not found any evidence that he and/or his parents ever lived in Israel, never mind becoming citizens. One of Mr. Webb's subscribers tells me he plans to clear up the issue sometime today; I look forward to hearing what he has to say.

So I am at peace with at least one of the two claims, and can now concentrate my energy on the confirmation bias that continues to occur on his channel. Stay tuned.

And once again, I apologize for hurting someone I love in commonality.

My next article should be out in the next couple of days.

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