Thursday, March 9, 2017

#CIA is Watching Me Go to the Bathroom!

NOT. LMAO! The Vault 7 Wikileaks has everyone going insane (at least on the Internet). The hysteria brings "The Truman Show" to mind, only in this movie we have thousands of CIA agents huddled around 330 million television screens taking notes on what we had for lunch. Come on. Even Julian Assange says he does not know if the technology was used by CIA to spy on us:

It does explain something odd we saw last year. A story circulated on Twitter that Samsung had opened an office in Somalia, a story that was immediately ridiculed ("Who in Somalia is going to buy a cell phone? HAH!"). So, I did a search and, lo-and-behold, they have an office in Mogadishu:

Why Mogadishu? It certainly seemed strange at the time, but now I think we know. Spying. Spying on whom? Al-Shabaab. At least, the thought makes sense to me. But, let us see where else Samsung is (excluding the obvious):

Interesting spots, don't you think? Now let us look at Apple:

And Microsoft:

Now, I am just shooting in the dark here, but if I were a spy would it not be nice if I had such beautiful locations in which to do my job? What Julian Assange and Wikileaks have done is not only warn the world of exactly how we track our enemies, and scare the hell out of the American people and our allies, but he has deflected attention from the good (and perfectly legal) things our intelligence community does. Further, he has likely set them back several years, if not decades. Finally, he claims to be worried about our export industry? How long before all of the patches are in place?   How long will it be before people overseas will begin trusting those products again? 

But, he is a "hero".

To whom?!

[NOTE: I have not forgotten about Gregory Hicks; I will get back to him in short order.]

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