Monday, March 13, 2017

#PizzaGate: Forget Everything You Thought You Knew

Recently someone I know in Great Britain contacted me with some information that has led me to reassess my view of world events. Since I was in my very early twenties, I kept hearing buzz words that I immediately dismissed. The people who utter them rarely try to explain what they mean, and those who do give explanations that do not make much sense. I am guessing that is because they probably have never researched any of the information, they are simply passing the buzz words along. The result is they sound like utter lunatics.

The Council on Foreign Relations. (I think FDR was a member. OMG.) The Trilateral Commission. (That's George Herbert Walker Bush. The bastard!) The Rosicrucians. The Illuminati. (Those are both the damned Vatican!) Skull and Bones. (A bunch of frat boys acting stupid. So what?!) The Church of Satan. Luciferians. (The DEVIL!) The Freemasons. (Whoever they are.) The "Elites". The "New World Order". (I guess that is pretty much everyone in a position of power.) The Bilderberg Group. (Um. OK. Never heard of them.) The "Deep State". Finally, let us not forget the diabolical CIA and,...da Jooooooooos!

Oooooh. Scary. They are all coming to get us. Better hide! (But, where?!) So, I laughed.

The ignorant always do.

As it turns out, all of the above groups tie into one master ideology. I will do my best to lay this out in a logical fashion and to supply the evidence which proves these conspiracy theories are, in fact, what Ted Gunderson called "Conspiracy Reality".

Until now, I have avoided involving Satanism in any discussion about PizzaGate because the FBI training manual specifically says not to use that label when discussing ritual abuse and/or sacrifice; doing so labels the investigator as either a nut job or a religious zealot (or both) and discredits the investigation. But the fact is there are people who do believe in a devil, and there are people who actually worship a devil. So the subject needs to be addressed and in fact is the thread that ties all of the groups together. [NOTE: I will not comment on religious references as the conversation will descend into theological debate rather than focusing on our imminent threat.]

I think the best place to start is with the following video, which replays a speech given by William Guy Carr, author of "Pawns in the Game" (linked immediately below the video):

Mr. Carr does make one mistake: He defines "goyim" as "human cattle" (indeed, the continual "play(s) on words IS confusing everyone"). That is incorrect. It means "many nations", as Ted Gunderson affirms in his lecture on the book:

Carr says one other thing as well that needs clarification. He talks about the Nuremberg trials and defends the fact that the Nazis were following orders, saying that anyone who has been in the military knows orders must be followed. I am not old enough to be able to comment on laws prior to his death, but in today's military we are taught that it is our duty to disobey any order we deem not to be lawful, a teaching I had the opportunity to test as an E-1 when a Captain confronted me and tried to order me to do something that violated a previous order I had been given. I stood firm, refused to obey him, and guess what? No court-of-martial. Whether the rules were changed after Nuremberg I do not know, but I think anyone with a sense of morality would at least question being given the order to gas millions of women, children, and elderly individuals. Further, anyone who has seen the movie "Conspiracy" has to wonder how any human being could have sat through the Wannsee Conference without throwing up repeatedly.

At the bottom of this article I will post links to Luciferianism and the Church of Satan but first: Who knew the significance of the date 1776? Like myself, readers undoubtedly associate it with the Declaration of Independence and the Fourth of July. Did anyone ever read about May 1, 1776 in school? I did not:

The next video elaborates on what we have just learned and adds much, much more. How many people know about Freemasonry? Again, we have heard they are a secret society of some sort, and there are those who say it are dangerous and/or evil, but in what way? Thankfully, we have people who have left the Masons and have dared to tell their stories. Here is one; more are available online for readers who would like to learn more:

Mind-blowing, is it not? Remember when I wrote about how thunderstruck I was after spending time researching spirit-cooking? I thought it was the most insane thing I had ever heard of and that anyone participating in it had to have a few screws loose! Then again, I was only scratching the surface comprised of bizarre music "artists", some over-the-top actors, a pizza shop owner, and some crazy woman from Serbia.... But the people who are swearing these oaths are seemingly intelligent, well-educated people! I do not know about my readers, but my head is still spinning!

I encourage readers to go through all of this material and cross-reference it. The documentation for everything I have seen so far is online. We now know why the Clinton Cartel has been able to move with impunity, despite empirical evidence of their crimes. We are against forces that, while seemingly splintered into groups using various names, are united in one common goal:



"The Original Writings of the Order and Sect of the Illuminati" is available on Amazon, and explained briefly in the following video by Mark Dice:

More from Ted Gunderson (more are available on YouTube):


The Church of Satan:

Skull and Bones Society:

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