Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Time to Revisit 9/11

My jaw hit the floor when I saw the PBS computer model, long before the female narrator of this video made her comments:

Did anyone catch it? In PBS's attempt to convince the world that what we saw that beautiful Tuesday morning was what our government told us happened, it DISPROVED its own theory...or, rather, its computer did. Reluctantly, painfully, I now know the "truthers" have a point. Not about Mossad, or any of that other garbage, but just plain facts. WHY. IS. THE. CORE. STILL. THERE. ? 

And, listening to the experts at the ten-year "anniversary" conference in Canada, I now know there is something else wrong with the narrative. The top third of the World Trade Center was the lightest part of the building. For those who have not listened to these engineers, the WTC was three buildings stacked on top of each other. The bottom third was the strongest, because it had the most weight to bear. The middle third was less so, and of course the top was the lightest. So, the top of the building is on fire. Fire burns up, not down (except for whatever invaded the elevator shafts, but those went out on their own), so the top third of the building (other than the concrete and steel) turned to ash. Where was all of this force that pancaked with such weight that it crushed the other two portions of the WTC? The official narrative is that gravity kicked in. THE BUILDINGS FELL INSIDE OF TEN SECONDS. F = M times A, where F is Force, M is Mass, and A is Acceleration. Further, A = final V - initial V divided by Time = change in V divided by time, where V  is Velocity. In other words, TIME is the factor. Newton would immediately reject the government's story.

Now, I remember seeing projectiles coming from lower floors, but I rationalized it as all of that gas/debris shattering windows. The problem with that is, it was one window here, another window there. If the force was that great, it should have shattered multiple windows on the same floor where the breach occurred. Simple physics. Only one window on every tenth floor or so was weak enough that it failed? Nonsense.

Then there is the concrete block sitting at the 9/11 memorial in front of the Kensington, Maryland, fire department. It is intact, except for one side where the top corner is "ripped" away and two perfectly cylindrical holes can be seen. When I first saw it, I thought the holes might have been for rebar or something. After watching the documentary, I went back and took another, long look. First, according to every expert I have heard, the concrete was reinforced not by holes drilled into it but by support beams (which require no holes to be drilled except into the steel where the bolts are attached). Second, if someone wants to insert "squids", one needs to drill holes. Third, repeating myself, the holes are both on one side. They do not go all the way through the concrete. So, if someone has an explanation as to why those holes are there, I am all ears. Otherwise, I am thinking the reason the top of the block is blown away is because the explosive caused it to break.

To my regular readers: Yes, I have more on PizzaGate, and I have an upcoming article on vaccines as well. But since this landed in my lap I felt the need to address it. Please understand that when I am not writing I am digging for information, and many times that information comes in the form of videos. Between the length of the videos and the time it takes for me to cross-reference data given in those videos, it takes quite a while to compile what I need in order to write an article. Please be patient. 

More soon.

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