Saturday, April 1, 2017

Time to Wake Up re: 9/11

I argue with the term "cognitive dissonance". Maybe because I discounted psychology the minute I learned Freud was a cocaine addict who thought all men want to kill their fathers and have sex with their mothers. I think this is more a matter of hand-eye coordination.

I recall DISTINCTLY sitting in a swivel chair in my living room, staring at my television screen as the north tower of the WTC fell. I had no reaction. I did not scream, I did not cry, I did not gasp...NOTHING. I now realize that was my brain saying "This does not compute".

When I was born, I had "lazy eye", which means the muscle in my left eye was weak. I distinctly remember being two years old, sitting on my bed, and screaming like someone was about to kill me. My parents came bursting down the hall, with my father coming through the door first, demanding to know who was about to kill me. My problem? I was trying to turn out the light on my bedroom stand. I saw two lights, so I reached for the one on my was not there. I reached for the one on the was not there. So, I let out an ear-piercing shriek that made my parents come running.

While I fault my parents for not taking me to the doctor sooner, that night my father recognized the problem and taught me a trick. He told me to reach in BETWEEN the two images, assuring me the lamp was still there. I did, and it was, and I calmed down enough to go to sleep (the rest is opthamological history). But the story was not over.

I found out later that I have no depth perception. Why not? While I am not Ben Carson, I have learned a thing or two about neurology. Because my left eye was giving "junk" signals to my brain, my brain SHUT IT OFF. I am now fifty-five years old. If I shut my right eye, I CANNOT READ, unless I scroll back-and-forth repeatedly until my brain makes sense of dots. SO I UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT. On 9/11, my brain SHUT DOWN. I did not understand what I was seeing, and because my brain could not make sense of it my brain simply TURNED THE SIGNAL OFF.

Now, for naysayers: I cannot post "9/11: Ten Years of Deception" as a link because you need an Amazon Prime account to view it for free. Portions are on YouTube, but there is also the 2016 conference. What people REALLY need to do is read my last post and try to make sense of a computer that could NOT MAKE SENSE of steel disintegrating. Then go from there. 

I have a zillion tapes to review; I have already gone through the FAA/NORAD tapes (such as have been released) and I already know the government account is bullshit. DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK, and I will post more very soon. KEY: Investigate "squids", and review the fall of the towers (forget Tower 7; we knew it was coming down. Focus on the North and South Towers). More soon.

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