Sunday, April 30, 2017

9/11 - The Truth Hurts (Part Four)

Before we continue with the documentary, I have been talking to some people and the information they gave me has caused me to come up with another, more plausible theory as to what may have happened to the passengers that day.

Consider the following scenario: We are all in XYZ terminal, when "This is the first boarding call for Flight A. All passengers please line up at Door 1, and have your tickets ready for the attendant" comes over the loudspeaker. We all line up. One-by-one, we proceed down an enclosed walkway, make a couple of turns, and enter the interior of an airplane.

Do we have any idea what plane we just boarded? No. We know what we were told. Do we have any idea who is flying the plane? No. 99% of us would never even think to ask the names of the crew, and even then we would have no idea what they are supposed to look like. Do we have any idea if the flight attendants are who they appear to be? No. We assume they are flight attendants because they are dressed in uniforms. Once we take off, do we have any idea where we are going? No. We know what we are told, "Welcome to XYZ Flight A, non-stop from Boston to Los Angeles." Because airplanes usually do not take off from one airport and head in a straight line to the other airport, we are accustomed to turning right after take-off so the pilot can get on whatever course he was given by air traffic controllers. 

In other words, we really have no idea where we are, in whose care we have put our lives, and no idea where we are headed. 

Once again, let me remind everyone of "Operation Northwoods":

To anyone who is not a pilot the scenario sounds outlandish. How on earth could they even get away with such a thing? Air traffic control would realize the planes disappeared, right? Well, I thought the same thing until someone educated me about transponders. I asked him about Flight 77 whose transponder was "turned off" and then "turned on", because I thought it was odd. As it turns out, a transponder is not unique to a given airplane. It is just a communication device that sends and receives radio waves. It is the transponder CODES that are important, as is the MODE or modes of the transponder:

As we can see, the codes are assigned by ATC at the beginning of each flight. Those codes are assigned in blocks to each ATC who then issues them as needed. In order for another aircraft to imitate the identity of another aircraft, all the pilot needs is the assigned code for the craft in question, and all someone needs in order to obtain the assigned code is a radio. As it was described to me, intercepting a communication between ATC and Aircraft A is no different than using a ham radio to intercept police communications. All the radio operator needs is the frequency being used. 

Further, as we learned in earlier parts of this series, Mode A gives bearing (direction of the aircraft) and range (distance from a given point) information. The only thing that was ever disabled on 9/11 was Mode C: the altitude. Which makes Flight 77 all the more intriguing. Once Hani Hanjour allegedly "turned off" the transponder, why did he turn it back on? Going back to my proposed scenario, I would say it was "turned on" so that we would all have a "record" of what allegedly happened to Flight 77 in its final moments. Just look at the number of Internet trolls who use the alleged FDR information to "prove" what happened at the Pentagon. There is just one problem with that "evidence": The NTSB refuses to release the serial number of this supposed flight data recorder. 

Obviously, I cannot state conclusively this is what happened with certainty, but it definitely gives realistic possibilities with which to counter questions being posed by "debunkers".

Now that I have that out of the way, we will take a look at the Twin Towers in Part Five of "September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor" just as soon as I get the next article posted.

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