Thursday, April 13, 2017

Vaccinations: Yet Another Attempt at Eugenics?

Since my father was in the Navy, there was never any question as to whether or not I would be vaccinated. It was mandatory. Then again, I was born in 1961 when most of the vaccinations now available had not even been created. Over the past several years, I have heard things about vaccinations and their possible links to developmental delays and even death, but having very limited experience with them personally I just thought these were uncommon side effects that could happen with any given drug.

Only recently did I learn babies one-day-old are being vaccinated against Hepatitis B, which was my first clue something is wrong with this program. I still had no idea what is contained in the needles being injected into our veins, but who in his right mind vaccinates a newborn baby against a sexually-transmitted disease?

But it was the following documentary that suggested to me there may be a far more nefarious motive behind the countless shots we are giving children who are just beginning to form the developmental skills that are imperative in life:

The astronomical rate of autism in black males had the word "Tuskegee" screaming through my mind. What in hell is the CDC doing? While the film spends a great deal of time talking about the pharmaceutical industry and the profit motive (which of course is a legitimate argument), I see something else. Let us review the definition of "eugenics":

Now, for parents who think they are simply improving their child's immune system, let us look at what they are unwittingly injecting into their child's bloodstream.


Glyphosate (weed killer):

And, my personal favorite, fetal lung tissue:

Is anyone else seeing a problem here? 


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