Sunday, April 16, 2017

"The Strategy of Tension"

No, I did not commit a grammatical faux pas. The phrase is not my own, but it is one everybody in the world should learn. Today I was watching film from the "Justice in Focus: 9/11" conference held last September 10th and 11th, One speaker, Ferdinando Imposimato, caused me to stop and begin hunting down the information he was proclaiming in his keynote address because it just sounded bizarre. 

What is that saying? "Truth is stranger than fiction"? Indeed. I suppose some people who read non-stop will be familiar with the topic, but for those of us who have real lives, has anyone heard of "Gladio"? I had not. As I was researching Gladio I ran across other information (which is how research works) that has resulted in the conclusion that there is nothing we have ever heard that we should trust without raising serious questions. 

Just about everyone (at least on the Internet) has heard the phrase "false flag". But do people realize just how many of the things we see on the nightly news are just that? Certainly more than I ever dreamed. Please watch the following video; it is relatively short but readers will then understand my complete astonishment:

If readers are now shaking their heads trying to understand anything they were told since the day they were born, they are not alone. Part Two of the above series is even more astonishing, if that is possible. Just one example: I had an argument with an executive from Wells Fargo not long after TARP. I was extremely angry because I knew the bank did not need the money, and I could not understand why they took $37 million from taxpayers for no particular reason. He insisted, "We had no choice!" to which I replied, "Of course you did!" After seeing Part Two, I think I understand what he meant; Wells Fargo was forced to accept the money because the government could not withstand the scrutiny Wachovia would undergo had Wells Fargo not purchased the bank. It seems Wachovia, in just three years (2004 to 2007), laundered $378.3 billion in drug money. (I urge my readers to go through all five parts on YouTube.)

I now find myself asking questions I thought I had settled long ago. Should drugs be legalized? Which of the umpteen terrorist attacks we have seen throughout the world over the past forty-or-so-years were actually created by the worldwide "Deep State"? Did World War I really start over an assassination, or was that assassin sent for the purpose of starting the first world war? But, I think the most disturbing thing I discovered today was a story that broke just five months before 9/11: Operation Northwoods (link to entire search page follows for convenience):

Now, if that does not give us reason to question just what in hell happened that September morning, I do not know what will. For those who prefer YouTube videos, just type "Operation Northwoods" into the search box and grab a large bucket of popcorn. 

Personally, I need some time to sort through everything I have learned today, and even more time to go through the new pile of information I need to review. I will post more as I sift through everything.

Justice in Focus: 9/11 Link:

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