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9/11 - The Truth Hurts (Part Three)

Back to "September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor". We left off at 1:55:25; for those who missed the first two hours please see Part One. I am re-posting the link, and I remind everyone to open it in a separate window so the notes are easier to follow as we go:

Before we continue, let me address one question that people probably have. IF the phone calls were staged, how did someone get the passengers to make these phone calls? I have come up with one possibility, and I invite other suggestions. Since we had "war games" going on that morning, is it possible they were convinced they were participating in a drill, told they would be compensated, and that the government appreciated their patriotism in the name of "national security"? Just a thought.

Part Four - The Pentagon

I have a question of my own concerning the "evidence" presented at 1:55:55. Are MODS numbers reassigned, even after a horrific, deadly incident? Because, on a lark, I looked it up and MODS537 is currently scheduled to depart from Los Cabos, Mexico, heading to Phoenix, Arizona. The data may be different when readers look it up for themselves, but here is the link to the tracker:

"Hundreds of people saw an American Airlines jet." (1:56:25)

Downed Light Poles (1:57:38)

The Missing Airplane (1:58:33)

"Loose Change":

The Official Version (1:59:37)

- Wingspan
Once again, can someone please point out the imprint of a 757 on this building facade?:

"The wings came off." (2:03:02)
- Stabilizers
- Tail

"Plane shattered in a thousand pieces." (2:04:14)

QUESTION (2:05:15)

How could the fuselage, which is the weakest part of the plane, penetrate the facade almost entirely, while part of the wings, the stabilizers, and the tail, which are relatively stronger, were unable to do so and were shattered in a thousand pieces instead?


QUESTION (2:08:04)

Can you explain what happened to the core of the two engines, which is built with components so strong and resistant to be considered practically indestructable?

The Mystery Hole (2:08:13)

This is exactly my same question. As we have learned, the nose cone is just about the weakest part of the airplane. While tails and wings disappeared, and engines passed through imaginary holes, the nose penetrated both sides of three rings and left an almost perfectly-symmetrical hole? And, where is the Miracle Nose Cone? Oh, wait. It disintegrated, right?

"Liquid mass/Fireball/Avalanche" (2:09:19)

The Pentagon Building Performance Report (2:10:05)

QUESTION (2:11:15)

Given that, according to the Pentagon Building Performance Report, "the aircraft frame most certainly was destroyed before it had traveled a distance that approximately equaled the length of the aircraft", and that, "it is highly unlikely that any significant portion of the fuselage could have retained structural integrity from that point on", can you explain what caused the almost perfectly round exit hole in the outer wall of the C-ring?

The Missing Tapes (2:12:07)

Security Video Analysis (2:13:35)

Stop at 2:16:00. This is the same spot I pointed out in Part Two from a different video. The sequences are exactly the same. In this film, I direct everyone's attention to the frame on top. Once again, we see a vehicle entering the picture at ground level...NOSE DOWN. In aviation parlance, this is known as "negative pitch", and I repeat that no pilot who ever lived could have pulled a 757 doing 586 mph out of that attitude (pitch) in one second. It is flat-out impossible.

An even better look (though blurry) occurs at 2:16:19. Again, the vehicle is pitched down. There just is no way to explain how this object recovered in one second, unless it was a missile.

Mr. Mazzucco makes a suggestion here that is in the realm of possibility, but I am not sure I agree. It appears that some parts of  the "plane" he describes are in the background in shots preceding the frames in question. Whether they are trees or some other object I am not certain, but if viewers rewind the documentary and go back through the dark shapes on the horizon they will see what I mean.

Another theory has been proposed which bears mentioning: The JSSAM. Take a good look at this thing. Pause it at various points, examining its appearance, and observing its ability to explode on impact or not:

QUESTION (2:18:24)

Given that the maximum fluctuation between the two cameras would translate in a difference of 25 feet in the position of the plane, can you provide a valid explanation for the large discrepancy between the two corresponding planes?
Absent a valid explanation for this discrepancy, we must conclude that at least one of the two frames is the result of intentional manipulation, or "photoshopping".

Part Five - Flight 93 (2:19:30)

"Plane penetrated the ground." (2:23:15)

Flight 93 went in "almost vertical", yet the NTSB says it hit at about a 45-degree angle? And, the FBI says 95% of the plane was recovered? So, where is it?

QUESTION (2:26:55)

Can you explain how most of an airplane weighing 100 tons could end up buried deep underground, in a hole that closed itself up before the first responders arrived?

Plane Crash or Bomb Explosion? (2:28:09)

QUESTION (2:29:50)

Since the plane was carrying 8 to 10,000 gallons of fuel at the time of impact, can you explain why there is no plume of black smoke rising from the ground after the initial explosion?

Debris Field (2:30:01)

New Baltimore is eight miles away?!

QUESTION (2:32:21)

Since the plane is supposed to have hit the ground in one piece, can you explain how it was possible for debris to be found six to eight miles from the crash site, on a day when only a light breeze was blowing?

The Shootdown Hypothesis (2:32:32)

The Small White Plane (2:33:56)

A "small white plane", or a JSSAM? Take another look at this missile being dropped from an airplane in the very first scene:

"Let's Roll" (2:36:44)

The 9/11 Commission Report says the Hollywood version of Flight 93 is a lie? Bizarre, and what a shame; I enjoyed the movie. More importantly, what a travesty for the families of the victims. Pathetic.

QUESTION (2:38:25)

Since they were only twenty minutes away from Washington, and for almost six minutes the passengers had been unable to enter the cockpit, why didn't the hijackers continue flying towards the capital?
And even if they thought they couldn't make it to Washington, why didn't they try to crash the plane onto a small town nearby? Why crash the plane in an empty field, where they knew they could not kill any more victims than those who were already on the plane with them?

The comments by Vernon Grose, former NTSB investigator. Are you serious? The government makes up stories to make us feel better because, in Jack Nicholson's immortal words, we "can't handle the truth"?!


* * * * *

NOTE: This article is shorter than the Parts One and Two because I want to isolate it from the next, far more detailed section on the debate between Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth vs. NIST.

Part Four will be posted ASAP.

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