Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Part Three - Currency Manipulation

Before I begin, please allow me to apologize. I warned readers in the introduction that this series would raise more questions than answers. No one is more frustrated than myself, but I continue to hope that as I lay this out things will fall into place. However, right now I am completely perplexed as to why Republicans have become Democrats, and Democrats, Republicans.
But, I also said I smell George Soros, and I do. Subversion. This is why the entire situation is backwards. It is by design, to confuse. Let us try and shed light upon it.
Let me say one other thing. As I try desperately to sort through the insanity I realize some in Congress are being blackmailed. I know the Obama administration has something on John Boehner. That is the only explanation for his behavior. My question is: Where are his balls? I saw a movie when I was a child. It was a true story about Audie Murphy called "To Hell and Back", where he portrayed himself as an Army soldier during World War II. There was a point in the film where someone commented that he was "dangerous" because he "had nothing to lose". See, that is where I am. I have skeletons; we all do. The difference is, some of us do not care. We do not care. We make the decision that some things are more important than ourselves, and that is where I am. I only wish Congress would reach the same place.
The topic du jour is currency manipulation, because of the following article that posted yesterday:
The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement does not address currency manipulation? That alone is enough for me to say "no", without even addressing pharmaceuticals and how intellectual property rights will cause the cost of drugs to skyrocket around the world, killing God-only-knows how many people. George Soros specializes in currency manipulation. Just ask Great Britain:
Soros has destroyed four countries with this very technique:
Do my readers remember what he said about his plans to devalue the American dollar? He said he wanted "controlled devaluation". I posted the link in my last blog discussing him:
Before anyone says, "George Soros is going to die soon; aren't you being paranoid?", let me introduce everyone to his son, Alex:
Why is the son of an avowed Jew-hater pandering to the leftist Jewish community? Because they are the Useful Idiots. These are the people who hate Zionism (i.e. Israel), and embrace the Hamas terrorist organization as being "freedom fighters". More subversion. Do people think Soros' legacy will die with him? Not a chance.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement will affect two-thirds of the world's economy:
We are in very dangerous territory. More in my next post.

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