Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cuba, Terrorism, and JFK (More KGB Disinformation - Part Two

My apologies for not getting Part Two written earlier; I have been ill.. At any rate, this is probably the best article I have read concerning JFK's assassination:
It was called “Operation Dragon”:
Unbelievable. With such definitive information out on the subject, why are there still CIA conspiracy theories out there? The “military industrial complex”, Ollie Stone? Really? (BTW, rumor has it Stone is making a movie about Ukraine. That should be entertaining.)
And, once again, a defector told us what really happened:
So, what the hell? How is this propaganda still circulating? Are people that stupid? Are the KGB that good? And, why on God's green Earth has Barack Hussein Obama “normalized” relations with Cuba? BTW, do my readers remember “normalization”? It is the final stage of subversion. So, what are he and Castro up to? One thing is for certain; I do not want these DGI bastards in my country:
Some people think I am insane for ranting incessantly about the KGB. While I was ill, I ran across another excellent article on the subject:
The KGB are not here? Sure they are, and they are running amuck. They are off-the-radar because people foolishly believe the lie that the Soviet Union crumbled. No, it did not, but I imagine Vladimir Putin is having nightly parties celebrating our stupidity.
For those who will scoff that such a conspiracy could have been pulled off, let me remind readers that the KGB are the same people who have most of the Middle East believing “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is a true account of a meeting of Zionists. The KGB are the same people who have most of the world believing in the fiction called “Palestine”. They are very good.
How long will it take for people to wake up to the danger we are in? Opening relations with Cuba is only going to hurt the people Barry claims he wants to help,...and endanger our lives.
Hussein is pandering to the very people responsible for Jack Kennedy's death. If that is not treason, I do not know what is.

Footnote on Oswald: The consensus is that he was a screw-up. That is likely true. Intelligence agencies love to recruit screw-ups because when the person gets caught, he can be labeled a lone nut and no one suspects the agency. As for his inability to shoot, I doubt that. I am a former marksmanship instructor and am certified expert by the Air Force. It takes about five minutes to learn how to shoot. The rest is practice. The articles I posted above give very detailed information about his time in the Soviet Union, and it certainly points to his having been an agent. Regardless, whether Oswald was officially doing the bidding of the KGB, or he had gone rogue, the fact remains the Soviet Union was working through the DGI and Kennedy was a dead man, whether Oswald fired the fatal bullet or not.

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