Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cuba, Terrorism, and JFK (More KGB Disinformation) - Part One

I am going to begin with the Kennedy assassination, because the information I have found is nothing short of stunning. To my amazement, all of it has been available on the Internet (and in book stores) for many years, but because the Mainstream Media has its own liberal agenda I was completely unaware of most of it until now. We can only research those things that are brought to our attention or that occur to us, and when certain narratives are fed to us for our entire lives it becomes difficult to think "outside the box".
As I touched on in my last blog post, the KGB has long used the Central Intelligence Agency as its main scapegoat in its disinformation campaigns, and there is no more glaring example of that than the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. We were even given a perfect propaganda movie, "JFK", put together by a very well-known filmmaker, Oliver Stone, and starring one of the biggest box office draws of all time, Kevin Costner. Boy, the Kremlin is good.
Unfortunately for Moscow, sometimes people get tired of communism and defect to the United States (not realizing how far we have fallen). One such person is Ion Mihai Pacepa, whom I have mentioned before. What I did not realize is he wrote a book about the Kennedy Assassination that turns Oliver Stone's film on its ear. Here is a glimpse into that book:
Shocking. Absolutely incredible. And, Pacepa's Power Point presentation is rather compelling as well:
But, he is not the only defector to who told us about Oswald. The following link comes from CIA directly:
It tells a very convoluted story which I will try to unravel. Let us begin with Anatoly Golitsyn, whom I mentioned in a previous post:
As my readers will recall, the predictions Golitsyn made regarding the Soviet Union came true with an accuracy of 94%. That hardly fits with the picture of Golitsyn as an unstable, unreliable source:
(There are a lot of twists and turns to this story as readers can imagine, so I am deliberately limiting my discussion to a handful of key figures for now. I will be writing more about this in Part Two.)
The primary person who "discredited" Golitsyn was another Soviet defector who came to the United States three years after he did, Yuri Nosenko. Golitsyn maintained that the KGB sent him to America for the express purpose of refuting Golitsyn, a claim I find to be very credible given what we have learned about KGB tactics (see previous posts on the subject). Before I elaborate, let us also remember who James Angleton was:
Anatoly Golitsyn:
And, Yuri Nosenko:
So, the way the story unfolds is this: Golitsyn defects to the United States. Two years later, Kennedy is assassinated and Golitsyn immediately points his finger at the KGB. Nosenko suddenly decides the Kremlin has found out he was working with CIA and says he must defect immediately. Upon his arrival in America, he announces he was the person who watched Oswald during his time in Moscow and can state categorically that he was not in the KGB's employ. Evidently Nosenko had impeccable timing.
Or, was Golitsyn correct in his assertion that Nosenko had been sent to the United States in order to discredit him? It is not as if the KGB ever engages in subterfuge, right? Given his incredible accuracy rate, I would think Moscow would have done everything possible to shut Golitsyn down.
I want to point out one other article on Nosenko, because it gives an interesting account of his part in the Kennedy assassination maze:
His track record with polygraph tests left something to be desired, as did his story about the doctor. The fact that he finally passed a third lie detector test four years later is not impressive; with time, lies become easier (especially when retold frequently) and the liar becomes comfortable with those lies, sometimes to the point that he actually believes them. On the credibility scale, Golitsyn not only tips it; he shatters it.
Thus we have Oswald, possibly a KGB asset, killing the president only to be gunned down by Ruby two days later. According to CIA, initial suspicions were directed at the Kremlin, suspicions Golitsyn confirmed and Angleton believed. Nosenko came along and not only refuted those suspicions but directed them at the FBI and CIA (bringing us back to Oliver Stone's version of events).
But, why did I include Cuba in the title of this post? Because the DGI played a major role in Kennedy's assassination, a role I will explain in Part Two.

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