Monday, April 20, 2015

The Real Barack Obama Part Three - Russian Interlude

I promised to cover 2009 in this post, but something has come up that must be addressed first. I warn my readers this is explosive, and will not go down easily. I know I have been struggling for the past 48 hours myself, but I have not only studied the material I am about to post, but I have confirmed this information with an extremely reliable source. Later, I will need to take some time and figure out how POTUS figures into all of this; I know he does but I have been too dumbstruck to analyze it. We all know there is apparent friction between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama, which has been chalked up to intense dislike. Personally, I have always thought he was scared to death of the GRU man. With this latest twist, however, I will need to examine that relationship again and I will do so as soon as I am able.

Meanwhile, I am very angry. America has been betrayed in the worst possible way. I wish I knew where to turn my rage (other than the obvious target), but so far I find myself alternating between anger and tears. I imagine my readers will feel the same by the time they finish reading what I have to say.
Many of my followers are old enough to remember the fall of the Berlin Wall. If not, surely everyone has seen clips of Ronald Reagan's infamous, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" speech. I recall the celebrations as communism fell, and democracy reigned supreme. At least, that is what appeared to happen. In retrospect, it was much like the "Arab Spring", but I was too young to question what I was witnessing at the time.
My latest journey began with a question from someone on Twitter. I had posted a comment about believing I would find Russia somewhere in the mix by the time I finished sorting out what is going on with Iran. A “follower” wondered if there was any chance the former Soviet Union never really collapsed. That got me to thinking, so I did a search. What I pulled up was astonishing.

I first reviewed the following three articles:

Then, I clicked on the video link in the third article, and found Yuri Bezmenov. So then I went to YouTube, and began looking for more information. I found several interviews with people discussing the possibility that the Soviet Union never really collapsed. I was shocked. I had never heard this theory before. So, I went through every video I could find, but none affected me as much as the following:

Putting all of this data together brought me to a gut-wrenching conclusion. You see, I had forgotten something. Yasser Arafat attended KGB schools. So did Mahmoud Abbas. And, as I just discovered, so did the Ayatollah Khomeini, which sheds a whole new light on the Iranian Revolution of 1979, and the USSR's invasion of Afghanistan. I will need to explore these historical events later, because I need to get to the "good" part (please remember I put the word "good" into quotation marks).
As Christopher Story (aka Edward Harle) states in the interview linked above (and in other interviews I have watched), the Russians have long used terrorism to create destabilization around the globe, which is why I have always thought it was strange that they called the FBI about the Tsarnaev brothers. I still do not understand what would motivate them to do that, but I will table the question for now. What I do know is the Russians have been behind PLO activity, activity in Latin America, activity in Cuba, and I think it is safe to say they are behind the current situation in Mexico.
So, I have a question that I would like to address at this time. What role has Russia/the USSR/the KGB played in Iran? They trained the Ayatollah. Were they behind the overthrow of the Shah? I don't know, but a finger is now pointing squarely at the KGB and the Soviet Union (notice I did not say "Russia") for one, extremely significant date in American history. For, if we can trace its roots from Saudi Arabia to Iran, and all indications are that we can through currently classified documents, then can we not by extension blame the Russians for 9/11?
Who was better equipped to devise such a plan? Who was better equipped to provide intelligence on our airport security measures? Who was better equipped to provide funding? Who has been in the terrorism business for over a century?
Remember what Yuri Bezmenov said. The stages of subversion: Demoralization, destabilization, crisis, normalization. Without question America had gone through the first two stages by 2001. What was needed was a crisis. I would argue 9/11 was such a crisis, and what came of that crisis? The Patriot Act, and subsequent erosions of our rights which this country has complained about ever since.
Well done, Vladimir.

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