Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Real Barack Obama - Introduction

     This will be the first in a series because there is much to cover. I was wrong. I have been operating under a false premise that has resulted in much confusion in my mind. However, a story circulated yesterday that made everything fall into place for me. In fact, two things occurred simultaneously. The first was the reemergence of a 1995 speech Obama gave at Cambridge University in which he read a portion of “Dreams of My Father”. I confessed a while back to a mistake I made when he first ran for office. I refused to read that book because it did not take me long to size up our future POTUS and realize he was bad news, so at the time I did not feel the need to invest in his writing.

     The second story that circulated was actually a rumor, but because of the timing it caused me to go back and check some information. The rumor was that Obama is Shiite Muslim. Realize that all of the finger-pointing at him has been directed toward the Muslim Brotherhood, a Sunni organization. Hence, my confusion in trying to determine Obama's agenda in the Middle East, which caused a lot of rationalizations on my part as I tried to understand his strategy.

     So, I went back to the beginning; Obama's tribe in Kenya. Lo and behold, while western Kenya has been influenced in recent years by the Muslim Brotherhood (accounting for some of the confusion), the Kikuyu are Shiite. CLICK. All of the dominoes fell to the ground right in front of me and suddenly everything made perfect sense.

     By the time I post this, Holocaust Remembrance Day will have passed. The Holocaust continued for as long as it did because of something psychologists call “cognitive dissonance”. America now claims it did not know of the Holocaust, or at least had no idea how bad it was. This is a lie. The rumors reached our shores shortly after we entered the War, but cognitive dissonance set in. “Someone is trying to exterminate people like they are termites? That is mad! No one could do that to another human being. Gas chambers? Ovens? No way!”

     Eleven million people died for one reason: Good people refused to believe that evil exists.

     I am seeing that same mentality now. The enemy cannot have infiltrated our country! They certainly cannot be in our government. Inside of Homeland Security? Madness! The Director of CIA? The President? Someone is watching too much television.

     It is time to wake up, America. That season of “24” is upon us. That novel by Vince Flynn is playing out right before our eyes. Our country is in the grips of the enemy, and unless we acknowledge the existence of evil, and commit ourselves to fighting it, we are going to lose. In the coming days, as quickly as I can outline the information in a logical, easy-to-understand format, I will explain the following statement:

     The United States is currently under the control of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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