Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Real Barack Obama Part Six - Through the Looking Glass

Ahhhh. The "Arab Spring". The world breathed a collective sigh of relief and patted itself on the back as the Arabs finally saw the light, democracy reigned supreme, and at long last all was right with the world.
The highlights were Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen, all of which have become models of civilization and Western philosophy in the past four years. Not. But, this wave of popular uprisings swept throughout the Middle East and Africa with the media and public soaking up every minute of this epiphany that was being played out before our very eyes. Having studied the Middle East for years, I was not impressed by what I was seeing. Rather, I scoffed and wondered what in the world caused the spectacle to occur seemingly spontaneously. Notice I said "seemingly". As I have gone through this series, a picture is emerging about the "Arab Spring" with the letters "K G B" spray-painted all over it in bright red. But, even at the time I knew something was wrong. The Arab world hates "The West". That is not to say there are not individuals who have embraced the idea of our culture. However, collectively the Arabs hate what they perceive to be the wrong we committed against them at the end of World War I. There was just no way in the world they had a sudden "awakening". Let us look briefly at the four key players:
Tunisia. As of this writing, Tunisia seems to be stable, although it is plagued by terrorists. Time will tell if it holds, but danger signs exist.
Libya: Hillary Clinton's crusade against Mohammar Qaddafi plunged this country into a terrorism abyss. Currently, the Islamic State has a strong foothold, with Christians being executed on video for the world to witness.
Yemen: In the midst of a revolution driven by Iran with a coalition led by Saudi Arabia attacking the Houthis in an attempt to restore order. Obama's "model of stability" does not exist.
Egypt: Obama's glee at Mohammed Morsi being "democratically elected" was repugnant. The election was clearly rigged, and the Muslim Brotherhood (a designated terrorist organization) took over the country until the people stood up and revolted. When General el-Sisi stepped in and restored order, Obama took his money and ran, the first blatantly overt indicator that Obama supports terrorism, not democracy.
One country not mentioned in the top four "Arab Spring" participants is Syria, which has become what I call a terrorist cluster-fuck. Oddly, John Kerry at one time thought Bashar al-Assad was a wonderful man. Suddenly, he became the devil incarnate and Obama demanded his ouster. The complicating factor was Russia's support of the dictator, so POTUS' dream had to be put on hold.
Lest my readers draw the wrong conclusion, I am not defending Qaddafi, Mubarak, and al-Assad. All were/are butchers. But, this orchestrated effort to remove leaders who were mostly contained in favor of what has become reckless abandon to terrorism has created a Middle East that is more volatile than I have seen in my lifetime, and let us never forget who ultimately pays the price for instability in that part of the world: Israel.
May 2, 2011
SEAL Team Six raided Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, killing the al-Qaeda leader. Rumors persist that in fact he was not killed, but I happened to be at the Veteran's Administration when the news broke, and there was a group of veterans encircling someone with a laptop. I wandered over to see what was going on, and they were looking at photographs of bin Laden's corpse. Someone took pictures. Apparently they were confiscated or destroyed, but they did exist at one time.
However, there are some strange occurrences surrounding that raid. Shortly thereafter, it was reported that Obama asked the team who was the man who actually shot bin Laden. The reported answer from the group was, "We all did, Sir". Yet, now there is a purported SEAL who is doing interviews describing himself as the trigger man (in direct violation of the SEAL code, by the way):
How are we to know who Robert O'Neill is and if he is telling the truth? I imagine it will be extremely difficult to determine since much of the team was wiped out on Extortion 17:
The families have raised some interesting questions about this incident:
While living members of Seal Team Six confirm O'Neill's presence in Abbottabad, they have branded him a liar regarding his claim of having been the shooter:
Now, if I were the suspicious type, I would say that with the rumors swirling around bin Laden's death and the downing of Extortion 17, the emergence of Robert O'Neill sounds like an orchestrated Black Op to put forth a CIA rendition of what happened on May 2, 2011. If I had reason to be suspicious of John Brennan.
Speaking of whom, I will revisit Benghazi in my next post.
Meanwhile, 2011 also saw "Occupy Wall Street", yet another attempt to erode our free enterprise system. To this point, 2011 was the clearest illustration of subversion at work.

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