Friday, April 17, 2015

The Real Barack Obama Part One - Cultural Marxism and Islam

     Most people are unaware of the role Islam played in World War II. In fact, most people are unaware of the history of Islam, period, but I am limiting myself to the Holocaust for now. Without going into all of the history surrounding British control of what became the State of Israel, suffice to say the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem at the time was Hajj al-Husseini, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood, indeed, all of Islam, despises Jews (despite what they might say for political purposes), and the Grand Mufti was a great admirer of one Adolph Hitler. He pushed and shoved until he eventually gained a meeting with the Fuhrer, after which he became integral in formulating Eichmann's “Final Solution”. When the Holocaust is mentioned, almost everyone immediately thinks of the Nazis. Almost no one thinks of the underlying evil, which was Islam. These things are not taught in school; in fact, the last time I checked Edwin Black is still trying to get a display put into the Holocaust Museum depicting the role of the Muslim Brotherhood during the war, but so far he has had no success. Why not? The bane of modern society: political correctness.
     In Part Two, I will begin discussing Barack Obama's presidency from the beginning, but first I must lay the foundation by introducing a concept with which the reader may not be familiar: Cultural Marxism. I will then demonstrate how it has been used to bring us to our current state-of-affairs.
     So, why did we not hear about the role of Muslims in the Holocaust in school? Have any of my readers heard of the Farhud?
     No? Why not? The answer is simple: Subversion. Lately, I have heard the term “useful idiot” bandied about, and I do not recall hearing it until just a few years ago. So, imagine my surprise when I heard it on the following video from a 1984 interview with Yuri Bezmenov:
     I looked up the word to find out its origin and, surprise, it was invented by the KGB:
     I have asked myself repeatedly how it is our country has gotten to where it is today. To the casual observer, it seems to have happened almost overnight. But, it did not. If my readers paid attention to the interview, and did a little math, they realize this country has been at war since approximately 1964, which is about what I estimated before I had an actual time line. Reflecting on my own life I was able to see the progression:
     1950's:  Apple pie, Chevrolet; depicted in the future TV show “Happy Days”; racial tensions
     1960's: “I Love Lucy”, “Betwitched”, Vietnam, racial tensions, assassinations, sexual revolution, drugs, Madelyn Murray O'Hare
    1970's: "Brady Bunch", "Partridge Family", "Jackson 5", Disco, Watergate, Pledge of Allegiance removed from schools, Equal Rights Amendment proposed
     1980's:  Hip hop, “Thriller”, “Dirty Dancing”, Afghanistan, multiple terrorist attacks, fall of the Berlin Wall
     1990's: "Gangsta" rap, “Cheers”, multiple terrorist attacks
     2000's: “Reality” TV, 9/11, Patriot Act
     2010's: Bin Laden, Boston Bombing, ISIS, porous southern border, intense friction with Israel, multiple government scandals including overreach of intelligence agencies, resurgence in racial tensions, antagonism towards police
     There are also countless examples I could cite of the revisionist history we have been given: Mandela the terrorist is now the model for peace; Gandhi's desire for an Indian Kaliphate has been forgotten (except in India); the appalling portrayal of our Founders as genocidal maniacs; etc.
     The United States of America has been subverted by Cultural Marxism:
     So, what does this have to do with Islam? Everything:
     In 2005, Israel smuggled a document out of Jordan from the Muslim Brotherhood in which they stated their desire to form a partnership with Russia for the purpose of destroying “Zionists, and Zionist America”. From all appearances, that devil's pact was made. While the focus of this series is Obama's Middle Eastern foreign policy, it is certainly worth noting that Vladimir Putin has been running amock since 2009. More on his place on the world stage in future posts.
     In Part Two, I will get back to Barack Obama and begin dissecting his presidency.

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