Friday, May 15, 2015

Someone is Lying About #Benghazi

Yesterday, I hit the ceiling. In reviewing Mike Morell's testimony before the House Intelligence Committee something caught my attention. He mentioned "two military officers" who "volunteered" to accompany CIA to Benghazi that night from Tripoli. He said they were on the roof with Doherty and Woods at the time of the mortar attack, and that they removed the bodies and evacuated the wounded while under fire.
In "13 Hours", Kris Paronto said Delta Force operators, who were inside Building C at the time of the mortar attack, climbed to the roof after-the-fact, tossing the bodies indiscriminately to the ground, causing injury to the corpses in the process.
These must be the same two men.
The problem is, they could not have been in the two places at once.
Someone is lying.
Is Paronto suffering from survivor's guilt because he was on Building A rather than Building D when the mortar hit? Is he trashing Delta Force to make himself look better?
Is Delta Force lying to cover the fact that they missed the action?
Is Morell lying as part of some CIA cover story?
I do not know.
But, I know this.
Someone is lying.
Both stories cannot be true.
Perhaps if we find out who is lying, then we can find out why, and maybe we can begin to unravel this mess and get to the truth.
I invite my readers' input in the "comments" section.
NOTE: I will publish the post I advertised over the weekend. I wanted to get this out first.

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