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The Real Barack Obama Part Nine - War with Israel

I am back to my favorite subject, but for a very different reason. First, let me introduce my readers to a young, unpolished Binyamin Netanyahu. Enjoy the following short interview with him from 1978. You will notice his lack of physical awareness (Joel C. Rosenberg had not yet gotten his hands on the future Prime Minister), but his leadership skills and self-control were evident even at the young age of twenty-eight:
I hope my readers took note of the "Palestinian" with whom Mr. Netanyahu was dealing, especially the look on the man's face. It was strikingly similar to the following exchange that took place in Washington, D.C. not too long ago:
The media called the look on Barack Obama's face a "death stare". I called it contemptible. Even then, early on in his presidency, POTUS could not hide his hatred of Prime Minister Netanyahu. How people continued to swear he supported Israel I will never know. If there was any question in my mind it was answered during the Prime Minister's 2009 visit to the Oval Office. It was not just the "President's" lack of a poker face in front of the camera. It was his stomping off and leaving a head of state alone for over an hour to go eat dinner with his wife and children and sulk because he did not like what Prime Minister Netanyahu had to say about the "Palestinians". I had never heard of a world leader leaving an honored guest on ice so he could go throw a temper tantrum. Even more shocking was Obama forcing the Israeli Prime Minister to leave through the back door...which brought slave days to my mind for some reason. Absolutely despicable.
Then things appeared to calm down. For a while, relations seemed to at least be civil between the White House and Jerusalem. There were even brief moments where a slight friendship appeared to be forming. (Note the word "appeared".) Of course, having studied Prime Minister Netanyahu as long as I have, I suspected what I was seeing was not actually what was happening, and it was not long before my suspicions were confirmed. I have covered some of this in previous posts, so let me fast-forward to 2014, specifically the Gaza War.
For all of the clamoring of the Useful Idiots in America (some of whom are in the Jewish community, ironically), Obama never supported Israel and always hated Prime Minister Netanyahu. Never was that so apparent as when the war broke out. The first time I heard this administration utter the word "restraint" I thought I would come unglued. I expected to hear it from the United Nations; that was a given. But, America is supposed to be Israel's ally. Did we show "restraint" after 9/11? That was FOUR missiles. FOUR. In just the nine years Gaza had been exclusively "Palestinian", TEN THOUSAND rockets had been fired at Israel. TEN. THOUSAND. As John Gibson (formerly of Fox News) said after that fateful Tuesday morning when similar calls were made to us, "Restraint my rhymes-with-bass"! I would have levelled Gaza. To me, my unofficial mentor was too easy on Gaza. My response would not have been so subdued.
And, of course, there was John Kerry in all of his glory. "Helluva pinpoint operation. We've gotta get over there, tonight!" Really, Jack? And what in hell did you plan to do upon arrival? Take over the IDF? Remove the Prime Minister from office? Who in hell do the people in this administration think they are?
Then things boiled over. Iran came back to the forefront, and the battle I described in a previous post came roaring back like a freight train. By this time, the gloves were off on both sides. Prime Minister Netanyahu was uncharacteristically antagonistic towards Barack Obama, and I know why. A few posts ago, I mentioned I had detected a shift in his tone. I did not understand it at the time, but now I do. He sensed a coming rise in anti-Semitism, and if my readers recall the events of the past year they will see he was right. Besides the war, there was Paris, the knife attacks in Israel, car attacks, the horror at Har Nof (also addressed in a previous post). His father was an historian, and the Prime Minister's sixth sense is very finely tuned. With Barack Obama no longer having to worry about politics, he stopped any pretense of caring about Israel, and with his open hostility came Prime Minister Netanyahu's response: "Forget you".
So, as Israel watched helplessly while John Kerry negotiated with their lives, John Boehner did something I frankly did not think he would have guts enough to do: He invited the Prime Minister to speak to Congress about Iran, and his invitation was accepted almost immediately. With that move, the war between America and Israel began. The media went berserk, the political pundits came out swinging, and the politicians threw down their gauntlets. But, the reaction was not limited to America. Suddenly, this was about Israel's upcoming election. Suddenly, Prime Minister Netanyahu had committed political suicide. Suddenly, his days were numbered. Iran was hardly even mentioned until the Prime Minister gave his speech. The ballyhoo was remarkable.
There was one funny anecdote. The media stressed that Prime Minister Netanyahu was writing his own speech in longhand, and that this demonstrated the importance he was placing upon his need to "hit it out of the park" in March. Hilarious! Of course he was writing his own speech. He is a control freak! (I say that with much love.) I know the grueling ordeal he put John Kerry through while they were trying to hammer out a deal with the "Palestinians". Hours and hours every night by video conference going over every single word ad nauseam. Yes, he was writing his own speech! But, then again, I always laugh at media assessments of the Prime Minister. They get it wrong 99% of the time.
Anyway, the speech came and went. Immediately the spotlight turned to Israel's election. Would the Prime Minister survive his gambit? (Cue hushed crowds.) Then, I began hearing disturbing reports about Obama's interference in that election. I was aghast, and very concerned despite my great trust in the Prime Minister's abilities. Would Obama's hatred win this time? I really was biting my nails on that one.
Thankfully, God prevailed, and Prime Minister Netanyahu was re-elected. Immediately after that, the Obama administration officially declared war upon Israel. I will leave out the first week post-election as I have already written about it. Here is where things stand now: Obama avoids any contact with the Prime Minister unless he is forced to speak with him for some reason. Josh Earnest and Denis McDonough are "demanding" that Israel end its "occupation" of "Palestine". Everyone in the administration, both named and "unnamed", are "demanding" an end to Israeli "settlements". Ambassador Samantha Power (now there is an oxymoron) has announced we will no longer support Israel the way we have in the past in front of the United Nations, a move that I know has given her much joy. And of course, there is the ever-present "demand" for a "two-state solution" involving the "pre-1967 borders" (which, for the last time, is the 1949 Armistice Line!) that is completely indefensible!
There is only one conclusion any sane person can reach. Barack Hussein Obama is hell-bent on Israel's destruction, and he will do anything and everything in his power to achieve that objective before he leaves office.
There is also only one way to stop this man from destroying both Israel and America, and I will cover that in the concluding post of this series.

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