Monday, May 11, 2015

The Real Barack Obama Part Ten - Solution

Complaining solves nothing, so now that I have outlined so many of the problems currently facing America, what do we do about it? Many people have told me it is time for a revolution. They cite the Declaration of Independence, and figuratively wave the American flag in the air while reminding me of the sacrifices of our Founders with starry-eyed accounts of people dying for us.
I do not need to hear these stories. My father was career Navy, and I am a veteran of the Air Force. I am well-aware of the history of this country, and of the sacrifices people have made so that we can be free. I am also well-aware of the Declaration of Independence. Yet, whenever I have been approached on this subject, I have consistently balked. Why? Cowardice?
No. What constrains me is visions of blood flowing throughout America. Revolutions are bloody. We read accounts of the wars America has fought and it all sounds very romantic. We tend to forget about the blood. If there is absolutely no other alternative, then I will answer the call-to-arms. But, I maintain hope that there is another way.
It is true that our Constitution has failed us. Our checks-and-balances have failed to contain the tyrant who currently occupies our Oval Office. Corrupt congressmen have been contained by said tyrant through blackmail and other threats. Evidence indicates similar measures have been used to keep the Supreme Court from doing its job. So, how do we regain control of the United States of America?
I made a suggestion over a year ago that had everyone balking. I compared America to another country and said we should follow its example. People reacted with horror. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered that two very well-known United States generals are calling for the exact same remedy. There is actually a list of other retired officers who are ready to see it happen, some of whom are actively advocating for it, and others who have said they will join in once it begins.
Here are Generals Thomas McInerney and Paul Vallely:
Yes. I am saying we need to follow Egypt's example and have this administration forcibly removed. I do not believe we have time to wait for January of 2017, and that is supposing there is even an election in 2016. I am not so sure. It sounds like Conspiracy City, but I really would not put it past Obama to invoke martial law. He is certainly setting the stage for it with the civil unrest he is actively creating. And I am reminded of the scare we had in December of 2000. Do my readers remember the election debacle? I really thought Al Gore was going to have to be removed from the Naval Observatory at gunpoint, and Al Gore was nothing compared to Barack Hussein Obama.
Before everyone faints, let me hasten to add there needs to be a strict game plan for such a coup. A very swift and orderly special election is critical. America cannot have the military controlling the White House for long. But, I do not see any other option for taking this country back without the bloody revolution some are envisioning. I would prefer to keep this as controlled as possible. But, make no mistake. Drastic action is called for, and I believe a coup is the best course to take.
Those of us who have worn the uniform, and those who wear it currently, need to remember that our oath is first to the Constitution of the United States, and not to the Commander-in-Chief. Our Constitution has been and is being subverted, and this situation cannot be allowed to continue. It is time for us to live up to our oaths, and defend our Constitution against this domestic enemy:
The Obama Administration.
The survival of America, as well as the State of Israel, depends upon the courage of our military men and women.
Will they/we answer the call?

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