Wednesday, May 27, 2015

KGB Tactics Explained - Part One

I was wrong! Edward Snowden was not a "joke Vladimir Putin used to embarrass the United States".
He was a mole.
How did a low-level "contractor" gain access to highly classified information from an agency such as the National Security Administration, to which I devoted an entire post?:
It just does not seem likely, unless you listen to people who are familiar with Russian espionage:
And then there is WikiLeaks itself:
Now, the author of this article attempts to undermine Schindler, but bear with me because you will see throughout this video that Schindler's assessment has a great deal of credibility.
Meanwhile, let us not forget Julian Assange:
Notice the name of Bradley Manning. I have written about subversion repeatedly; here is just one post as a reminder:
I have found no evidence that Manning was knowingly working for Russia. However, his allegations about Iraq, and the damage done by those allegations, are reminiscent of those made by John Kerry during the Vietnam War. Do my readers remember what Pacepa said about that?:
With that as a preface, let me move on to the KGB documentary.
Remember when I said whenever we hear "Iran", we should think "Russia"? Remember when I said Obama is working for Iran? Well, he is working for Russia, only I do not think he realizes just how well. I am going to go through the video in this post segment-by-segment because I suspect many of my readers are not taking the time to view the videos I post, but also because I want to point out how the subjects discussed are playing out in America right now.
When we watched the insanity in Ferguson, who did we blame? The answers to my question will vary greatly: criminals, malcontents, bums, "activists" with nothing better to do, the New Black Panthers.... Those who are observant saw representatives from "Palestinian" causes as well as supporters of the Islamic State amongst the crowds. What about in Baltimore? Cleveland?
Who remembers the 1968 riots? All of the civil unrest? Who was behind all of that? It was just a culmination of years of racial tension, right?
Did anyone happen to think of Cuba?
That question was out-of-left-field, was it not? Readers will understand where it came from by the end of this post.
The information in this video is nothing short of astonishing. I cannot count the number of times my jaw dropped while I viewed it, and I thought I understood the clandestine world. To a degree I did, but what I knew was nothing compared to what I have now learned.
Beginning at 5:20:00, we hear the echo of a more recent interview I posted just a few days ago. America is na├»ve when it comes to intelligence. While we send actual diplomats and journalists to Russia, the Russians in turn have bombarded the United States with covert operatives of the GRU/KGB/FSB. Yes, I am certain some of our diplomats are undercover agents (remember the unconfirmed rumor about Ambassador Stevens), but in sheer numbers we have always been outmaneuvered.
I encourage all readers to take the time to watch this entire video, but under this first section I would like everyone to listen very carefully to William Kelly, formerly of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). He confirms what I have stated in previous posts (referencing Anatoly Golitsyn, among others) that the Soviet bloc countries work together. Although this interview was conducted years ago, the relationship between these countries has not changed (from 11:40:00):
Listen to how Russians use their "residences" (from 13:40:00):
The piece de resistance, Russian espionage at the United Nations (from 17:05:00):
Heads swimming yet? We in America do not think like this unless we have worked in the clandestine world. By now readers should be wondering who, if anyone, can be trusted to be who he or she claims to be. That is good. We have all seen the movies ("Lethal Weapon 3" comes to mind) where "diplomats" get away with murder (literally) and use the cover of "diplomatic immunity" in order to escape prosecution. Well, the Russians have been doing this for decades. Not so much actually killing people (at least, not on our soil), but using their positions in order to spy with impunity. Yet, I would be willing to bet if my readers ran into a Russian "diplomat" on the street, until this moment they would likely have been very friendly and not given the encounter a second thought.
Those of us who advocate for the State of Israel have long been aware of the bias exhibited in the United Nations, an organization that is supposed to represent the world community and human rights. We are aware of voting blocs. But, this documentary paints a picture of the UN that mirrors that depicted in "The Peacemaker" where more than the typical quid pro quo back room deals occur. Rather, subterfuge and nefarious activities seem to permeate that "esteemed" organization.
I cannot stress this point enough. Americans have a very bad habit of taking people and things at face value. For example, I am homeless. As a result, I am completely ignored. A few weeks ago, I sat next to a group of people at a Starbucks who had just come from the White House. They freely discussed a meeting they had just come from with Ambassador Samantha Power. I heard a cell phone conversation where someone was ordering a wiretap and discussing which type he had the best chance of obtaining from the judge. I have panhandled outside the Egyptian Embassy and watched comings and goings for hours on end without anyone giving me the slightest glance, including the Secret Service. We really need to wake up.
Listen carefully to Hede Massing, the KGB's most effective recruiter until her defection (from 25:52:00):
What she has to say about her commitment to Communism is fascinating. The KGB uses "Fascism" to persuade its operatives and Useful Idiots to commit to their cause, and even after people begin to realize they have signed on to a lie there is great reluctance to admit their mistake and change their ways. The common theme I have noticed throughout the interviews in this video is a deeply-rooted commitment to the "common good". These spies firmly believed that "Fascism" was evil and that Communism was the answer, which is how they were able to be so staunch in their convictions despite whatever outside pressures were exerted.
Of course, it goes without saying that the ease with which our diplomats were recruited by the Soviet Union is terrifying. If the Useful Idiots within our government today are as easily swayed as the traitors in our past, the United States is in far more trouble than I imagined.
(Part Two in the following post, to be published later today.)

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