Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Iraq, WMDs, and the KGB

After a twenty-four hour tour of Iraq guided by Saddam Hussein himself, Sean Penn dutifully declared that there were no weapons of mass destruction. Wasn't that comforting? I slept so much better after an actor cleared Iraq of any nuclear threat.
By all appearances, he turned out to be right. For years we have been told no WMDs were found after our invasion, that we had operated based upon faulty intelligence, that in retrospect we should never have gone into Iraq; we have even been given a list of the "liars" who led the drumbeat to war: Benjamin Netanyahu, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, with President George W. Bush leading the charge to avenge his father's first Gulf War.
By all appearances.
Soon after we went into Iraq, reports began filtering back that we did not find weapons of mass destruction. The naysayers went wild. I immediately countered by asking what it was Saddam used to gas the Kurds. Magic? I also had another theory. I contended that during the year Bush kept warning Iraq to hand over their WMDs or else, Saddam moved his arsenal to Syria.
For years this debate went on. People who wanted to paint Bush as a warmonger, a war criminal, and a murderer touted the lack of WMDs as their weapon against him. I was certain the intelligence had been right, but I had no way to prove it. Knowing Prime Minister Netanyahu the way I do, I had no doubt he was telling the truth, and I would stand by Israeli intelligence any day of the week. So, what happened?
Last year, part of the mystery was solved, although for some reason the media gave it a pass and even people like Ted Cruz who wave the flag at every turn continue to promote the narrative that no weapons were found and that, knowing what we know today, we should never have attacked Iraq. Following are just a handful of articles about last year's story. Since people love to argue with sources, the reader is free to type "WMDs found in Iraq" into the search engine of his or her choice and see for himself/herself:
Not only did we find what purportedly qualify as WMDs (for some reason failing to dispose of them properly), but last summer the Islamic State found what we left behind: various chemical weapons along with eighty-eight pounds of uranium. Uranium. You cannot gas people with uranium. There is only one reason Saddam would have had that particular item.
This information raised a huge question in my mind. With all of the flak the Bush Administration took over "failing" to find weapons of mass destruction, why on Earth was this cache not announced to the world? The only thing I could think of was there was something else they did not want us to know. It turns out I was right about that as well, because yesterday the following article re-surfaced:
Wait. What was that? Underground facilities in Syria? You mean, like the ones we see in Iran? What could those be? Of course, we have no official confirmation from any intelligence sources at this time, but coincidentally I was also watching the following video yesterday about Russian disinformation:
I realize it is long, but it is well-worth the investment. One of the many things that is brought out is the "Bush-lied-about-WMDs-in-Iraq" mantra and the fact that it is straight from Russia. My regular readers will remember the following post from just a few weeks ago:
Anyone who did not take the time to click through the links needs to do so at this time. America is under attack like never before. Because we bought into the biggest farce the Soviet Union ever perpetrated, Russia has been free to unleash every bit of its well-oiled propaganda machine against us with impunity. It is incumbent upon us to learn about their tactics so that we recognize them and can counter them.
I will have more in coming days.

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