Saturday, May 2, 2015

Irrefutable Proof of KGB in America - Spotlight Freddie Gray

I have had many "Eureka!" moments throughout this journey and will likely have many more, but hopefully none will be as life-altering as the one I have been having of late. It has only gotten worse as I have continued to dig for information. People have said they think I have lost my mind on this one, but I have not, and I will make the case just as clearly as possible in this post. When finished, my readers will either understand what is happening, or they simply refuse to or are incapable of seeing the world as it is.
This all started because I made a passing comment to someone on Twitter. While fuming about Iran, I made the statement that I knew I would find Russia somewhere at the bottom of it all. Oh, how prophetic I was, but I had absolutely no idea what I was saying. My Twitter friend replied that he wondered if the Soviet Union had ever really gone away, and as usual my curiosity was piqued. The resultant searches have yielded articles, interviews, and books I had never heard of before but all of which are readily available if a researcher knows what to type into his or her search engine. It is mind-boggling that such explosive intelligence is at our fingertips yet we remain blind and ignorant to it all. Well, no more.
Let us review the real history of the KGB, the one which Yuri Bezmenov laughably refers to when speaking of hidden cameras and microphones, which is only about 15% of what they do. As he said, that is great for movies, but the real power is in the other 85%: cultural subversion. It begins with Russia's loss of the Russo-Japanese War, which is when the Russians forged the anti-Semitic book "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" to spark hatred against the Jews whom they blamed for their loss. From the start, the KGB recognized the power of anti-Semitic forces and how they can be used for Russia's purposes.
(I must point out that I made a huge mistake in assessing information I acquired a couple of years ago. In a previous post, I made reference to a document Israel smuggled out of Jordan in 2005 showing that the Muslim Brotherhood was interested in forging an alliance with the Russians against the "Zionists and Zionist America". While I knew that agreement had been made, I erroneously thought it was done in order for Russia to keep Muslim terrorists out of their back yard, so to speak. I could not fathom why else they would care about Israel. What a difference a few years make! I am about to outline exactly how much Russia does care about Israel, and the real motivations for that alliance.)
The resultant pogroms were only the beginning. The Russians understood there is power in numbers, and as I read in one report, in their minds how much more efficient was it to use over a billion people to their mere 50 million? I covered their role in World War II in a previous post, so I will fast-forward to the 1960's. Yasser Arafat was trained by the KGB:
His apprentice, the future president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, was trained by the KGB:
The KGB admits to its role in several key terrorist attacks against Israel during those years, including El Al hijackings and several bombings. In short, the KGB was/is behind the PLO:
And then there is Iran. That dastardly foe of ours, our decades-old nemesis ever since the CIA overthrew the Shah and allowed the Ayatollah Khomeini to come to power. Wait. What was that? The Ayatollah was trained by whom? The KGB?:
So, who really did install Khomeini, resulting in our embassy being overrun and our hostages being held for 444 days? Hint: It was not CIA. In fact, now that my readers have a foundation I suggest whenever they hear "Iran" they automatically think "KGB". That puts the past 36 years in a new light, does it not?
I wrote the following Thursday evening before the autopsy report broke, and before the charges were brought against six police officers in Baltimore:
"I mentioned sleight-of-hand in a previous post, saying that what you think you see is not necessarily what you actually saw. I recently gained a new follower after discussing the Walter Scott case with him. He was convinced it was a clear-cut case of murder. Was it? Was Walter Scott a clear-cut case of murder? When my readers have answered that question for themselves, please watch the following video from that encounter:
"WHOOPS! What happened to that clear-cut case of murder? Suddenly, it is not so clear cut. In fact, it appears the poor black man who was mowed down by the rogue white cop had stolen the police officer's TASER and shot him with it!
"We are being played, America. The KGB has us wrapped around its little finger and we are all dancing like puppets. All of this racial nonsense is being incited, and the narrative is being written to induce predictable results in the populace. Our country is being destroyed before our very eyes, and unless we wake up to what is happening there will not be a country left much longer. People keep telling me to work hard on the 2016 campaign and get good people into office. I am not convinced we will make it past 2015 at this rate. The forces are too strong, the people are too willing to be subverted, and unless something puts this process into check we will not have an election to worry about.
"Freddie Gray. Never mind waiting for the facts to come out, which are looking more and more like the police will be exonerated yet again. Baltimore, Maryland has a Useful Idiot for a mayor. A black guy died. Useful Idiots exploded. What did she say? “Give them room to destroy.” Do you see how subversion works? Where is the morality in that? Where is the justice in that? Would anyone rooted in a religion say such a thing? “Someone died, we assume 'The Man' did it, so let rioters destroy property belonging to innocent civilians and business owners. They need to vent somehow. The insurance will pick up the cost. (And we will not even think about the possibility that someone might be hurt or killed in the melee.)” Subversion at its finest.
"We must reverse course. Immediately."
So, let us recap in light of the very latest news. I have law enforcement experience. In fact, I spent years undercover. While I was on my latest rampage Friday, someone posted the following information which puts Freddie Gray into an entirely new light:
Say WHAT? I remember seeing a report that Freddie Gray had been arrested sixteen times. Sources tell me those were narcotics arrests. Sixteen narcotics arrests. No prison time? In White America? He was not dying in solitary confinement underneath a prison somewhere? How can that be?
Unless he was either a paid informant or an undercover police officer.
I have a very good sleuth on this case, and I will know soon. Meanwhile, this is more than enough to call everything in Baltimore into question. Especially when you see the venom emanating from the "objective" black prosecutor who took maybe twelve hours to throw the entire book of regulations at six police officers. This is a witch hunt, folks. Get back at "da Man" time. This is a race war. I went off the deep end, I realize that. I am still attempting (in vain) to put myself into check. If "black America" wants a race war so badly, I am ready. Obama, you win. Let's play. Just remember one thing. If you wish to play the race card rather than the Islam card, YOU LOSE. Blacks are 15% of this population. We win. Hands down. So, where would you like to go from here? I'm game.
Now that I have that off of my chest, I will complete the final two installments of my series on Obama over this weekend.

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