Saturday, December 26, 2015

Obama, the Middle East, and Israel Part Ten - Russia

(REMINDER: When I say "Middle East", I exclude Israel.)
I will get to Russia in just a moment, but first I need to review because the message does not seem to be getting across. I continue to see people on social media blaming America for the Taliban, al-Qaeda, ISIS, et. al. For an instant let us forget about Barry, because he is a completely different story. Yes, we have made huge mistakes overseas, but not necessarily out of some nefarious plot (again, excluding Barry). Our problem is, we continue to project Western thinking onto parts of the world who do not think like we do.
Example: I mentioned the Taliban. Everyone remembers them from 9/11. They are the bad guys. Everyone understands that. A few days ago, the Taliban attacked Bagram Airfield, killing six Americans. That damned terrorist organization, right?
Guess who protects the Taliban in Afghanistan? Our partner in the non-existent war on terror: Pakistan (and let us not forget they harbored bin Laden). Many of my readers did not know that, did they? How many times must I remind everyone that things are not cut-and-dry overseas?
So, should we go to war with Pakistan? Only if we let our testosterone overrule our brains. The rules of engagement (ROE) Barry has set for our military are suicidal, which is why so many such attacks have occurred with impunity. What we need to do is get out of Afghanistan. We are out of our league.
Getting back to the Middle East, let me give another example: Iraq. I had a video (which has now been pulled from the Internet for some reason) of a Marine chewing out the Iraqi army. It was the stuff boot camp scenes are made of. Really funny. But also quite informative. He spent five minutes chewing them out, asking them where their allegiances lay. Iraq, or tribal clans? He stated categorically that he knew they were more worried about their terrorist friends than they were their own country (although in far more colorful language, as you might imagine).
Let me try this again. There is no sense of nationalism in the Middle East. With exceptions, most Iraqis do not care about Iraq. With exceptions, most Syrians do not care about Syria. It would behoove America to remember history. We imposed those borders on the Middle East after World War I:
The Arabs resent it. All they want is their empire back, and right now two factions are fighting for that empire/caliphate: Turkey and Iran (remember to think "Russia"). That is it. All of the other skirmishes we see are tribal clashes. Yes, it is far more complicated because there are so many groups who think they know "allah's" will better than everyone else, but really it boils down to Turkey and Iran.
Enter Russia.
Unlike America, the Russians study. They know how we think, they know how Islamists think, and they know how the Middle East operates. New readers should go back to my posts starting in April so they can catch up on the "art" of subversion perfected by the KGB. It truly is a fascinating study, but the bottom line is the Russians have been manipulating events for many decades and are now reaping the rewards for their patience.
Bashar al-Assad (with help from other terror sponsors) brought ISIS to its current strength. The Syrian government (translation: Syria/Iran/Hezbollah/Russia) support(ed) ISIS. "What?!" you say. "That's crazy!"
Yes, it is.
Welcome to the Middle East:
Remember Yuri Bezmenov? Create a crisis (ISIS, civil war) and it sets the stage for a despot to move in. In the case of Syria, the gamble is two-fold: Assad hopes to strengthen his power while at the same time Putin hopes to gain a(nother) stronghold. Yes, America played a pivotal role, and I will get back to Benghazi. However what we did, in actuality, was play right into Russia's hand, and look at the result. Russia is now the new hero in the "war on terror". America has abdicated its role in the world, thanks to Barry and Hillary.
But it was all designed by Russia.
So, the next time my readers see people blaming CIA for everything that is wrong in the Middle East, please remember who is pulling the puppet strings:

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