Saturday, December 12, 2015

I Have Been Wrong for Years

Life is a journey. I say and do what I believe to be right but I am human, and sometimes I do not have all of the information necessary to make the right decision(s).
Just a few days ago, I got into a rip-roaring argument on Twitter with someone who swore Al Aqsa should be demolished. I told him he was crazy. I have had such arguments in the past with others who demanded the "Palestinians" be expelled from Eretz Yisrael. I said that is ethnic-cleansing, and Jews especially would not and should not engage in it.
I was wrong.
As a former Christian, I am studying Judaism to complete the process of a formal conversion. Part of that study is learning the mitzvot, the 613 commandments HaShem gave to us. Yesterday, I learned what is wrong in Israel (and what was wrong with my thinking).
After the Six-Day War, Israel made a peace treaty with Jordan. Part of that agreement was that Israel would keep Jews from "defiling" Al Aqsa, and for decades Israel has tried to maintain the "status quo" that was agreed to at the time. I have defended that legally-binding agreement repeatedly.
I was wrong.
And so is Israel.
The treaty should never have been made.
Negative mitzvah 48: "You shall not make a treaty with them [the Seven Nations]".
Negative mitzvah 51: "They shall not dwell in your land lest they make you sin against Me".
Without going into a rabbinical lecture, the bottom line is this: Pagans are not to be a part of Israel, and certainly not a part of God's Temple. Period. Ever. In its effort to be "democratic", Israel has forgotten Torah, and she is paying a heavy price for that mistake. How to correct it? The first thing Israel would have to do is tear up the treaty, which would almost certainly bring war. If it did not, the next step would.
Expel the "Palestinians". Deport them. I am not even hinting at genocide. I am simply saying they need to be removed from Eretz Yisrael. Where do they go? Well, there are 22 states from which to choose.
Now, I realize no one wants the "Palestinians", but they need to be taken to the border of Israel and wished the best of luck in their new lives.
Unless, of course, someone in Israel has a diplomatic solution to finding a state agreeable to take them.
I do not have all the answers on logistics. I just know it has to be done. Get the pagans off of the Temple Mount, raze anything associated with Islam, and kick the "Palestinians" to the curb. Yes, it almost certainly means war, but Israel will prevail. When she does, she will be freed from the nightmare she has been enduring for the past century trying to get along with people who want Israel gone.

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