Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Obama, the Middle East and Israel Part Nine - Iran/Cuba/Russia

[AUTHOR'S NOTE: I will no longer promise when I am going to cover bin Laden because things keep coming to my attention. But, I will get there, and I will also revisit Benghazi.
Further, remember when I said in Part Two that I traced terrorist networks and that it turned out to be a colossal waste of time? They make for a great game of Trivial Pursuit, or the Terrorist Edition of Jeopardy ("I'll take Somalia for $200, Alex."), but otherwise they have no value. Even the Shia/Sunni line is murky. They all study the same book(s). The only thing these people are arguing about is who knows the will of "allah" better than the rest. Otherwise, they are all the same people. Remember that as you continue through this series.]
Before I begin, readers need to listen to the following nine-minute interview (courtesy: Center for Security Policy, Jim Hanson, and Joseph Humire):
For reference, here are links on the bombings and Alberto Nisman's murder in Argentina:
Regular followers will remember I have mentioned Russian movements in Latin America in the past. The information in the above podcast sheds a disturbing light on those movements. In review, Russia has had a spy ship docked in Cuba since April, 2014, allegedly "on liberty". My father wished he had liberties that lasted twenty months! I wrote several posts in May and June of this year describing the nefarious activities in which the KGB and DGI (Cuban intelligence) engaged in the '60's. Meanwhile Russia has also renewed ties with Argentina and Venezuela, under the guise of stabilizing oil prices. And, let us not forget, Barry is "normalizing" relations with Cuba.
I have stated repeatedly than when my readers hear "Iran" they need to think "Russia". The above interview makes that connection all the more clear. I have a friend who is convinced Russia is about to turn on Iran. The evidence I am seeing says differently, as does what Joseph Humire has to say. It looks to me like Russia and Cuba are up to their old tricks, but with a new partner: Iran. (I urge my readers to go back and review my posts on the KGB and Cuba, and to watch the posted videos if they have not already done so.)
So, did anyone know we have Hezbollah in Canada? I have not heard anything about it on mainstream media. And, I have Canadian "followers" on Twitter who can attest to the collective shudder that occurred when Justin Trudeau was elected. Our neighbor to the north is in just as much trouble as we are. Mexico? I have said for a long time that the Mexican cartels are affiliated with ISIS. I knew that from their tactics. I just did not specifically name Hezbollah:
Note that last sentence in the last article. "...Israeli media reported in 2012 that the Islamic militia group had set up a training base in Nicaragua." It also mentions Paraguay. We are surrounded by Iran, folks. Where has the media been on this? Those of us with eyes have known for a while that ISIS was swimming across the Rio Grande (OK, maybe not literally), but did anyone think Iran was such a player on our northern and southern borders? I did not.

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