Sunday, December 27, 2015

Obama, the Middle East, and Israel Part Eleven - Syria and Iraq

Does anyone still think Russia is fighting ISIS? LMAO! Who killed Zahran Alloush yesterday in Syria?
Come on, folks. Let us get real. Assad and Putin are taking out the "rebels", not ISIS. They are playing the same game as Turkey. "We are joining the fight against ISIS (whom we support militarily and financially through oil sales)". Odd how Turkey's targets tend to be Kurds:
But, let us turn to Iraq because I saw a report last night that almost brought me to tears (and sent shivers down my spine). A nice lady wanted to buy me a couple of drinks, so I was sitting in a casino watching CNN. They did a report on Iraqi Christians and how Christians were facing "punishment" from ISIS because they celebrated Christmas. None of that was news. The appalling part of the report had to do with four-and-five-year-olds they interviewed.
"We want to kill ISIS."
Want to kill ISIS.
I flashed on Gaza.
A new generation of Christians is being raised in Iraq, and the implications are frightening. What are these children going to grow up to be? What have we done? By interfering in Syria? By withdrawing from Iraq prematurely? By abandoning the Yazidis on Sinjar Mountain and leaving them to die? (Oh, that's right. Barry rescued ONE in Syria. Kudos.) By pretending to arm the Kurds while running said arms through Baghdad, knowing full well the Iraqi government is a puppet for Iran and that the equipment would never reach the Kurds?
What have we done?
Raise a new generation of terrorists?
So, Barry, let me get this straight. We are protecting pedophiles in Afghanistan, we "must" get rid of Bashar al-Assad, but when Iran unleashes rockets on a dissident camp in Baghdad, killing 26 people:
No, worse than that; we now want to waive visa requirements for those travelling to and from the rogue regime.
And then there is this. Yesterday the news broke that Iraq was making significant progress against ISIS in both Ramadi and Mosul, aided by U.S. airstrikes. Sounds good, right? Barry is finally getting serious. Except for one thing. The Iraqi army is fighting alongside Shiite militias:
Iran. We are aiding Iran. And, how many of my readers caught the story a few months ago that the United States Air Force provided air cover for Hezbollah in Syria?
Someone needs to stop Iran, and a lot of theories are floating around as to who might take out the mullahs: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, or some combination thereof. The fact is, none of them can do it. Why not? Because Iran has a mutual defense pact with Russia. There is only one country that can attack Iran with relative impunity, and that is the United States of America. If we had a real President, Russia would never retaliate because Putin does not want thousands of nukes unleashed on Moscow.
But, we are too busy aiding and abetting the enemy.

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