Monday, December 21, 2015

Obama, the Middle East, and Israel Part Seven - Libya

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: Bear with me, everyone. I will get to bin Laden, but things are happening right now.)
Three days ago a report circulated that I dismissed at first, despite the source. I should have known better, but the idea just seemed ludicrous to me.
"Special Forces Discovered in Libya", complete with a photo of a group of smiling men, presumably American. I tweeted "Riiiiiggggghhhhhtttt." I said to myself, "How do you 'discover' special forces?" There is a reason they are called "special forces".
But yesterday I saw another report, from a different source, saying special forces had been expelled from Libya. I tweeted, "And just how in hell did that happen?" I wondered who might leak such information, and the answer was immediate. The name begins with "B" and ends with "arry". This administration is notorious for leaking information, although it is always by "accident".
So why were special forces in Libya? The cover story is that we were there to "foster relations" with the Libyan so-called government. Not true. Libya is ISIS' new home base thanks to Hillary and Turkey. "Caliph Ibrahim" is now holed up on Muammar Gaddafi's home town near Sirte:
Clearly we were on a mission to get Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and someone screwed it up. Who might that someone be? "B", ending with "arry". The implications of what I am saying are ominous. In fact, last night I had a knock-down, drag-out argument with a former marine (I know there is no such thing as a "former" marine, but he is one). I have spoken with him on numerous occasions, trying to explain what is happening. He refuses to believe it. He refuses to believe there are terrorist training camps in this country, never mind that we have a traitor in the White House. I know the term for this, "cognitive dissonance", but that does not make it any less maddening. I was ready to strangle him!
Folks, I do not know how much more evidence we need that Barry is aiding and abetting the enemy. What is it going to take? An ISIS flag flying over the White House? Mandatory recitations of the Shahada? Virginia just had a school require students to write the Shahada five times to "practice Arabic calligraphy". Why? I never learned Arabic calligraphy, and in fifty-four years I have never encountered a situation where that lack of "education" hindered me.
We have Loretta Lynch telling us to shut up. We have Jeh Johnson telling us to shut up. We have the intelligence community (those who have not sold out to the Muslim Brotherhood) being told not to do their jobs. We have our military being given "no-goes" on viable targets. We have repeated intelligence leaks. We have 150 Mexicans passing through JFK under escort, bypassing customs. And we have constant rumors of nefarious activities regarding the "refugees" which I cannot substantiate, but the instant I have tangible proof I will post it.
Am I the only one who sees what is happening? I do not know how to spell it out any more clearly. The marine said that we only have one year left (regardless of whether or not I am right). I am not so sure. I put nothing past the man at 1600. I fear for 2016.
I have been homeless for over two years, in large part because I made a decision that this country is more important than my personal comfort (add a bunch of red tape nonsense from the VA for which I have neither the time nor the patience).
Is anybody listening?
More tomorrow.

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