Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Obama, the Middle East, and Israel Part Thirteen - Ramadi

So. We recaptured Ramadi (at least 70% of it). Sounds good, although we should never have lost it. America aided "Iraqi forces" in taking Ramadi back from the Islamic State. Everyone in American mainstream media is talking about it. Coincidentally, I received a message from someone in Israel yesterday that said something quite different, and when I pointed out that reports contradicted that message I received the following reply:
"What 'reports'?"
I said, "American media". The person was quite astonished, and I laughed because I was being facetious. I had already looked into what was happening in Ramadi, and here is what I found:
The Obama administration is lying to us again? Say it isn't so. Think about it for a second. We spent eight years trying to train the Iraqi army, then we left. What happened the minute they encountered ISIS? They turned tail and ran. Now suddenly they have turned into super warriors? Of course not, and Barry has not suddenly gotten serious about fighting terrorism. What he has done is give Iran another stronghold, as well as sentencing Iraqi Sunni troops to their deaths:
Remember, too, these are the same Iranian militias that fired a hail of rockets at Camp Liberty, killing 26 dissidents.
And then there is this, courtesy of CNN: "U.S. Aircraft Carrier Has Close Call with Iranian Rocket". The game Barry is playing is so incredibly dangerous space does not permit me to describe it all. I am reminded of a line from "The Hunt for Red October" where the character portrayed by the late (great) Fred Thompson swore under his breath after a plane crashed on his deck and he said, "This is going to get out of control! It will get out of control!" Well, it already has gotten out of control. Barry, the Useful Idiot, has absolutely no idea what he is doing other than trying to help his "friends" who are hell-bent on destroying us.
And finally, there is this from FoxNews:
So let me see if I have got this straight. Russia now supports the Taliban (whom Afghanistan is allegedly fighting), which just killed six Americans at Bagram Airfield and which is supported by Pakistan, all in the name of "fighting" the Islamic State? The very people who took credit for 9/11 (along with al-Qaeda), who gave grandiose speeches about how they were going to spill American blood all over Afghanistan the same way they did the Soviets?
THOSE people?!
And my readers wonder why I am slowly going insane.

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